Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1145 - Blood of Yellow Flame, Dance through the Skies!

Chapter 1145: Blood of Yellow Flame, Dance through the Skies!

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This hundred zhang distance was chicken feet to Zhan Lun Hui who was travelling at maximum speed. He had already entered an eighty zhang radius during the time he developed a thought!

Just at this moment, the entire world darkened!

A blinding, giant sword light came chopping down from above Zhan Lun Hui!

At the same time, eighteen Spatial Locks were tossed out in the entire region consecutively at high speed!

The sword light was like a bolt of lightning, blinding the entire world!

Even the scorching sun in the sky dulled in comparison to this blinding sword light!

This sword light that appeared abruptly was so blindingly bright, it was like a lightning bolt in the night sky that connected the heavens and the earth!

Zhan Lun Hui, who had been fleeing the entire time, was caught completely off guard by this. His entire field of vision was filled with this shocking sword light!

This sword had arrived too abruptly, too out of the blue! No one had expected it or was prepared for it!

Just a moment ago, he was filled with joy for his almost successful escape. The next moment, there was a forceful sword right before him. A strike this powerful will definitely decide his life or death!

A moment of life and death!

Zhan Lun Hui was shocked by the sight. But with his ten thousand years of experience, he quickly adapted. He let out a cry, maintaining his speed. But he suddenly altered the direction he was moving in, going upwards by at least ten zhang altitude!

The eighteen Spatial Locks that Jun Mo Xie had set up earlier in hopes of hindering him did not have the slightest effect on Zhan Lun Hui. He simply broke through all of it! In the midst of the attack, he changed direction while maintaining his speed! As if he were completely unaffected!

But thankfully, Zhan Lun Hui was not a god, so he wasn’t really completely unaffected. In that moment he changed his direction, so did that flash of sword light. The end of it followed in suit! With an increase in its force!

Zhan Lun Hui’s face darkened and he finally came to a halt.

He was confident of shaking this sword light off with his speed. But if he insisted on running away right now, he would suffer the sudden attack by the swordlight. No matter how fast a person was, they could not be faster than the Sword Qi released by an expert of similar cultivation!

Right now, although the person had yet to reveal himself, Zhan Lun Hui was clear that he had met a tough enemy! The person’s control of his sword had already reached a terrifying level! Enough to be considered a grandmaster!

Zhan Lun Hui clearly thought extremely highly of Jun Mo Xie. When facing an opponent like this, the more cowardly one felt, the more flaws it would create in his state of mind. So Zhan Lun Hui went from full speed to a complete stop mid-air and received that chilling sword light with both his palms, head on!

That dazzling swordlight shot forward like a rainbow! At high speed and full force!

With a hong , both his palms clashed with the blinding sword light!

Yet, things took another turn—

The long sword let out a cry, suddenly turning in the air at high speed like a drill, piercing through Zhan Lun Hui’s defenses, layer by layer! Within seconds, it had already reached his throat!

Zhan Lun Hui only felt his throat turn cold. He couldn’t help but break out in goosebumps from this drilling sword Qi.

He let out a cry and quickly moved backwards before flying fifty zhang up! He barely managed to escape death from that sword! After confirming his own safely, he realized he had broken out in a cold sweat!

Thank goodness I did not underestimate the enemy earlier and kept a small portion of strength so that I could retreat in time! Otherwise, this body would have probably turned into a corpse from that just now. No, it may not even be a corpse, more like minced meat!

For thousands of years, this was truly the first time Zhan Lun Hui had experienced something this dangerous!

It was truly a moment of life and death!

That sword cut across the skies again before charging back at him unrelentingly!

But Zhan Lun Hui had already gathered all his Xuan Qi in his body to strike. Through that brief exchange earlier, he could tell that the opponent was slightly inferior to himself! If he faced it head on, there was still a chance of victory!

It’s a pity that it was not only that fiend-like divine sword that could affect the current situation…

Because just at this moment, there was a whooshing of wind as a sinister, narrow black blade appeared before him, with endless resentment oozing out of it!

And attack like this, an eerie feeling like this, how familiar was this to Zhan Lun Hui…

Only those who came out of that place had this sort of attacks…

“The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master?” Zhan Lun Hui was really taken aback this time! That divinely sword had caught him off guard and almost killed him, but through that brief exchange, Zhan Lun Hui was sure that he has confidence in shaking the owner of the sword off. But the sudden intervention of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master left him completely without confidence!

He waved his hand in a fluster, a shiny long sword appeared in his hand!

Even when faced with the attack of all the experts of Heaven Saint Palace, Zhan Lun Hui did not bring out his weapon to face the enemy. But right now, the moment the Nine Nether Frost Blade appeared, Zhan Lun Hui whipped out his sword!

The attacks of the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master weren’t that easy to deal with!

Zhan Lun Hui had exchanged blows with one of the many Nine Nether Young Masters once. Even with his cultivation, he struggled to survive! So he was clear of how troublesome these lunatics were!

Pa! Under the joint attack of the two swords, Zhan Lun Hui was sent back over ten zhang !

Jun Mo Xie was shocked by Zhan Lun Hui’s sudden cry of Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’. En? The hell… It’s this Young Master who attacked you… What does it have to do with that lunatic?…

But to Young Master Jun, this sort of ‘pleasant’ misunderstanding? The more the better! Misunderstanding? The more severe it is, the better! If I don’t manage to kill him today, let him go and fight it out with the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master… Since that scoundrel is so free…

And since he is so free… why doesn’t he do something for the safety of the world?!… Um… Since when was this Young Master this righteous…

So Jun Mo Xie got more gleeful, continuing to attack while remaining concealed. The Nine Nether Frost Blade was so versatile—sometimes, it was ten Nine Nether Frost Blade that were sent attacking at the same time, leaving Zhan Lun Hui helpless and howling!

And there was the Blood of Yellow Flame that could completely attack with its own conscience. Zhan Lun Hui was instantly left keeping up his defenses with no strength to fight back. To fight back, you need the opponent and the target! Right now, there weren’t any?!

And these two attacking styles were too bizarre!

That even Zhan Lun Hui with all his vast knowledge and experiences felt completely confused!

What sort of attacking style is this?

These two are clearly wielded by using Sword Control Techniques, but how could it be this nimble! How could the sword move this naturally! The divine sword moves with such ease it were as if it was alive! And the Nine Nether Frost Blade was even more odd! As if it was being wielded by someone! But there clearly isn’t anyone else here!

With the current situation, Zhan Lun Hui’s judgement was very accurate. All the signs pointed to an expert using the Sword Control Technique from a distance and his analysis of the situation was even more correct.

The Nine Nether Frost Blade was indeed being wielded by someone manually. It was just that Zhan Lun Hui couldn’t see its wielder… or at least, detect him.

As for the Blood of Yellow Flame…

Jun Mo Xie had allowed the Blood of Yellow Flame to determine its own attacks. Since it devoured the blood of several Saint Venerables, Jun Mo Xie had boldly refined the Blood of Yellow Flame a few more times.

Now an invincible sword, the Blood of Yellow Flame began to behave flamboyantly. Flying and playing about in the Hongjun Pagoda on its own.

And Jun Mo Xie had used the Blood Essence Refining Method recorded in the Hongjun Pagoda for the refinement this time, infusing all his awareness and sword skills in his memories into it.

Does the man understand the sword or does the sword understand the sword?

This question found its answer here with Jun Mo Xie!

This resulted in the Blood of Yellow Flame surpassing its master, Jun Mo Xie, in terms of its cultivation! And this disparity was still growing… After all, Young Master Jun had too many matters to see to…

Seeing the fruit of all his painstaking labor showing off and flying about before him, occasionally displaying some brilliant swordplay that even he could not think of… Young Master Jun felt like hitting his head against the wall… Did I spin a cocoon around myself?!

The f*ck… being looked down upon by a sword… how depressing ah…

Right now, the Blood of Yellow Flame had the awareness of a fifteen year old youth. But its understanding and knowledge of the sword was incomparable to those old fogies who had been immersed in this path for thousands of years!

Even if the Dugu Qiu Bai 1 were here, he would lament under this sword. There is always someone outshining you at every turn! Since Qiu Bai exists, how could Blood of the Yellow Flame be born!

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