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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Challenge the Monsters!

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[Stone Skin Poison Toad]

Quality: Elite

Level: 1

HP: 500 / 500

Magic Attack: 30-50

Physical Attack: 25-37

Defense: 28

Superiority: 83%

Skill: [Stone Skin]: Resists 10% of physical damage.

Skill: [Spew Poison]: After receiving an attack, the Stone Skin Poison Toad will spew poison on the surrounding targets, causing 40% magic damage and additional poisoning effect. Reduces the target’s health by 3 points per second. Duration: 10 seconds.


Seeing the attributes, Lorne was pleasantly surprised.

He did not expect that the monster he created this time would have 83% superiority!

Among the possibilities, this was likely a lucky attempt.

Of course, from the interface data, this monster’s attack attributes were even lower than the Two-Headed Demon Hound.

But that was not the point.

Most importantly, the Stone Skin Poison Toad had 28 points of defense.

With such a high defense, it could survive the attacks of the stone beetles with the treatment of the Vitality Slime.

In addition, the [Spew Poison] skill was also very important.

An AOE skill was a powerful weapon that could effectively kill stone beetles.

But then again…

The Stone Skin Poison Toad was too ugly.

Moreover, its combat ability was limited. Other than being able to effectively restrain the stone beetles, it had no advantage against other opponents.

Therefore, Lorne only treated it as a temporary helper. After completing this mission, he would still choose to give up on this ugly guy.

“Let’s go, Poison Toad. Let’s go compete with those strange rocks!” Lorne said as he led his new pet away from the forest.

In order to contract this pet, he had removed the contract with the ‘Three-headed Demon Hound’.

The dog that made him waste 240 bronze coins had finally used labor to redeem its damned life.

Soon, Lorne returned to the Rock Valley.

This time, he came with absolute confidence.

“Gather the Stone Beetles.” Lorne commanded the Two-Headed Demon Hound to draw the surrounding stone beetles together.

As an agility-type monster, the Two-Headed Demon Hound had high movement speed and could easily dodge the attacks of the stone beetles.

“Go on, you ugly little guy. It’s time for your performance.”

Seeing that the Stone Beetles had gathered, Lorne immediately retreated with the Two-Headed Demon Hound, leaving the main battlefield to the Stone Skin Poison Toad.

However, the Stone Skin Toad could not win against five Stone Beetles alone. It needed the Two-Headed Demon Hound to take a share of the attacks at the critical moment and the Vitality Slime to recover its health.

As for Lorne, he was a magic damage dealer and could help out a little.

On the battlefield, the Stone Skin Poison Toad lay there without any movement, but one could see that the rocks were all pressed together on its body, making it look like a carved stone.

Its strategy was very clear, it would defend on the spot.

Creak! Creak!

Provoked, the Stone Beetles moved their limbs, emitting the sound of rocks colliding. Finally, they reached the Stone Skin Poison Toad and surrounded it, their entire body shrinking back before suddenly pushing forward.

[Collision], the Stone Beetle’s attacking method.

This scene looked clumsy, but the attacks were unbearable for most players.






The five monsters only dealt 17 damage to the Stone Skin Poison Toad.

This was because the Stone Skin Poison Toad had the [Stone Skin] skill, and it could resist 10% physical damage. Coupled with its 28 points of defense, all the attacks of the stone beetles could not break through its defense.


Due to the attack, the Stone Skin Poison Toad used [Spew Poison].

The fragment behind it cracked open, and dark green poison splattered on the surrounding stone beetles.




-3 (Poison)

A series of damage numbers appeared.

As a monster with high physical defense, the magic resistance of the Stone Beetles was almost zero. Facing the non-lethal poison, they lost a lot of health points.

Especially the subsequent “Poisoning” effect, it would take away 3 health points from the Stone Beetles every second.

The poisoned Stone Beetles immediately went crazy, attacking the Stone Skin Poison Toad fiercely.

The damage they dealt per round of attack was 17 points. Within 30 rounds, the toad would be killed.

However, they had no hope of doing this.

This was because when the Stone Skin Poison Toad’s health decreased by 100 points, the Vitality Slime next to it would immediately spit out a pool of mucus and heal 60 health points directly, while also adding a continuous recovery effect.

In this way, the Stone Skin Poison Toad could always maintain a safe amount of health.

Of course, the health of the Stone Beetles decreased very slowly.

After a minute, they only lost a quarter of their health points.

Fortunately, this was group damage. With five Stone Beetles injured at the same time, the overall efficiency of killing monsters was quite good.

About four minutes later, the health points of the Stone Beetles was finally emptied. Under the power of the poison, the Stone Beetles crumbled, becoming a few huge rocks and completely losing their lives.


“Congratulations to your pet [Stone Skin Poison Toad (Unnamed)] for successfully killing a Stone Beetle. You have received 10 (+18) experience points.”



After killing the monster, he gained 28 experience points.

After killing five, he gained 140 experience points.

According to his current efficiency, he only needed ten minutes to raise his level to Level 7.

But strangely…

He had just killed five monsters, but none of them dropped any “body parts”.

“Are there no materials in them?” Lorne could not help but think of this.

For him, who had the Monster Merging Simulator, the “body part material” that the monster dropped was completely different from the ordinary rocks on the ground.

If he wanted to create a powerful monster, he had to use the ‘body parts’ he obtained from other monsters. Otherwise, the improvement would be limited.

For example, the Stone Skin Toad that had fused with ordinary rocks only received 10% physical damage immunity.

While the Stone Beetle’s [Rock Body] had 50% physical damage immunity.

The difference between the two was obvious.

Lorne also valued this super defensive trait.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he searched, he could not find what he wanted. Even if he smashed the rock, he could not find anything.

As he thought, a new battle began.

In less than five minutes, five more stone beetles shattered.

As he went to clean up the loot, suddenly, the system notification sounded!

“Ding! Congratulations on obtaining the material: Rock Fragment.”

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