Only I Am A Necromancer

Chapter 11 - Boss Monster Of Humanities And Social Science Building (5)

Chapter 11 - Boss Monster Of Humanities And Social Science Building (5)

Like a wolf hunting a big prey, the skeleton was ripping apart the boss monster's flesh bit by bit.


Screaming insanely, the big monster wielded the club in all directions, only pointing it into the air.

Swoosh! Puk!

"Nice shot!"

Now Hanho's dagger landed squarely. When the dagger was lodged into its shoulder, its left shoulder immediately dropped. And it was caught off guard completely now.

'Now is the time. Sacrifice yourself!'

Grabbing the sword afresh, Sungwoo ordered the skeleton in his heart. Then the one-armed skeleton boldly charged toward the boss monster.

'Goodbye. Thanks for your great job.'

Although the skeleton stuck it out for a long time and fought well at the decisive moment, it was time for it to sacrifice itself for victory.


With a roar, the boss monster, which was physically a total wreck now, wielded the club toward the skeleton's skull. It would be smashed to pieces by the club, but Sungwoo and Jisu would be able to seize the perfect chance to kill it. Looking for the chance, they jumped at the same time.




The one-armed skeleton gently hit back the boss monster's big club just like a master of martial arts!


It was the moment when <One-armed Warrior> was activated. With the probability of 88%, it blocked the boss monster's first attack! However, that was not the end of the story.

When it mounted another attack this time, the big monster staggered, losing its balance…



The one-armed skeleton's sword stabbed its neck deeply.

Cough, cough.

And the big monster's muscular body helplessly collapsed.


<You have earned 225 gold by hunting the boss monster. You have leveled up. (LV.3)>


Sungwoo, who was about to attack with the sword, stopped with a bitter expression. Jisu, who was on the verge of attacking from the other side, also slowed down.

"What? It's over?"

"Sungwoo, that skeleton guy… what did it do before it perished?"

"No idea… I once killed it with that heavy all-in-one desk. In my opinion, this all-in-one desk is the world's strongest item."

He had a point. Even if its arms were cut and was kicked around several times, the skeleton survived and faced the boss monster to finally kill it. It was this desk, however, that Sungwoo used to kill the skeleton with a single blow.

But a red light began to emit from its body for some reason.

<The 'goblin skeleton' has been upgraded by absorbing the boss's magical power.

*Its defensive power has drastically increased.

"Trait 'Commander' has been added. (Depending on the number of team members, you can receive 'organic synergy.')>


At a glance, Sungwoo felt that the skeleton's build had been strengthened. And there was a red pattern inscribed on its forehead.

"What the heck is that? Why did you make a strange tattoo without my approval?"

Of course, the fallen skeleton could not reply, so Sungwoo opened his 'list of subordinates' to check the details.

<List of subordinates (¼)

Elite Goblin Skeleton (LV.2)

Weapon: Saber

Clan: Goblin

Trait: Undead + Commander (1st stage)

This time he found some information that was quite different from the initial one. Above all, the modifier 'Elite' was added, and 'Commander' was added to its characteristics. According to the previous explanation, the conditions for creating the new synergy were met.

'Organic synergy based on the trait of the commander? Does that include platoons, squadrons and companies? Then, how many are required to create the platoon synergy?'

Anyway, he'd be able to understand it better by increasing the number of subordinates in the future.

"Oh! Sungwoo, I've leveled up!"

"Me, too. I'm Level 3 now. How about you, Sungwoo?"

It seemed that Hanho and Jisu had leveled up.

"Jisu, you were Level 2, right? I just moved to Level 3."

"Yes, I leveled up on the 3rd floor a little while ago, but I think I chose the reward randomly because I wasn't paying attention. What would be a good choice?"

"Well, most of them are randomly selected, so you have to hope for good luck."

Knitting his brows, Hanho stared into the air. It was his first time seeing a 'level-up card.'

"Sungwoo, do you also see this card?"

"Yes. Just choose one of the five."

Looking at the message before his eyes, Sungwoo also agonized over it.

<Please select your level-up card.

Stat (random)

Skill (random)

Item (random)

Other (random)

Agility level increase (confirmed) >

When he chose 'Skill' previously, he saw the number of subordinates increasing randomly. As a result, he had one more skeleton under his control.

So, Sungwoo chose Skill again this time. No matter how hard he thought about it, he felt the best option was to summon as many skeletons as possible. But this time he got something else.

<You have attained Skill (Bone Weapon Formation, basic).

Name: Bone Weapon Formation

Grade: Basic

Classification: Active

Mana requirement: 10

You can make weapons by using bones. Here are the types of weapons you can make.

(1) Swords (2) Blunt Weapon (3) Spear (4) Arrow

The final products can vary depending on the type and quality of material. Once the skill grade increases, you can make more sophisticated weapons.>

'Can we make weapons with bones?'

Even before Sungwoo experimented with the bones of the dead goblins strewn on the floor, he saw another message.

<You have conquered the exclusive quest <For the Revenge of the Dead> with the method of 'Rescue'.

You have received a reward (Exclusive Skill)

Your fate will be changed subtly.>

Actually, Sungwoo conquered the exclusive quest regarding Prof. Kim's revenge by hunting the boss monster. Was this like killing two birds with one stone?

As a result, he won the reward that he wanted.

<The maximum number of subordinates has increased by 1.>

Accordingly, Sungwoo could control a total of five skeletons now.

'By the way, what does 'fate changed' mean?'

Sungwoo flinched at the last sentence.

'What does it mean by 'my fate changed subtly?' Does my disposition change depending on my actions?'

But he had no information whatsoever to make an educated guess.

'Anyway, I think I have to be more prudent in my selections.'

In the meantime, Hanho and Jisu chose level-up cards.

As if they were choosing items, they received the stuff falling from the air.

"Thief hood?"

It was a drab hood that Hanho received.

"What's its function?"

"Um, it says the probability of hiding from the monster can be increased by 50%. Hm…"

"It looks like a poncho raincoat. Hey, isn't it perfect for running away? You received the perfect reward."

"Well, I don't run away anymore. I know how to fight."

"What? Like fidgeting with your dagger behind the monster?"

When Sungwoo said that sarcastically, Hanho fumed because throwing a dagger was his special talent.

"Oh man. Let me tell you something. You are not doing anything with the skeletons as your shields, alright?!"

"What? Didn't you see me charging at the monster with that heavy desk over my head? I risked my life when I did it."

"Oh you want to take credit for that? You must have made your subordinates sweat like skeletons in the army and took all the credit for yourself, right? I don't have to see it to confirm it."

With a derisive smile, Hanho covered his mouth with a hand and laughed. Then Sungwoo let out a short sigh and pointed to his face with his index finger. Hanho blinked and stared at it blankly.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Hey, guys, kill him."

"...What did you say?"

As soon as Sungwoo said that, the five skeletons raised their heads all at once and stared at Hanho's face. He suddenly realized again that their hollow eyes were creepy.

"Um... Sungho...hey, guys?"


"We're friends, right?" said Hanho.

In the meantime, Jisu also confirmed her item. She opened the wooden box on her palm cautiously.

"Oh man… since the skeletons are all looking at me, I really feel goosebumps...hey, sister, what's that? Is it a stone?"

"Stone? You are really rude, Hanho," retorted Sungwoo.


Now Sungho and Hanho also showed interest in her item.

"It's called an ignition stone."

"Oh, ignition? Is it like flint?"

"Nope...if you sharpen a knife with this, it'll probably catch fire when you are attacked."

"Wow, that's cool."

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