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Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Enthusiastic Help from the Beginner Village!

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A large number of NPCs appeared at the entrance of the village and rushed over.

The leader was a missionary from the church. He held a short staff that was flickering with lightning. The lightning skill was clearly released by him.

Next to him were the white-haired village head, the half-naked blacksmith, the leather-clad hunter, the spear-wielding NPC, and nearly all the other guards.

“Damn! What’s going on?” Seeing this scene, the surrounding players were all stunned and could not believe their eyes.

Was another Boss going to attack the village?

Other than that, there should not be any situation that would cause such a commotion, right?

No one knew what was happening.

At the side, the players from the Domination Guild were even more confused. They could not understand why these NPCs came here.

The players did not provoke them after all.

Furthermore, they had specially chosen to surround the village this time. They had not violated the village’s laws.


Why were the villagers attacking them?

They were clearly good children who obeyed the law and contributed to the village!

However, the NPCs did not explain anything.

When they arrived near the battlefield and saw that Lorne was surrounded by a group of people, they flew into a rage. The village head waved his crutch.

In the next second, an immense fire spell covered the entire area.

At the same time, the savage blacksmith rushed into the crowd and threw the terrifying strength he used to forge at the surrounding Domination Guild players.

“Little brats, have a taste of my hammer!”

“Experience the hunter’s bow and arrow!”

“Watch my sweep!”

“Spear Thrust!”


The NPCs attacked the players of the Domination Guild crazily. They used all their strength as if they wanted to send this group of adventurers to hell.

On the other hand, the players from Domination Guild did not dare to retaliate.

When players attacked NPCs, their affinity with them would decrease. At that time, they would not be able to accept any missions from these NPCs. They would not even be able to use the teleportation array controlled by the village head.

Thus, there was no suspense in the entire battle.

Under the various attacks of the NPCs, dozens of corpses instantly fell on the ground. The players who were standing far away hurriedly retreated into the crowd, afraid that the NPCs would discover their identity.

The battle quickly ended.

The village head stopped using his spell. He used the wand as a crutch and approached Lorne, asking respectfully, “Master Adventurer, are you all right?”

“I’m fine. Thank you for your help.” Lorne thanked him from the bottom of his heart. It was heartwarming to see the NPCs protecting him. Of course, he did not understand why they would help a player like this.

The missionary came up to him and explained, “Master Adventurer, when you first stepped out of the temple, I noticed their furtive movements. To keep them from disturbing you, I informed the village head.”

“Indeed!” The old village head nodded earnestly, “I heard you have a mission to do, and because you saved the village yesterday, you are our benefactor. We will not allow you to be harmed near the village.”

At this point, the old village head gestured to the NPC team behind him. Everyone smiled back. The nearest uncle blacksmith carried a hammer and scratched his head.

“Oh, I see.” Lorne replied.

The surrounding players finally understood everything.

However, Unparalleled Domination hiding in the crowd was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

With these NPCs around, he could not teach Tyrant a lesson near the Beginner Village, so he did not plan to waste any more time here.

But before he left, he had to make sure Tyrant was fearful.

“Brat, consider yourself lucky today. However, wait and see. Unless you don’t leave the Beginner Village for the rest of your life, I will make the players of the Domination Guild keep an eye on you!”

Unparalleled Domination said as he gritted his teeth. With that, he turned to leave.

But before he could go any farther, he heard voices behind him.

“Village head, it seems that it was that guy who led the adventurers to kill our Master Adventurer.”

“I see. This kid doesn’t look like a good person. I also heard that recently, the dark forces have been secretly recruiting a group of adventurers. I suspect that it’s them. Although there’s no direct evidence now, we have to be wary.”

The missionary and the old village head discussed among themselves.

Hearing this, Unparalleled Domination staggered and almost fell to the ground.

In the next second, a grand voice sounded.

“Beginner Village Announcement (Village Head): Due to the destruction caused by the Slime King yesterday, the village has suffered a huge blow. A large amount of rocks are needed to repair the house. I have decided to ask all adventurers with the word ‘Domination’ in their names to go to the ‘Rock Valley’ to mine the materials.”

With the authority of the village head, the old man issued a forced special mission.

At the same time, all the players with the word “Domination” in their IDs received a notification.

“Mission Information: You have triggered a special mission. Please hurry to the ‘Rock Valley’ to mine the rocks. If you do not reach the target area after 30 minutes, you will lose one level of experience. At the same time, if you do not fulfill the mission conditions, you are forbidden to leave the map area. Otherwise, you will be severely punished.”

“During the mission, you will receive a buff reward: -50% EXP.”

“After completing the mission, you will receive a reward: +10 experience points, +1 bronze coin.”


When they saw the details of the mission, all the players who had the word “Domination” on them spat out blood.

This was a mission?

A buff of -50% experience gain? Who would do such a mission?!

Furthermore, completing the entire mission would only give them 10 experience points and 1 bronze coin as reward. Was he treating them like beggars?

“F*ck you!”

“Tyrant! You’re a f*cking despicable scoundrel!”

“If you’re a man, use your fists to solve problems. Don’t use such dirty methods!”

Unparalleled Domination was extremely furious as he cursed endlessly.

Under such dirty arrangements, all the Domination Guild players in this Beginner Village were unable to level up. To the ambitious him, this was the greatest blow.

But before he could curse more, one of the guards forced him away.

“He offended the noble adventurer. Lock him up for one more day.”

In the Beginner Village, the old village head had a lot of authority.

As for Lorne, he silently picked up all the equipment that had fallen from the ground and packed them up to sell to the uncle from the smithy. Then, he took the one gold coin he had obtained from selling them and walked into the forest happily.

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