Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Entering the World of the Divine Realm

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He could actually merge and create monsters!

It was too amazing.

When he saw the effects of the planet, Lorne was shocked.

As a player who had much experience in online games, he knew the value of this talent.

To be able to merge monsters as he pleased, it was as if he had control over the game’s source code. It was a complete bug!

While Lorne was still amazed at his gift, suddenly, he blacked out.

When he regained his vision, Lorne found himself in an ancient temple.

“Welcome, lucky one. You are about to enter the vast world of Divine Realm. Before that, please prepare yourself.”

An old voice echoed in the temple.

Lorne stood in the temple, looking around with a complicated expression.

Honestly, he suspected that he was still on Earth. Otherwise, how could everything around him be so real?

Lorne was confused, but could not find an answer.

At this moment, a new system notification sounded.

“Please choose your initial class.”

At the sound, Lorne looked up at the six giant statues.

They represented the six initial classes of the “Divine Realm”: Warrior, Mage, Archer, Priest, Assassin, and Summoner.

The six classes each had their own characteristics.

For example, the Warrior could tank and fight, the Mage had high DPS, the Archer could fight at long range, and others…

If he had not awakened his talent, Lorne would have chosen to be a Warrior.

This was because Warriors had high resistance and high damage output, they were the best choice for the solo players.

Of course, the fact that Mages were efficient in killing monsters was also something that Lorne was very concerned about. However, this class was very costly in the early stages. Without enough money, it was impossible for him to catch up to other players in level.

Initially, between these two classes, Lorne was still conflicted.

But now that he had awakened his talent, all such thoughts were forgotten.

Since the number of monsters merged had something to do with the Player’s pet space, there was only one choice for Lorne.

That was to be a Summoner!

Unlike other classes, Summoners had three pet spaces.

As his level increased, the pet spaces of this profession would also gradually increase. If he wanted to be more powerful, he had to choose this class.

“I choose to be a Summoner.” Lorne said firmly.


“Congratulations on becoming an Apprentice Summoner!”

“Please enter your name!”

Two system prompts sounded.

Thinking about it, Lorne said: “Tyrant!”

With this talent, Lorne’s future strength would be brutal, and the name Tyrant was fitting.

After naming, Lorne began adjusting his five senses.

Because of this 100% realistic virtual reality game, there was no difference between what you felt in reality and what you felt in reality. If he started playing like that, he would be in so much pain when his skin and flesh were torn apart.

He adjusted the five senses appropriately, especially the sense of pain and smell, to 10% and 50% respectively.

10% pain guaranteed a good combat experience, and 50% sense of smell was designed to reduce the impact of undead maps on the nose.

As for the other senses, there was no need to adjust too much.

“Enter the game!”

After adjusting everything, Lorne eagerly entered the game.

Now that the game had just started, countless players were fighting for time and trying to gain the upper hand. Lorne was no exception. Although he had the monster merging talent, he still did not have the confidence to make money.

With that, a light poured down, and Lorne immediately vanished.


“Welcome to Beginner Village No. 2451.”

“Congratulations on obtaining a Beginner’s Gift Bag (Summoner).”

Once again, Lorne found himself in a small village surrounded by mountains and rivers.

A cool breeze caressed his face. The refreshing feeling was even more comfortable than in reality.

But now was not the time to enjoy it.

Lorne quickly opened the gift bag.


“Congratulations on obtaining beginner’s supplies: Beginner’s Staff x1, Beginner’s Robe x1, Beginner’s Grass Shoes x1, Silver Coin x1.”

All the new players only had three pieces of equipment.

The last silver coin was the player’s initial funds. It was used to purchase potions.

He put on his equipment and opened his attributes panel.


ID: [Tyrant]

Class: Apprentice Summoner

Level: 1

Talent: [Monster Merging Simulator (???)]

HP: 100 / 100

MP: 100 / 100

Magic Attack: 20-40

Physical Attack: 10-20

Magic Resistance: 5

Physical Resistance: 5

Speed: 23

Attributes: Constitution 5, Strength 5, Spirit 5, Intelligence 5, Agility 5

Free Attributes: 5

EXP: 0

Possession: 0 Gold Coin, 1 Silver Coin, 0 Bronze Coin.


Pet Space: (Space 1) (Space 2) (Space 3)


These were Lorne’s attributes.

The attributes of a Summoner were not very high, especially their resistance growth. They were the lowest among all classes.

Fortunately, the Summoner did not have to fight by himself or pursue stats.

As for the remaining five free attribute points?

Lorne pondered.

Most Summoners added points with the ratio: 3 Intelligence, 1 Constitution, 1 Spirit.

3 Intelligence was to increase their combat ability in the early stages. 1 Constitution was to protect them, and 1 Spirit was to endure so they could fight for long periods of time.

However, he was different from ordinary people. He had a Monster Merging Simulator, so he did not need to raise his own combat strength. Therefore, he could add attributes to raise his health and resistances.

After all, he was a Summoner. His life was the key.

After some thought, Lorne decided: “3 Constitution, 2 Agility.”

Not only would he have a decent amount of health, but his dodging abilities would also be pretty good.

After dealing with the attributes, Lorne went straight to the square to find the village head.

“The farmlands in the village are being harassed by a pack of demonized pheasants. If we do not stop them, the crops in the village will be wiped out. Young adventurer, are you willing to help the village?” The village head looked at Lorne pitifully.


“Would you like to accept the beginner mission: [Kill the Demonized Pheasants]?”

“Mission Description: Help the village head kill the demonized pheasants (0/30). Bring their beaks to the village head and you will be rewarded handsomely!”

“Accept.” Lorne accepted the mission.

However, as a Summoner with a merging simulator, his top priority was not to go out and farm monsters, but to create his own special pet.

With that in mind, Lorne came to a less populated area.

Then, he began to chant.

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