One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 21 - Shocking!

Chapter 21: Shocking!

Translator: Sissy That Walk

“Sorry.” Di Qiuhe stepped forward again and looked at him with his head tilted slightly. It seemed like his gentle and smiling eyes were covered with a layer of light created by the dusky light in the corridor, causing a tempting vibe. “Has the commemoration activity of your TV Station begun yet?”

Soft and low voice, attentive and deep eyes and slightly upturned lips were so tantalizing that one was attempted to kiss him involuntarily. The working staff was stunned for a moment, and then uncomfortably moved his sight away from Di Qiuhe. He pinched his red earlobes while pretending to adjust the glasses and his attitude was unconsciously softened. “It’s just a preliminary act for building up the momentum and the formal event is still at preparation stage. As soon as it begins, we will send you an invitation letter. We hope you will be able to do us the honor to come.”

Di Qiuhe nodded his head to show that he understood, and then it looked like something came to his mind, so he frowned and replied with a trace of regret on his face. “I am glad that the TV Station is so hospitable that you want to invite me, but… I have left Huangdu now and all the team members have been called back. Today’s TV show will be the last time I appear on stage as a Huangdu entertainer. It is still unknown that whether I can keep working in the entertainment industry after that, so I am afraid I will not be able to live up to your expectations.

The working staff stared at him without noticing his manners. “You are no longer a Huangdu entertainer? Why haven’t I…” Remembering the quiet scene that Di Qiuhe came to the TV station to record the TV show all alone by himself today, he quickly swallowed his words down with a storm stirred up in his heart.

Di Qiuhe had just won the Best Actor Award at Thousand Flowers Award with Tears of Rouge. He was in the limelight, and rumor also had it that this man had a very powerful background which would definitely make his career in the future extraordinarily bright. But it had been just a few months since he won the award, how could he have left Huangdu? He also said that it was uncertain if he could keep working in the entertainment industry in the future. Was he blacklisted or forced out by Huangdu? How come? No wonder there were rumors that all product endorsements of Di Qiuhe had been withdrawn recently. It turned out to be… an explosive news!

What did Di Qiuhe mean by telling him all of this now? What was Di Qiuhe’s purpose? He was just an inferior working staff at the TV Station. What could Di get by telling him this information? What did Di want?

All kinds of conspiracies were swirling in his mind and his expression unconsciously became somewhat stiff.

Di Qiuhe did not seem to have noticed his abnormal reaction. Taking out his cell phone from his pocket and searching for the official blog of the TV station of City B, he asked, “Is this video posted and used for building up the momentum by your station obtained from Saint Elephant Studio? What is the name of the little photographer who provided the material?”

“It is Saint Elephant Studio. The photographer’s name is He Bai.” The staff answered instinctively, then quickly regained his sense and asked nervously, “You, you are asking about this to…”

“It’s a pity that I will not be able to participate in your commemoration activity, so… well, I wish you all the best with the commemoration activity.” Di Qiuhe smiled, he forwarded the video on his weibo account, posting a few words of congratulations, and praised the unknown photographer who provided the material and the working staff who edited the material incidentally. He showed his cell phone to the working staff and asked with a smile, “Hope you don’t mind me using the commemoration activity of your TV Station to create some hype.”

Watching Di Qiuhe doing all of this and wearing a gentle smile all the time, that working staff suddenly felt embarrassed. Though the future of this man standing in front him was bleak, he was still thinking about helping the TV station promote the momentum-building activity, and he showed respect by saying that he was taking advantage of the TV station to attract attention, this was…Good person! A very good man! How could such a good man make use of an inferior working staff like him? It was him who mentioned at first to invite Di Qiuhe to participate in the commemoration activity, that man was just responding to his invitation and then explained why he refused the invitation. What on earth was he thinking about!

“Thank you very much, Mr. Di.” That working staff’s attitude became more and more enthusiastic, it even got intimate. Then he said sincerely, “As such an excellent person, you will absolutely shine brightly in the entertainment circle in the future. You get it!”

Di Qiuhe beamed more gently and genially, he looked at this working staff kindly and nodded, “Well, hope all things can work out as you said, thank you.”

“Well, you’re welcome.” What a good temper he had got. Once again, the working staff had red ears and looked away for being shy.

He Bai came to the Computer Town with the money he just earned. He was ready to choose a computer for himself.

Suddenly the notification tone of the cell phone rang, he pulled out his cell phone from the pocket and was stunned at the sight of a lot of Wechat message notifications on it. It reminded him that he had not checked the Wechat messages for a long time, so he hurried up to check the unread messages.

A Bird Born in Autumn: Good morning ^-^

A Bird Born in Autumn: Good night ^-^

A Bird Born in Autumn: Being busy?

A Bird Born in Autumn: Liar! Didn’t you say that you will mail me the pictures which you failed to deliver to my door last time?

A Bird Born in Autumn: I was just kidding. The final exam is around the corner. You must be very busy. Come on ^-^

A Bird Born in Autumn: Good Morning ^-^

A Bird Born in Autumn: What are you doing?

Messages had been sent on and off to him from last week till present. He Bai went through all the messages and pounded on his forehead, then he hurried to type words and replied.

White and Whiter: Sorry, because I have been busy reviewing all this time, I have not been able to check the Wechat messages. I will send you the photos later.

The buyer replied very fast as if he did not need time to type in words.

A Bird Born in Autumn: That’s ok. Work harder at the end of the semester. What are you doing?

White and White: Buying a computer.

A Bird Born in Autumn: At Computer Town?

White and Whiter: Yes. I will mail the photos to you as soon as I finish buying the computer, sorry to keep you waiting for such a long time.

A Bird Born in Autumn: Take your time.

White and White: ???

A Bird Born in Autumn: Buying a computer is something that needs caution. You should take your time in choosing a computer.

He Bai fell in silence for a few seconds and could not help laughing.

Though the buyer was a bit nuts, he occasionally was warm-hearted…It was lovely.

He Bai hesitated for a long time between laptop and desktop computer. Considering that he would be leaving school for an internship in another year and the budget was sufficient, he finally bought a super expensive laptop whose performance could endure his torment for at least three years.

He Bai went out of the Computer Town with his computer case. He took a look at the watch and walked toward the bus stop.

“Little puppy.”

Familiar voice, familiar intonation, familiar scenario.

He Bai paused his forward steps and then made a decisive sharp turn.

“Do you want to know why I want to thank you for sending teacher Xu Yinrong those photos?”

He Bai stopped and turned his head to look at Di Qiuhe, who managed to look handsome and shining even in a casual shirt and jeans a few steps away. Knitting his eyebrows together, He Bai thought he should first change a new cell phone, one with the almanac app to check whether it was an auspicious day.

Di Qiuhe raised his hand to lift the brim of his cricket cap, pulled his mask and raised his eyebrows. “Don’t try to expose my identity and run away. If you do so, I’ll take you to have an experience of alley escape again.”

He Bai choked, “I did not think that… About the photos, I can ask teacher Xu.

“A long time has passed, why haven’t you asked him?” Di Qiuhe looked at him with his arms held across his chest and chin raised. His gentleness and courteous manners were gone, and his body language was provocative.

He Bai choked again. Because he asked about those photos, but teacher Xu did not utter a word, he gave him an unfathomable laugh and more homework.

Di Qiuhe crooked his finger to beckon him, smiling gently, “Come on, get in my car.”

He Bai stood there thinking for three seconds. Finally, curiosity prevailed. He walked towards him with an expressionless face and raised his chin. “Lead the way.”

Di Qiuhe looked at He Bai’s staged poker face. He hummed and turned around to lead the way, thinking proudly that what use did it do to blacklist him in WeChat because He Bai was now in his hand anyway?

The sports car in flashy red color sped all the way to the center of the city and steadily parked outside the alley where the two used to escape from the crowd.

He Bai covered his mouth and wanted to vomit.

“Although my father kicked me out of Huangdu, he compensated me for several luxury cars and many houses, and more money than that I can spend in my life.” Di Qiuhe unfastened his seat belt and turned his head to look at He Bai. “Do you like this car? Is it cool?”

He Bai opened a bottle of water and drank it slowly. He suppressed the nausea feeling and said numbly, “You…”

“What?” Di Qiuhe ran his fingers through his hair with his body half tilted. Two of his shirt buttons were unbuttoned, revealing his sexy clavicle lines. As the shirt was a little tight, his sexy waist line was clearly exposed.

“Your driving skills stink.” He Bai tightened the water bottle cap, opened the door with his feebly hand, and got off the car. He then supported himself with his arm put against the car roof and buried his face in his arm to relieve his dizziness.

Di Qiuhe stared at the steering wheel with a stiff expression and an unhappy face. Then he pulled his collar, got out of the car, walked to He Bai and poked him on the shoulder. “Are you okay?”

He Bai turned his head and gave him a lifeless look.

Only then did Di Qiuhe find that He Bai’s face was a little ghastly, his lips were very pale and slightly closed, which made him feel an impulse to help him redden his lips.

Here it came again, that inexplicable heart tremor. He pressed his chest with doubt and twisted his eyebrows slightly. Then he put one hand on He Bai’s shoulder and the other hand on his waist. Unconsciously holding his breath, Di Qiuhe leaned over and slowly moved his hand down He Bai’s waist…

“What are you doing?” He Bai knitted his eyebrows.

“You look terrible. I’ll take you to the doctor.” Di Qiuhe said with a serious face.

He Bai gritted his teeth. “That is the reason why you touched my butt?”

Di Qiuhe was stunned, he took a look at his hands and raised his eyebrows. “This is butt? This is clearly the back of your waist!” As he spoke, he moved his hand down, pressed on He Bai’s butt and patted it hard. “This is butt!” Do you have the common knowledge, little puppy?’

He Bai opened his eyes widely and looked at Di Qiuhe incredibly. Then he turned around, hooked Di Qiuhe’s neck, pressed him down and pounded on him. “Di, you are a piece of garbage!” You touched me…you took my milk tea, you took my camera and you caused me to be reported by the newspaper! You send me harassment messages in the middle of the night, you destroyed my photos, made me have nightmares! And you…”

“You have ever dreamed of me?” At first, Di Qiuhe stood still to allow him to pound on him. When he heard this, he could not help grasping He Bai’s hand and raising the corner of his mouth at a satisfying angel. “I know you are one of my fan-boy! It doesn’t matter, as long as you restrain your worship of me a little, idols and fans can become friends.”

The hands gripped He Bai’s shoulder and wrist were very big and warm, and the strength used was not too big, but it made him not being able to move, so he could only passively cling on Di Qiuhe’s body. As Di Qiuhe knew Kungfu, he was no rival of him.

He Bai knew that ‘a wise man submits to fate’. He lowered his voice. “Let go of me first.”

Di Qiuhe was very satisfied with both of their present posture. He grabbed him and walked away with an unruly expression. “Then beg me.”

“…You’re not afraid to be photographed by the “pup”arazzi and then tabloid news of “Shocking! The famous handsome young star is gay, flirting and cuddling with a person of the same sex in a secret alley?

“No.” He found it very abominable when Di Qiuhe laughed at him gently. “The monitoring devices around here are all not working. If someone appears at the front and back exits, it will be very obvious. The people in the alley can find that right away. Most importantly, I was forced out and no news about me can be published. Qin Li is a clever woman. Under this circumstance, she knows better than anyone what to do.”

Since Di Qiuhe was not having any sense of shame, He Bai could only take the unwise decision.

He Bai drooped his eyelids silently and then said quietly, “I want to pee.”

Di Qiuhe stopped.

“And I am carsick and want to vomit.”

Di Qiuhe loosened him, turned him to a trash can in the alley, patted him on the back, and gently said, “Pee and vomit by the way. I will watch out for you and not let others see your Little Bai.”

He Bai: “…” The script did not seem right?

“Do you need me to untie your belt?”

He Bai decisively turned around and ran away. He found out that the reason why this crappy Film Emperor blocked his way today was to revenge himself for making a fool of him in front of the roast duck restaurant. He had to run. Otherwise, today would be his doomsday.

“Your camera and computer are all in my car.”

He Bai halted quickly and scolded himself for being so stupid in his heart. Then he turned around and ran back to Di Qiuhe. He took his hand and said sincerely, “I am your fan-boy! The one totally with no brains! Do you want to eat steak? My treat, not the most expensive one, but the general expensive one is still OK!!

“Good boy.” Di Qiuhe touched his head and the force used was very gentle. “I heard you were bullied by a little host some time ago? Do not be afraid. As your big brother, I will help you out.”

He Bai: “…” ‘Why does it seem that I have heard this tone of “big brother” before?’

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