Only I Am A Necromancer

Chapter 519 - Age After Ending (33)

Chapter 519 - Age After Ending (33)

"After we were born, our first purpose was to destroy Earth Zero and nullify their 'rule over other planets. And our purpose is still valid."


What he said was pretty ominous.

"In terms of probability, there is a good chance that something similar will happen. I plan to make sure that what happened to Earth Zero won't come back again."

According to him, more advanced human beings from another world, or a threat from outer space may come someday.

Sungwoo nodded at his words.

He continued, "We will monitor the other earths without revealing ourselves because we can cope with future threats more easily."

"I know what you mean."

In other words, his point was that they would not be involved in human history and that they would only intervene only when there was an external intervention that would upset the balance of the world. In short, they would be the patron of human beings without revealing themselves. That might be the true look of God.

"By the way, Necromancer, let me ask you a favor."

Sungwoo nodded.

"Since we don't reveal ourselves, we need someone who can restore and manage the broken worlds. To put it simply, we need the manager of the many different planets."

"Multi-earth manager?"

"I'm thinking of keeping a game system based on nanorobots for some time. This, too, has been established as an ecosystem. If I remove it forcibly, it will cause great confusion."

That was true. Currently, all the exchanges with other planets, led by the World Tree camp, were based on the game system.

But what if this game system disappeared overnight? There would be great chaos and nobody would be able to control it.

"Are you giving me that power?" Sungwoo asked.

"Yes. Humans should be responsible for control. And I hope you can use your role to help maintain the balance of the multi-dimensional worlds."

"Even if you don't give me that role, I've been thinking of it for some time."

Sungwoo naturally took on the heavy-duty role of a multidimensional world manager.


Three months have passed since then.

"Sungwoo, you have 5 minutes left!"

Kyungsoo disappeared after he said that.

He was busier than anybody else these days.

So the fact that he reported to Sungwoo in person suggested that what would happen 5 minutes later was very important.

"The Messenger has arrived at the designated location. It will begin a hovering flight!"


They were inside the Messenger. The Messenger, which had been flying at low speed for a short time, reached a certain area, then started flying in a hovering mode.

"Sungwoo, how about me? Ain't I cool?"

Sungwoo raised his head at Hanho's question.

Sungwoo said with a frown, "You have a problem. What the hell is that? You are not normal!"

"Man, I've heard that word so many times today! My mom, daddy, even sister Jisu are all biased against me!"

Hanho was armed with a new item, or more precisely, he was dressed up weirdly.

With his signature six arms behind his back, he wore a golden plate helmet. He wore some other items which didn't match well.

Sungwoo quickly turned his eyes away.

"I can't help it. That's my symbol. The concept of normal is only for the majority. Don't look at me sharply like that!"

"Man, it's up to you. But remember that all the people in other worlds are also looking at you."

A special event today was the inauguration ceremony of the Multidimensional World Humanity Coalition. The multidimensional world players have been working hard to recover damage by working together. So they were going to launch their official organization today. Those from a whopping 21 planets gathered in one place.

"Well, I've paid special attention to my looks today," said Hanho.

Sungwoo just nodded because he didn't want to bother him.

Then he looked into the air and muttered to himself. He was rehearsing a speech he had prepared a few days ago.


But he was struggling to practice.

"It looks like you are struggling a bit," said Jisu.

Unlike Hanho, she was dressed in plain clothes, namely, a white blouse.

Come to think of it, this was the first time he has seen her dressed like this.

She was always seen wearing red sweatshirts soaked in blood or dark red armor.

"Oh, Jisu!"

Only now did Sungwoo realize that she was a great beauty. Actually, she was regarded as a goddess among the male players.

She was a woman who used to wear sword-red metal armor and wielded a greatsword, a beautiful female warrior who beat the enemy on the battlefield, or more precisely, Valkyrie.

"Sungwoo, I've never seen you looking more shabby today than you were before."

Sungwoo nodded, admitting she was true. "Yeah, you're right. I'm so stressed out because of this."

He was kind of nervous now.

"After all, people can't be good at everything, right? If you are stressed because of that, let me do it. I'm used to this kind of thing."

"Oh, you were a student union leader in the past, right?"

"Yes, but I didn't finish my term."

Nodding at her, he stood up and said, "Man, it's been a while since we got out of the campus."

"Um, it looks like you are being sentimental right now..."

"Well, I just feel…"

"Come on, we've got one minute left! Three of you, please get ready to come to the deck!"

This time, a staffer, not Kyungsoo, escorted Sungwoo, Jisu, and Hanho. They stood at the entrance to the deck. They were supposed to appear together at the beginning of the event as the heroes representing the World Tree camp and the multidimensional world unity.

Rattle! Rattle!

Orun and Minsok came up to their left and right and raised the flag.

The two most famous skeletons were the first flag bearers of the Multidimensional World Humanity Coalition.

"Little boy, lift the flag up a little bit more. You have to adjust it to mine. You're holding it too low."


"Come on, let's go."

Sungwoo, Hanho, and Jisu went out to the deck.

"Wow, what a huge crowd!" Hanho shouted with joy.

With the world tree in the background, there was a huge crowd on the vast plaza made of marble. They were multidimensional world players who crossed the wormhole.

When three heroes appeared, heated cheers erupted from everywhere.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Hundreds of airships were hovering at regular intervals under the shadow of the World Tree, And thousands of troops were lined up in armor on the ground.

Recalling the day they left the campus, the three heroes were choked with mixed emotions.

"Man, I have goosebumps!"

"Me, too!"

Reporter Ahn was broadcasting this scene live to all other planets.

And there were VIP seats reserved on the deck, where major executives from the World Tree camp, such as Junghoon, Kyungsoo, Inho, Minhum, Li Wei, Isabella, Mir, Sangoon, and Chen, sat and watched Sungwoo.

Sungwoo first made eye contact with them because they played a crucial role in making him what he was today.

They smiled and nodded at him one by one.

Finally, he stood before the microphone.

Their cheers subsided. Everyone waited for his speech.

He opened his mouth slowly.

"The game is completely over."

As soon as he said that, a more intense shout erupted here and there. Fierce shouts also resounded on dozens of other planets.

The game was over. It was a very simple word. But it carried great meaning.

It meant that their struggles were successful. It also meant the end of an age and the beginning of a new era.

Sungwoo opened his mouth again, "And…"

Sungwoo, the Necromancer, continued his speech successfully.

But what he said next was not very important because there began a new world where the Necromancer was no longer needed.

A new era has begun. It's an era when their play doesn't lead to violence, an era when death is not a common occurrence, and an era when the Necromancer is no longer needed.

But his power is still valid. And He is growing without anyone knowing. He is preparing for the worst, but he doesn't expect the best. And when the worst moment comes, at the moment of disaster where countless lives are lost, he exerts a stronger power than anyone else. And no one can deny it.

Everyone knows that if you cause a disturbance, it won't just end up being a mere commotion, and that if you start a war, he will fight it out to see your destruction. So everyone knows that destruction is his stage, and perishment is his asset.. And that person is none other than the Necromancer.

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