Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Shocking the World, A Massive Reward!

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At this moment, in the square of the Beginner Village, all the players were watching the situation in the center of the battlefield.

They were all curious about how powerful the special Summoner who could summon the bull-headed monster was.

Of course, they did not think that he could slay the boss.

After all, it had 5,000 health points. Even if a thousand players surrounded it, they would need to attack for ten minutes to kill it.

And just when no one thought highly of Lorne…

A huge magic circle suddenly appeared!

A huge array with complicated runes and an incomparably grand light completely enveloped the Summoner and the Slime King.

“What happened?”


“Why is there such a huge magic circle?”

“What did that Summoner do?”

No one could see what was happening inside, they were all speculating.

But at that moment, a scarlet banner suddenly appeared above everyone’s view.


“Congratulations player [Tyrant], you have successfully killed the Event Boss, the Slime King, in Beginner Village No. 2451. You have done a great deed and are now in the annals of history!”

“Congratulations player [Tyrant], you have received the first kill achievement reward: +10,000 EXP, +2000 Reputation Points, +10 Gold Coins, Silver Treasure Chest x1, Bronze Treasure Chest x5, Attribute Points x20, +2 Luck.”



The announcement was repeated two more times!

And then…

All the players in Beginner Village No. 2451 received a new announcement.


“Congratulations to all players of Beginner Village No. 2451. You have successfully completed the event mission—[Protecting the Village]. Score: A!”

“Congratulations to all players who belong to Beginner Village No. 2451. Reward :+500 EXP, +50 Reputation Points, +1 silver coin, White Iron Treasure Chest x1, Attribute Points x1.”



The Beginner Village announcement was played three times as well.

At the same time, all the Beginner Villages in the world were in an uproar.

“Who is Tyrant?”

“Is he a top player from some guild?”

“My goodness! This reward is so tempting.”

“I envy the players in Beginner Village No. 2451. They got a White Iron treasure chest and one attribute point for nothing!”

“Gosh! This event needs to be triggered by a level 10 player. The highest level player here is only Level 7!”

“The players of Beginner Village No. 2451 are going to grow rapidly now.”

Beginner Village No. 2451.

In the square, due to the death of the boss, everyone received the system reward.

The rogue players in the outer circle were very happy, because this reward was basically given to them for nothing.

However, the higher-ups of the large guilds were all stunned on the spot.

A few seconds ago, the lively Boss with 5,000 health points was in front of everyone.

However, a few seconds later, the Boss suddenly died.

They did not even see how the Boss died.

“Boss! We’ve struck it rich! Everyone in the guild has obtained a White Iron treasure chest, and there’s also one attribute point, some EXP, and reputation points. Now, our Domination Guild is going to rise up!”

A lackey received the reward and excitedly reported to Unparalleled Domination.

“Rise in your dreams!!!”

Unparalleled Domination was furious. He directly pulled out the longsword at his waist and slashed at the head of this underling.

Rise up?

Rise up his ass!

The members of the Domination Guild only received a small reward.

The real reward was taken away by that accursed Summoner.

Whether it was the reward for the first clear or the equipment dropped by the Boss, they were the most, most, most precious treasures.

Any single one of the rewards could cause a commotion in the Beginner Village.


That guy was with Twinkle Rose.

If he sold the equipment to the Silver Snowflake Guild, then the life of the Domination Guild would be very tough, and they might even be suppressed.

Not to mention other things, just the resource-rich training grounds around the main city were not something their Domination Guild could fight for.

The scene focused on the center of the square.

The light had not dissipated yet. Lorne stood in the center, listening to system notifications one after another.

He did not expect to receive the system reward after he synthesized the Boss.

Not only that, but the reward this time was extremely astonishing.

After calculating all the rewards, just the experience points alone reached 28,000.

With so much experience, it could directly allow a Level 1 player to raise their level to Level 10. Furthermore, they would still have more than 10,000 experience points left.

However, he was already Level 10 and could not level up again.

Therefore, these experience points were all left for the pets.

Then, there were reputation points.

This was a setting in the later stages of the game.

There was no use for it now, but when the time comes, high reputation points would lead to a surprise.

Gold coins were next.

10 gold coins was equivalent to 50,000 alliance dollars in reality.

To someone in debt, it was a generous amount.

Then, there were the treasure chests.

There was nothing to say about the Bronze Chests.

The Silver Treasure Chest was what Lorne was most looking forward to.

He opened it directly.


“Unlocking the Silver Treasure Chest. Obtained: Sage’s Short Staff (Silver)”


[Sage’s Short Staff] (Sage Set: 1 / 7)

Quality: Silver

Magic Attack: +110

Intelligence: +20

Spirit: +15

Type: Weapon

Level Requirement: 10

Additional effect: Cast Range +20%.

Additional effect: Increases magic resistance by 10%.

Introduction: A short staff enhanced by a Sage. It can be of great help to the user.


Seeing the effects of this equipment, Lorne was shocked. An overall increase of 170 magic attack. This attribute was very violent.

In addition, there was still the 20% increase in casting distance. It could allow him to attack at a longer range. In the future, when he fought, he could stay further away from the enemy.

But that was not the most important part.

To his surprise, it was a set item!

Seven pieces of equipment as a set was the rarest and most precious among the types of sets.

However, the effect of the set was hidden. It would only be activated after a second piece of equipment dropped.

Lorne did not hesitate as he first replaced the staff. With one of the set items equipped, he could naturally drop other parts when killing monsters in the future.

After dealing with the treasure chest, only the point of ‘luck’ was worth mentioning.

However, before he could check the effect, a ball of red mucus on the ground jumped onto his shoulder. Looking at the protesting little guy, Lorne did not know whether to laugh or cry. His greatest gain was this pet, how could he have forgotten about it? Was he suffering from dementia at such a young age?

He touched the slime and opened its attributes panel.

The next second, Lorne was stunned.

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