One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 18 - What Happened?

Chapter 18: What Happened?

Translator: Sissy That Walk

The person in charge looked at Ma Xingtong, and then looked at two confused girls behind him, and felt awkward.

“You’d better decide soon. The time waits for no man.” Ma Xingtong urged the person in charge for decision and despised in his heart for the hesitation of the person in charge at this time. ‘Just two new girls, why bother to take photos seriously. Why he hesitates so much? Doesn’t the person in charge believe his word?’

The person in charge frowned after he heard this. After a moment’s thought, he turned to two girls behind him, and asked, “Who wants to follow Mr. Ma and who wants to follow the new photographer?”

In this way, the option was transferred to the two girls who were going to take photos. The public sight moved to the two girls.

The two girls looked at each other. One girl with ponytail moved and was just about to talk, the other girl with her hair down stepped forward and said softly, “let me shoot with Mr. Ma, Xiaofu is prettier than me. She looks beautiful in every way.” Then, she smiled at the girl with ponytail, looked at the person in charge with her bright eyes, and fingerings the lanyard around her neck slowly.

That was the pass card of project team which the host, Du Hao applied for her specially. For the group of new comers who joined the TV station with her at the same time, only she had this pass card.

A young host from other channel who had finished shooting and was ready to go back could not help but sneer after seeing her like this. Then, the young host was pulled back by her partner quickly.

The person in charge frowned more tightly, instead of answering her, he looked at the girl with ponytail and asked gently, “How about you? If you two cannot come to an agreement, I can let you draw lots.”

The girl with her hair down stopped fiddling with her pass card, and became unhappy.

“It’s ok. I will follow the new comer for shooting. Huanhuan is the main person for next program. Her souvenir picture will be on desk calendar of the TV station. It is important. Furthermore, I believe the capability of Saint Elephant’s photographer. The person that is recommended by Mr. Ma must be good.” The girl with ponytail replied with smile. She took over the embarrassing situation at this time actively by a word and also secretly praised the people of Saint Elephant who were forced to work overtime.

After hearing this, He Bai smiled with his mouth slightly curled up, and admiration could be seen in his eyes. ‘This little girl has high EQ. Compared with her, Liu Huanhuan’s edgy and utilitarian performance is unlikable.’

Obviously, people had the same idea with him. At this time, they looked at Liu Huanhuan with strange light.

“Then, Liu Huanhuan shall follow Mr. Ma for shooting, and Xiaofu shall follow the new photographer.” The person in charge made a decision and looked at the girl with ponytail gently. He ignored Liu Huanhuan and talked to Ma Xingtong, “Mr. Ma, who is the new photographer that you are talking just now? I want to communicate with him first. Xiaofu hosts a children’s program. There are a few matters require special attention to when taking photos.”

Ma Xingtong intended to show off his nephew in front of people. After hearing this, he chimed in with the person in charge for the attention of children’s program, looked back at Ma Qun, and waved to Ma Qun to come forward and said hello to the person in charge.

While at this moment, the people of Saint Elephant thought that Ma Qun was so lucky for having this opportunity. However, Ma Qun was flustered and was eager to disappear on the spot. Having a try was not the same as shooting the photo independently. Ma Xingtong said he would let Ma Qun have a try. That meant to let Ma Qun follow Ma Xingtong to take photos. The photos which would be finally submitted shall be under the name of Ma Xingtong. If Ma Qun did a good job, one or two of his photos would be selected and submitted. It belonged to on-the-spot teaching. However, for the current circumstance, he planned to directly use Ma Qun’s photos which he shot independently. No matter the photos were good or not, there was no time to shoot again. Furthermore, the photos shot this time would be finally printed on the autograph albums of the TV station. If Ma Qun failed, it definitely would be his dark past after he developed successfully in future.

The most important thing was that, in order to let his uncle lead him as a photographer as soon as possible, the photos which he submitted to his uncle for the first two times were from someone else. In fact, his photographic skill was…..

“Qun, come here.” Ma Xingtong looked at him with smile, with great confidence in him.

Ma Qun felte more and more flustered. He glanced at He Bai who was standing under the slope of periphery and watching, stepped forward and talked with a loud voice without deep consideration, “Uncle, are you looking for He Bai? I saw him here just now. Please wait a moment. I will bring him here soon.” Then he pretended to look around and waved at He Bai passionately, “He, come here. It’s your turn for shooting. Come on, don’t disappoint Ms. Li’s trust.”

The people of Saint Elephant were all bewildered.

Lin Rui’s eyes widened in surprise, “What happened? Is Ma Qun insane?”

He Bai was also confused. He brought his camera bag and hesitated to take a step, slightly frowned, “I don’t know……Did I misunderstand Ma Qun? In fact, he wanted to give me opportunity more than anyone else?”

Lin Rui shook his head, puzzled.

“Hurry up, hurry up, we are working against the clock.” Ma Qun ran over actively, pulled He Bai out and brought him in front of the person in charge without giving He Bai the opportunity to refuse, and made introduction affably, “he is the excellent new comer that my uncle was talking about, top student from Q University, the talent that our director is training personally. You can communicate with him for any requirement.”

As things developed, He Bai had to adjust his mood and waved at the person in charge, talked politely, “Hello, I’m He Bai, I will try my best to take photos that satisfy your TV station.”

The person in charge did not feel at ease when he saw the young face of He Bai. After he knew that He Bai was the top student of Q University and talent that the director was training personally, the person in charge settled down his heart suddenly, shakinghands with He Bai and said, “Hello, thanks for your hard work. Let me explain to you what you need to pay attention to during shooting. Xiaofu, come here. Let’s communicate with Mr. He together.”

Yang Fu answered liquidly, getting close to them, and joined them to a quiet corner to communicate.

As soon as they left, there were only Liu Huanhuan who was shocked after seeing He Bai; Ma Qun who breathed a sigh of relief and nervously he looked at Ma Xingtong who was confused and unhappy;; and the whole crowd who didn’t know what was going on either.

“Makeup team and costume team, come here and bring this Miss Liu Huanhuan to make up and change clothes.” Ma Xingtong was the first to return to reality and made command with a calm face.

All the people returned to reality and spread out for busy work with different expressions in their eyes.

The crowd dispersed in a moment. Ma Xingtong took a glance at Ma Qun and made a sign to him to talk alone.

Ma Qun followed Ma Xingtong guiltily.

“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know how rare this opportunity is? Although that girl is just a new comer, the souvenir picture of TV station is not like others, a lot of people will see it. It is a good start. You……” As the conversation went on, Ma Xingtong was getting angry, almost could not suppress the fidgety mood in his heart.

“Uncle, I am sorry.” Ma Qun apologized at once. Then, he looked up with an aggrieved smile, sadly, “but Ms. Li is satisfied with He Bai……she specially gave me the task of leading He Bai before her business trip. If I don’t do well in this, it will be bad for you too. Uncle, it is my fault. I should not accept Ms. Li’s advice arbitrarily……”

The expression on the face of Ma Xingtong changed. Finally, he eyes were getting sullen and snorted, “I see. Li Ru asked you to take care of He Bai on purpose. She is afraid that I will promote you with selfish motives. Hum, just a young guy of sophomore. He takes this opportunity without effort. I want to see how he is going to end up. Qun, do not be foolish anymore in future. In this world, honest people are destined to be bullied.”

Ma Qun answered meekly and couldn’t help hating He Bai in his heart.

What a good opportunity. Why did he give the opportunity to He Bai without deep consideration at that time? ‘I hope He Bai to screw up.’

The uncle and nephew of Ma family were immersed in working field conspiracy theory, while He Bai had obtained the good impression from the person in charge quickly.

“You do live up to your reputation. You understand quickly by little instruction. I expect to see your photos.”

He Bai smiled ashamedly, “Thanks to your detailed explanation. Please rest assured. Miss Yang Fu has good appearance. Her photos must be beautiful.”

Yang Fu also smiled, and said gently, “Mr. He, you are so modest.”

The three people praised each other and the atmosphere became harmonious. Then they went to get makeup done. After settling down Yang Fu, the person in charge left with a smile on his face. He Bai found the makeup artist and communicated what kind of vibe he was looking for. Then, he retreated to one side and started to get his camera prepared. He was thinking about how to shoot good photos in the scene made by the Saint Elephant.

This was his first time to shoot commercial portrait, so he was somewhat nervous that he might not be able to do a good job for such important commemorative photos. However, since the opportunity had dropped into his bowl, of course, he would try his best and strive to deliver satisfying photos for the customer.

“He Bai?”

A unfamiliar female voice rised close to He Bai. He Bai stopped his action of adjusting the camera and turned his head.

“Really it is you.” Liu Huanhuan just changed her clothes and was about to get her makeup done. She smiled at He Bai, raises her hand to groom her messy hair, said shyly, “What a surprise meeting you here. When did you join Saint Elephant? You have become a photographer. You are amazing.”

He Bai also smiled and asked politely, “Excuse me, who are you?”

The smile on the face of Liu Huanhuan stiffened. Then, she covered her mouth by hand and said in surprise, “Don’t you know me? I am a friend of Junjie, Liu Huanhuan from Broadcasting Department. We met on the birthday party of Junjie last year.”

Yes, they met before. However, Liu Huanhuan, as the “ordinary friend” of Niu Junjie at that time looked down upon poor He Bai. She even did not look at He Bai in the eye, let alone had a conversation. Thus, they were strangers.

He Bai remembered that meeting, and also recalled Niu Junjie who cried and vomited after getting drunk. The smile on his face became more polite and he shook his head, “Sorry, Junjie is a good person. He has many friends. I may not know all of them. The dresser is shouting, Miss Liu, please hurry up.”

Liu Huanhuan felt embarrassed because she took the initiative to talk but was driven away by He Bai. Thinking of Yang Fu who was sitting behind her for makeup, and she must had heard this conversation, Liu Huanhuan felt more embarrassed in her heart. Thus, she put away her smile and said coldly, “The friends of Junjie are also divided into different levels. It is normal that you don’t know me. Xiaofu is my good friend. I hope Mr. He do not screw up her souvenir picture.” Then she turned and walked away. Her back so erect, like a proud peacock in victory.

He Bai was amused by her reaction, he couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone and sending WeChat message to Junjie.

He Bai: Encountered your ex-girlfriend, had a hard time. You were so blind in the past.

Di Qiuhe was reading the script when he heard the tone of WeChat. He stopped and picked up his phone in a very casual manner. He tapped open the WeChat and glanced at the message. Then he glared slightly and typed quickly.

A bird born in autumn: My ex-girlfriend? Who?

He had been single for 23 years. No ex-girlfriend. He Bai, the puppy, stigmatized his innocence.

He Bai: Liu Huanhuan, how should you forget her so quickly?

“Liu Huanhuan? Why this name seems a little familiar to me?” Di Qiuhe frowned and talked unconsciously.

Jiang Xiuwen who was sitting opposite him and reading reports raised his head after hearing this, confused, “Liu Huanhuan? Isn’t the name of a host who was in hot pursuit of you in the past? Why you mention her again?”

After being reminded by him, Di Qiuhe finally remembered who Liu Huanhuan was. His face became gloomy suddenly. He looked at the message of He Bai again with his face sulky and eyes blurred.

Why the puppy knew Liu Huanhuan and sent message to this WeChat account? Did he find that this was his secondary account? So the reply of cute girl with big cock……He was so terrified that he threw his phone immediately and raised his hands to cover his face.

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