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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Lorne Attacks!

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He had said those words because he had no choice. Lorne did not want to ally with anyone, and he did not want to cause trouble for the other party because of him, so he tried to pull their relationship further apart.

However, he did not expect the beautiful guild leader to hate him now.

“Damn you, if not for the fact that you sold your equipment to me, I will definitely let you have a taste of being chopped into pieces!”

Twinkle Rose bit her lip and glared at him.

However, despite being stared at, he did not feel any sense of danger. Instead, his eyes lit up as he studied her with interest. She was actually quite beautiful after all.

At the same time, Unparalleled Domination stood at the side and looked at the two of them flirting, he was in an awkward situation. He had clearly said some harsh words earlier, but in the end, these two only knew how to exchange glances with each other and simply did not take him seriously.

Unparalleled Domination roared angrily, “Very good! Tyrant! The Silver Snow Guild as well! Be careful, I’ll remember you. You’d better not be caught by me, or else I’ll make sure you regret ever offending me!”

“Have you watched too many anime shows?”

Lorne ignored him. He just did not think that anyone would say such an awkward thing in this day and age. What an incredible sight it was.

Unparalleled Domination, who was about to leave, heard this and was so angry that his entire body trembled. He gnashed his teeth so hard that they almost shattered. If not for the fact that there was the Twinkle Rose beside him, he would have immediately turned around and torn that evil brat into pieces!

On the other side, after receiving the gold coins, Twinkle Rose walked over and completed the transaction.

“Don’t worry, Tyrant. Although you’re not a decent guy, this is a conflict caused by the Silver Snow Guild. The sisters in the guild and I will protect you from bullying. Or if you want, you can level up with us. How about it?”

Twinkle Rose looked confidently at Lorne, awaiting his answer.

In her opinion, no one could reject this invitation, especially men.

As she said this, Lorne was being watched enviously by everyone.

Everyone present knew that the Silver Snow Guild was like heaven. Every member of it was a top-notch beauty. If they could fight monsters together, it would be the dreamiest thing in the world.

However… Lorne looked exasperated.

What did she mean by not a decent guy?

I used to be a young master too!

“I don’t need women’s protection.”

“Also, we only made a deal. Please don’t have too many concerns, and don’t covet my handsome looks.”

Lorne rejected the beautiful guild leader’s invitation.

He knew very well what this woman was thinking.

Firstly, she stepped out of the battlefield and walked directly toward him, proving that she had already noticed him.

Secondly, she definitely had a reason for inviting him to form a team with her. Most likely, she wanted to figure out his background through forming a team, and a small probability was to rope him in through forming a team.

But whatever the reason, Lorne did not want to fall for her tricks.

In short, having no contact and acting alone was the best way to do things.

“Tsk! Who is coveting your looks? How shameless, how narcissistic!” Twinkle Rose bit her lip and looked angry. However, before she left, she still threw something at Lorne.

“If you have equipment for sale in the future, just let me know.”

With that, the beautiful guild leader entered the battlefield again.

Lorne looked at the potion in his hand and discovered that it was a high-quality tool.

Before the deal, he had mentioned that she could use Recovery Potions to exchange.

However, he did not expect this beautiful guild leader to really have one. Furthermore, she gave it to him for free.


[Alchemy Potion]

Quality: High

Effect 1: After using it, the target will recover 500 HP and 500 MP.

Effect 2: Damage reduction of 10%. Duration: 5 seconds.


Seeing the effect, Lorne was pleasantly surprised, this was the potion he was thinking of.

It provided health and mana.

If he used this potion to fuse with the slime, he would be able to obtain a moving supply station. His ability to do prolonged battles in the wilderness would be greatly improved, and he could even be said to have unlimited resources!

Just thinking about it made him excited.

“Very good. I have gold coins and the potion with me now. I’m just short of a good slime.”

Lorne looked at the center of the battle, at the Slime King, who was slaughtering.


That was his goal.

As a Boss-level monster, the merging definitely required a large amount of gold coins. It was also because of this that Lorne did not want real currency earlier.

Closing his stall, Lorne squeezed into the crowd.

After an intense battle, the Slime King’s health had fallen to less than 6,000 points under the frenzied attacks of the players.

It was almost below 5%.

Seeing this health bar, all the players went crazy.

The Boss was already at the final juncture. As long as they could snatch the final blow, they would obtain a huge amount of experience points and rewards.

Moreover, this was the first Event Boss in the entire server. The rewards would definitely be extremely high.

Countless players who were watching joined the battle and attacked the Boss crazily.

But at that moment, the players of large guilds who were originally at the center of the battlefield tacitly stopped attacking the boss and started to turn their blades towards the rogue players.

Instantly, countless screams sounded.

Starting from the areas occupied by several large guilds, all the rogue and small guild members suffered a terrible blow.

Although there were more rogue players, they only wanted to protect themselves. They did not want to organize a resistance.

In the end, the battlefield was completely occupied by large guilds.

About seven or eight forces surrounded the boss, among them were the Silver Snow Guild and the Domination Guild that Lorne had just met.

Although there were many Beginner Villages in the game “Divine Realm”, in this Beginner Village, a few famous guilds still gathered in groups of 200 to 300 people.

There were more than a thousand people in these guilds in total.

But they fought no more.

It was as if all of them had agreed to it. At this moment, they were all targeting the Boss, but they did not use their full strength.

Although the Boss’ health was less than 6,000, it would take them at least ten minutes to deplete it.

Therefore, the guild players were still calm and attacking rhythmically.

The Slime King’s health also slowly decreased.





The Slime King’s health decreased gradually and was about to reach 5% of its health.

At this moment, in a corner that no one was paying attention to, Lorne held his short staff and activated the Pet Summoning skill. After the magic circle flashed, a wild-looking creature appeared in the square.

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