One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 239 - Giant Teddy Bear (3)

Chapter 239: Giant Teddy Bear (3)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

‘No wander Childish Di doesn’t have a lot of friends, the way he carried on..”

But now that to think about it, when he and Childish Di first knew each other, Childish Di stole his bubble tea, Childish Di snatched away his cameras, Childish Di would not take no for an answer when he invited him to his place for steak dinner… …

Here came the question, why didn’t He Bai turn down that jerk, and he ended up being that jerk’s partner?

With those thought running wild in his mind, He Bai zoned out for a bit, he found Di Qiuhe was sound asleep when he earthed to himself. He moved his limbs and leaned forward to unzip the zipper on the bear’s back.

The sound of unzipping sounded so loud amid the dead silence in the room, luckily, Di Qiuhe had a long day in the set and now was sleeping like a baby.

He Bai let himself out from the bear, he took a glimpse at his wrinkled shirt and messy hair, he decided to just let it be. He snuggled under the blanket and nestled in Di Qiuhe’s arms.

Di Qiuhe was used to cuddling He Bai to sleep, he now just grabbed the person into his arms habitually.

He Bai did not move until Di Qiuhe fell fast asleep again, he leaned towards Di Qiuhe and looked at his face affectionately, he drew a little heart in the air.

He Bai was not really regretting the choice of being together with his Childish Di, all the moments and happiness between them were so real, he murmured a “thank you”.

He checked the time, it was almost midnight now, he untied the ribbon on the bear and tied it on Di Qiuhe’s hand gently.

A ringtone came in the bear belly, now, twelve o’clock now!

He Bai kissed Di Qiuhe on his cheek.

Di Qiuhe was waken up by the ringtone and the kiss, he realized there was a naked person on his bed, he asked coldly and kicked the person on the bed, “Who the hell is that? Fxxk off!”

“Fxxk off?”

He Bai punched him on the chest and said that with disbelief. Hearing the familiar voice, Di Qiuhe was dumbfounded, and the next second that person threw himself at him.


He Bai tied the ribbon on Di Qiuhe’s hand tighter and turned on the bed lamp, he squeezed Di Qiuhe on his cheeks, “fxxk off, yeah?”

Di Qiuhe took a glimpse of his hands which were tied with ribbons, and he looked at his puppy amid the gentle lighting, his eyes were rippled with lust, he asked, “Puppy, what’s going on, am I dreaming?”

“You tell me,” He Bai didn’t say yes or no, his hand travelled up and down on Di Qiuhe’s body and he asked, “I heard your comments on the cake I baked you, I’m sorry I disappointed you, Mr. Di.”

Di Qiuhe now was panting, he noticed the unzipped bear and realized what had happened, he moved his hands and struggled to reach He Bai, “Aww, puppy, that’s so sweet… …”

“Behave yourself!” replied He Bai, he avoided Di Qiuhe’s touch.

With that Di Qiuhe lied down happily.

He Bai now was undressing himself in a flirtatious way, then he kissed Di Qiuhe all over… …

Di Qiuhe was so turned on, he tried to untie the ribbon on his hands.

“I said behave yourself, Mr. Di” demanded He Bai, he pinched Di Qiuhe on his arm gently. Noticing the lust in Di Qiuhe’s eyes, He Bai untied the ribbon and whispered at his ear, “I planned to give you a good blow job as an appetizer tonight, but after I heard your comments on my cake, I decided I’d save that for later.”

Di Qiuhe, who now regained his freedom, rolled He Bai over and pressed him down on the bed, “Puppy, actually the cake was yum, and I know you are yum, thank you so much for the surprise, I love it so much.”

“You’d better say so… …” He Bai pretended to be fiesty, he kissed Di Qiuhe back and said, “Happy birthday, you old man.”

Di Qiuhe smiled and looked at He Bai gently, “Thank you for getting old with me.”

With that they had a quite erotic night.

“Today is Qiuhe’s birthday.” Fan Da said this to Hu Zhao, who was pouring him some tea, he asked, “Has Di Bian turned better?”

Hu Zhao handed him the tea and replied, “Yeah, he will live consciously for the rest of his life, but he will suffer the pain left by the acid every day.”

“Sounds great.” replied Fan Da, he played the tea cup in hand said, “Di Bian should also do something on Qiuhe’s birthday, he’s the father after all. Come on, let’s pay a visit to Mr. Di.”

Hu Zhao nodded in agreement and he left the room to arrange the car.

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