One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 228 - Like Sister Like Brother (2)

Chapter 228: Like Sister Like Brother (2)

Seeing the receding figure of the doctor, Qin Li and Di Xiasong both began to pull themselves together. Qin Li went to the bathroom for a touch up, then she walked to Di Bian who was lying in the bed, she nudged him several times. Seeing Di Bian still as motionless as a statue, she walked to Di Xiasong and asked gently, “my son, tell me everything that happened when I’m away.”

Di Xiasong held his mom’s hand, like he was gaining courage from her and elaborated on the conversation he eavesdropped from Lawyer Wang and Di Bian, then he emphasized how worried he was when he couldn’t reach her, and in the end he mentioned the servants’ conversation in Di’s Mansion.

“What servants? What conversation?” demanded Qin Li, she grabbed Di Xiasong’s hand hard.

Di Xiasong didn’t understand why mom riled up, he murmured, “Why don’t you tell me why did you turn you phone off, and what’s going on with Zeng Peizhong? Is he reliable? Is he lying to us?”

“Don’t say that, you Uncle Zeng cares for us a lot! Of course he is reliable!” explained Qin Li and she patted Di Xiasong’s hand as comforting, “your sister had done something of great consequence in M Country, the only way out is to claim to be mentally unstable, but I don’t want to claim my little girl is mentally unstable… … thanks to your Uncle Zeng, he took care of everything and helped your sister out. But she needs to stay low for a while, so your Uncle Zeng arranged a hospital for her, she was terrified of course. Therefore I stayed in the hospital to keep her company for a few days, and it so happened that hospital blocked signal, that’s why you couldn’t reach me.”

“A hospital that blocks signal? Isn’t that no difference than being imprisoned?” Di Xiasong frowned, yet Qin Li glared at him before he asked more questions.

“Of course there are big differences!” explained Qin Li, “It’s a great hospital, there are many celebrities have been there for some treatments, their medical workers are all so professional and the ward, very well-equipped. Plus, this is just a makeshift to avoid any attention to Chunhua. You see, your Uncle Zeng really cares for us, do not doubt him please.” sighed Qin Li, with a touch of guilt in her eyes, she continued, “Your Uncle Zeng has been really sick, and he has worsen off due to Chunhua, he fainted just several days ago. It’s usually his assistant who has been contacting me, please don’t blame him. He is dying, I would have been with him now to spend his last days together if it weren’t you.”

“Last days?” asked Di Xiasong in high spirits, “Mom, you mean he is really dyi… …”

“Let’s say something auspicious!” Qin Li interrupted him and patted his hand, she continued, “Anyways, I don’t think it’s a huge issue even though Di Bian has found out something. My son, you still have got a lot to learn, most importantly, you need to learn to be patient. Huangdu now heavily relies on its new investor, that was actually your Uncle Zeng, Di Bian won’t do anything even if he has found out the truth. Plus I know something that he has been trying to hide his whole life, and you are his son… … what can he do to you? The worst case scenario would be he sweeps you out like rubbish, yeah? We can go to you Uncle Zeng’s anyway, Huangdu will be yours, trust me. Why do you even other to drug him? Why did you get your own hands dirty? My son, you are about to be the president of Huangdu and your Uncle Zeng’s company, you gotta learn to be patient! Me and your sister relies on you!”

Di Xiasong was encouraged by this talk, he also regretted for what he had done to Di Bian. He told Qin Li, “Mom, I’s sorry for what I’ve done, but I’ve learned from my mistake, I’m an adult now, I’ll take care of you and my sister.”

“That’s my son!” smiled Qin Li.

They encouraged each other for a little while until Qin Li asked, “So which servants you were talking about just now?”

Qin Li frowned, it looked like she would eat the servants alive.

Di Xiasong deliberately neglected the fact it was him who stole the drugs, he replied, “They are not exactly the servants work for Di Bian, a retired servant’s two sons came to town and stayed at the house for a night. I overheard they were talking about in their village there was a woman who drugged her mother-in-law, and no one found out, even the doctors, and they have some with them, so I… …”

Hearing that Qin Li fumed, “You mean, you happen to overhear two men who aren’t even working in the house talk about the drug, and they happened to have the drug on them. And you happen to overhear the conversation between Di Bian and Lawyer Wang! And you happen to steal the drug successfully! It was all coincidence!?”

“Yes, pretty much everything is a coin… …” halted Di Xiasong, he staggered, “Mom, this is… this is a trap, yeah?”

All of a sudden, Qin Li shot a glimpse at Di Bian who was lying in bed and she grabbed Di Xiasong, she dragged him and walked towards the door, “Go, my son, go to your Uncle Zeng’s, he is the only one now… go!”

Di Xiasong panicked, “Mom, what’s going on? I… …”

“Don’t ask any question, there’s no time for that! I’ll join you… …”

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