One Child Two Treasures The Billionaire Chief's Good Wife

Chapter 371: Scientific reason

Chapter 371: Scientific reason

So, he just said: “I don’t want to eat breakfast, I want to eat you.”

When Yun Shishi heard the man’s words, her face became stiff and she almost loses her sense of reasoning: “You, I really can’t understand you. You now have a stomach pain, but you’re still thinking about that?”

“I don’t have a stomach pain, I have lovesickness. You can’t tell?”

How long has it been since he last touched this woman?

He can’t even remember the date.

He only knew that his body has been screaming all time, wanting to possess her, to enter her, to integrate himself up to her bones. How long has it been since he tasted it?

He misses it very much.

He missed it to the point that even his stomach pain, couldn’t defeat the desire of his body.

He was like an ignorant teenager that enter the juvenile age. Once he tasted the forbidden fruit, it’s taste integrated up to his bone marrow.

Yun Shishi, who was only a bit angry said: “Mu Yazhe, are you a rogue? Your body is like this, but… …”

Yun Shishi failed to finish her sentence, she couldn’t say the rest because she was too ashamed.

Her white face was blushing a bit. Yun Shishi lowered her eyes in shyness. She couldn’t wait to dig up a hole, so she could bury herself!

When Mu Yazhe saw the shyness on her face, he felt it was interesting, but at the same time, it was fun.

He admits that he was not really a man that follows his lower body. Unlike the second generations of noblemen, who loves playing with women, he has a strong self-control and he was even a clean freak to women!

But this woman was different. Her fragrance was like a spell that can enchant him!

If they were in ancient time, even if he was a wise king, his afraid that he will be like Zhou Youwang, he will only stupidly smile and play with fire!

Mu Yazhe grabbed Yun Shishi’s neck and pushed her face close to him. A beautiful face got close to his face. He let his face immersed to her hair and unscrupulously smelled the fragrance of it. But at the same time, because he was suppressing himself, his body became tight and he couldn’t bear the pain.

The man slowly opened his sharp eyes and once again confronted the woman. He asked: “Do you think it’s shameful to share a bed with me?”

Yun Shishi’s face felt hot, but she didn’t utter a word. It was like she was undecided!

The man smiled and faintly said: “Woman, did you know that according to scientific studies, an adult normal sexual activity should be 3 to 4 times a week?”

“What?” Yun Shishi who was still at lost with the man’s speech, failed to respond in time.

Which gave the man another opportunity to throw her questions: “Think about it, I haven’t touched you for a long time now. Don’t you think it’s only normal for me to make demands?”

Yun Shishi was still felt at lost.

What the man said was right, so she couldn’t refute his words, but still, she felt like his logic was wrong!

Mu Yazhe tried to provoke the woman, he played his fingertips around her hair. Then sullenly said: “You are the only woman I have, now that I have demands, you don’t let me touch you. Say, who should I touch?”

“… …”

“Furthermore, you are a woman, I am a man. So, why this kind of relationship is shameful to your eyes?”

Yun Shishi thought for a moment, then suddenly she said with redden ears: “You… … have a fiancee!”

Mu Yazhe’s handsome face showed an inexplicable emotion. His eyes squinted with some deep meaning.

It turned out she cares about this?

Or should I say… she’s jealous?

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