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Chapter 336 - Invitation from the City Lord of the Emerald City

Chapter 336: Invitation from the City Lord of the Emerald City

[Traceless Phantom]!

[Phantom Blink]!

Rushing into the crowd, Aisha began a massacre. With Lorne’s instructions, she was no longer confused, but returned to her initial state. The sharp blades in her hands finally began to dance.

-213,000 (Critical)

-219,000 (Critical)

-218,000 (Critical)

-214,000 (Critical)

-210,000 (Critical)

Because after killing, Aisha’s attacks would be critical, so the damage each time was terrifyingly 200,000 points.

There was no need to consider the enemy’s defense. Under such a terrifying attack, any defense was virtual and would not have any effect.

The poor Domination players were dealt a devastating blow before they could react. Aisha’s speed was far beyond their imagination. By the time they reacted, more than 50 people had already fallen.

“Boss, what should we do now? Tyrant’s pets are too strange. We lost dozens of people!” A player shouted beside Barbarian.

“These damned elves are allied with Tyrant. Inform our brothers to quickly retreat. Don’t stay in the Emerald City. Go into the wilderness and wait for Boss’s orders!”

Seeing that the situation was bad, Barbarian quickly gave the order to retreat.

Although they had a thousand people, they had already lost more than a hundred people during the conversation just now. At this rate, these thousand people would be wiped out in less than a minute. There was no way to fight.

After receiving the order, the players of the Domination Guild covered their heads and scattered.

After blending into the crowd, it was difficult to kill them anymore.

However, many people could not escape in time and died under Aisha’s sharp blades.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding players were excited.

“She has unlimited uses of Blink which is equivalent to infinitely dodging attacks? Isn’t this too invincible?”

“Tyrant’s pet is indeed extraordinary.”

“This is a true assassin.”

“In the million-strong army, she could come and go as she pleased. Goddess Aisha is indeed powerful.”

“Ding! Your pet has killed the player [Domination – Little Jiro]!”

“Ding! Your pet has killed the player [Domination – Red Armor]!”

“Ding! Your pet has killed the player [Domination – No Talking When Eating]!”

“Ding! Your pet has killed the player [Domination – Bedwetting 3-Year-Old]!”


On Lorne’s interface, information about kills kept flashing.

There were more than a dozen messages every second.

This was Aisha’s full strength. Her attack speed and damage had reached the limit.

Lorne watched everything calmly. The High Elves did not stop him. They were already shocked by the scene before them. So this was the true strength of the Phantom Assassin. No wonder it was called a legendary class!

White light flashed at the scene, and Aisha finally stopped. She took a minute and a half to kill 517 people.

Because too many people had been killed, Lorne’s name was dark red.

The surrounding players gave him greedy looks. Killing a red-named player would drop a large amount of equipment. If they killed Tyrant, they would definitely obtain a divine equipment.

Unfortunately, this could only exist in their imagination.

In this world, there was not a single adventurer who could kill Tyrant.

“Master, some people are hiding in the crowd. I can’t catch up.”

Aisha felt that she had not done well enough. She could not help but lower her head in self-blame. Seeing her like this, Lorne smiled gently and raised his hand to help her remove her hood.

Feeling her face exposed to everyone, Aisha quickly lowered her head.

But the next moment, Lorne’s finger raised it.

“You don’t have to wear a hood anymore. You’re the most noble among the elves.” Lorne comforted her.

“Master, thank you.” Aisha’s eyes widened, joyful tears falling from the sides of her beautiful face.

At this moment, Captain Kora stood beside him and said, “Noble Adventurer, our City Lord sends an invitation to you.”

As the only qualified adventurer in ten thousand years, he was the most respected guest in the Emerald City and even the entire Elf Race. The City Lord of the Emerald City also sent an invitation immediately.

Without thinking, Lorne agreed.

Since his identity was so noble, he should be able to use this chance to directly obtain the two mission materials from the City Lord.

He followed Kora into the City Lord’s area of the Emerald City and passed through the beautiful corridor. Finally, in a huge castle, he saw the City Lord of the Emerald City—Fanny.

This Elf City Lord was dressed in gorgeous clothes. She sat behind the curtain and stood in the hall. Only through the curtain could one see a faint outline.

“City Lord, this is the human adventurer who passed the taboo mystic realm.” Kora bowed and introduced.

“Yes, you can leave first. I already know what happened.” The City Lord sitting behind the curtain said. Her voice was very dignified, and the words she said seemed to be an order that could not be rejected.

Hearing this, Kora nodded and walked out of the hall.

At this moment, the City Lord spoke again, “Honorable Hero, actually, from the moment you entered the taboo mystic realm, I had already paid attention to you. I thought that you were the one with the greatest hope of passing the test, but what I did not expect was that you only used half the time to complete all of this. I have to say, you are indeed the adventurer with the greatest potential I have ever seen.”

“Perhaps you already know that after passing the taboo mystic realm, you will have the right to sign a contract with the elves, but you might not know what it meant for us elves when you passed the test.”

Lorne frowned.

He had heard the other party call him ‘Hero’.

However, he did not know the true meaning of this title for now.

Now that he heard the City Lord mention this, he was immediately curious.

“The truth is, this taboo mystic realm is not only for the sake of the elf contract, but also for the future of the elves.”

“Ten thousand years ago, an adventurer helped our elves preserve the only Ancient Tree of Life in the world. However, after ten thousand years, the Ancient Tree of Life is about to undergo a special transformation. In order to succeed in this transformation, we need some special materials. These things are very precious, and some even exist in special mystic realms that only adventurers can enter. Therefore, after obtaining the prophecy of the Ancient Tree of Life, we began to set up the taboo mystic realm.”

“At the same time, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the adventurers, we also spread the news that as long as they passed the test, they can contract with the elves.”

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