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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Powerful Bull-Headed Monster


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“Boss fight?”

When Lorne—who was preparing to leave—saw the banner in the sky, he was also shocked.

He did not expect that such a huge thing would happen after he reached level 10.

The announcement disrupted his plan.

He could not return to the village to submit his mission now.

That was because he would have to face a Boss-level monster when he returned.

But the pets behind him were not strong enough to stand against it.

Furthermore, that was the first boss in the entire Beginner Village. The other large guilds would definitely be watching.

Under such circumstances, it was too difficult to obtain the first kill.

“I have to create a batch of stronger pets!”

Lorne rushed into the depths of the forest. There was a higher-level map in that direction.

As for the mission failure against the boss, he did not need to worry too much.

After all, it was an event boss in the Beginner Village. It was extremely rare and every Beginner Village only had one. If players wanted to kill it, they would probably need hundreds or thousands of people working together.

It was not too late to snatch the kill at the last moment.

During this period of time, Lorne had to find pets he was satisfied with. If the conditions allowed, it was best to raise the pet’s level as well.

With that in mind, Lorne did not pause.

He led his pet deeper into the forest.

In the process of moving forward, Lorne opened the internal browser of the “Divine Realm”. There was a dedicated live-stream room inside that could check on the actual situation at the village entrance.

[No. 2451 Beginner Village, Silver Snow Guild challenges the Slime King!]

He found the relevant live stream and clicked on it.

“That can’t be. There is already a Level 10 player in Beginner Village No. 2451?”

“How is that possible!”

“The strongest player in our village is only Level 6!”

“How lucky. Beginner Village No. 2451 is the first to fight this boss. This is the chance to become famous!”

“If we get the first kill of the boss, we’ll be rich!”

“Don’t think too much. This kind of boss is the target of large guilds. Unaffiliated players can’t even touch it.”

The live stream was very lively. Countless players in the Beginner Village were watching this battle.

Looking at the live stream, the first thing that caught his eye was a gargantuan slime. It glowed a deep blue and had a strange crown on its head, as if an enraged king sought to conquer the backward village.

The Slime King looked very weak, but its performance in battle shocked everyone present.

It only used three attacks to kill the strongest guard in the village.

Then, it began to slaughter the villagers.

The players who cooperated with the NPCs did not dare to get close, because this Boss only needed one skill to kill a large number of players.

The one who provided this vision was a member of the Silver Snow Guild. It was a special guild composed entirely of female players.

In front of this camp, Lorne saw a slim figure. She wore white armor and held a silver sword in her hand. She weaved through the monsters’ attacks and counterattacked at the right time.

He did not expect a female player to be so powerful.

Lorne’s eyes brightened, but that was all.

He would not give up his goal just because his opponent was beautiful. On the contrary, if her beauty hindered him, he would destroy the beauty mercilessly.

“I hope that doesn’t happen. After all, I want to be kind-hearted too…”

Looking at the live stream, Lorne walked deeper into the forest.

The simple straw sandals stepped on the moist ground. A cold feeling passed through the sole of his feet, causing him to shiver.

In this moist region, there were many high-level creatures.

Lorne did not let any of them go. He sent his pets after the creatures, then took some of their body parts.

Ten minutes later.

Twenty minutes later.

Thirty minutes later.

Time passed very quickly. As he hunted in the forest, the number of monsters he killed was already uncountable.

Unfortunately, he still did not find a suitable pet.

Fortunately, he obtained a huge amount of experience points. This trip was not in vain.

However, he did not recklessly use the experience points.

He wanted to save them for the next pet.

Only by letting this powerful pet reach a sufficiently high level would it have a chance to help Lorne snatch the boss from the hands of countless players.

Just as he was about to cross the hill, he suddenly stopped.

There seemed to be something in the forest ahead.

That was a…


Lorne did not see the figure clearly. In the dark forest, he only saw a huge bull’s horn. However, with its size and aura, it was obvious that it was not a low-level monster.

Lorne raced after it, pausing just long enough to survey the monstrous form.

It was indeed a bull!

At this moment, it was wandering in the forest.

However, it was obvious that it was not an ordinary bull, but a minotaur!

After being infected by a special power, its entire body was greatly enhanced.

The demonized ox-headed figure gained an even more magnificent body. On its arms, extremely strong muscles could be seen. Thick beast fur covered its entire body. There were also sinister fangs and scarlet eyes. No matter how one looked at it, they would feel the savage power of the demonized figure attacking them.

This monster was simply too powerful.

It caught Lorne’s eye immediately.

“Little fellows, let’s get to work!” Lorne commanded as he chose to attack.

The pets quickly surrounded the enemy.

After leaving [Rock Valley], the Two-Headed Demon Hound became the main attacker again. Its [Double Bite] could cause huge damage to the target.

Bite! Bite!

The Two-Headed Demon Hound’s teeth sank into its target.



Two numbers showing successful hits flew out.

However, such an attack did not hurt the minotaur at all. Instead, it seemed to be provoked and became even more violent.

The minotaur let out a roar as its huge bone club struck the Two-Headed Demon Hound with extremely violent force.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

The Two-Headed Demon Hound was also sent flying more than ten meters away.


The terrifying damage floating in the sky nearly reached three digits.

This was terrifying.

But it was normal.

After all, it was a high-level monster and looked so special. It was obvious that it was not easy to deal with.

Looking at everything, the corners of Lorne’s mouth curled up, and he casually opened the monster’s attributes panel.

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