Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 4 – Second generation, third generation

Chapter 004: Second generation, third generation

A wheelchair moved before Jun Xie’s eyes, seated on it was a thin middle-aged man in his thirties, above his legs were a layer of thick satin. His bright eyes were staring at him; his eyebrows were like swords, slanting upwards towards his temple. His body exuded a natural aura of coldness and killing intent! Deep within his falcon like eyes flashed a faint glint of contempt. Even though it was not much, it was still obvious!

If this man’s legs were not disabled, he would be a husband with the qualities of a jade tree! An outstanding, fearless, steel bodied hero! Judging from the residual aura of might evident within his eyebrows, he must have once been a highly decisive, powerful army general commanding tens of thousands in a bloody war.

[TL: Jade plants are supposed to be a symbol of prosperity.]

“Third uncle?” Jun Xie halted. Seeing Jun Wuyi who was seated on the wheelchair, Jun Xie recalled from his memories that this third uncle had been reduced to someone who can simply continue being seated on a wheelchair, capable of doing nothing, another messed up freeloader waiting for his time. But the current Jun Xie could sense that this Third Uncle who had lived with a wheelchair for so many years was emitting a very familiar aura, this aura sent a chill down his spine!

Killing intent!

A killing intent so thick, it stirred even Jun Xie’s heart!

To possess such a distinctively unique fighting spirit, one must be baptized within the fires of a hundred battles, an iron willed war veteran who had fought his way out through mountains of corpses and a sea of blood! This aura is akin to a peerless blade’s ray of sharpness, which cannot be buried even after it was broken, a coercive brilliance shining throughout the skies!

However, that peerless blade was currently being wrapped under its sheath!

Throughout Jun Xie’s entire life, he had only been able to meet at most two or three of such high class individuals, each and every single one of them held a monumental position within the military. These iron blooded valiant generals are the kind of individuals that Jun Xie admired the most! Actually, Grandpa Jun is also one such individual, however, Grandpa Jun is already an aged veteran, reaching the point where his cultivation allowed him to restrain his aura, keeping them hidden all the time. Jun Xie’s meeting with Grandpa Jun was only worth moments; as such, he failed to detect it!

However, Jun Wuyi had yet to achieve the state of keeping a lid on his aura, his entire being was no different from a peerless sword. Even though the blade was being kept under the sheath, an awe-inspiring sword qi can be felt leaking out. Naturally, one must possess Jun Xie’s level of awareness to detect it, ordinary men such as the likes of Jun Moxie will never realize this even if you beat them to their death!

Although the peerless sword had been cast aside, left hanging off the walls, it would still emit the howls of a dragon in the midst of the night! This howl signifies a thirst for blood that has been engraved into its very bones!

“How rare for you to be calling me your third uncle,” Jun Wuyi raised his head, his dark eyes cynically glanced at his nephew: “Moxie, it seems you are interested in becoming a second generation ancestor?” After speaking, he suddenly sighed, wondering what is wrong with him today. Why would he suddenly feel like talking to a smear on the wall that can not be developed at all?

Jun Xie looked at him for a long time, but his eyes were focused on the disabled waist and legs of Jun Wuyi, then he suddenly laughed: “Third Uncle must be joking, you are the genuine second generation ancestor, and I am at best only the third generation ancestor. A peaceful and happy life of a third generation is more than enough for me.”

Eh? Why is this kid speaking with this kind of tone today? Although the words have thorns, it lacks the arrogance and bossiness of the past.

Hearing Jun Xie’s answer, Jun Wuyi’s eyes flashed, a sharp radiance flashing within his eyes, akin to a brilliant ray of lightning piercing through the darkness of the night sky! Suddenly he laughed loudly, shaking his head, he asked: “Do you know the difference between a second generation ancestor and a third generation ancestor?”

“Oh? Aren’t they similarly worthless freeloaders just waiting for death’s call? Is there actually a difference?” Jun Xie raised his eyebrows, his words filled with thorns. Watching a respectable iron blooded man like Jun Wuyi, whose glare can give lightning and thunders a run for their money fall into such a sorry state of depression, Jun Xie couldn’t help but feel saddened!

Jun Wuyi’s eyes glimmered with bitterness and unwillingness, but it dissipated immediately. Placing his hands on his laps, he raised his head and said: “This remark is a big fallacy, how can there be no difference? Each of them are world’s apart! The second generation ancestor are the fathers who laid the foundation with their blood so that their sons may sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour. The sons will not face any difficulties in their life. As long as they are born with a mouth capable of eating, they will not die and can even enjoy a life of luxuries. However, that is not the case for the third generation ancestor!”

He looked at Jun Xie in the eye, then laughed before continuing: “The so-called third generation ancestor, is not necessarily the ones born into the third generation, but those who becomes the successors of the third generation. That is to say, grandfather laid the foundations but the line was severed in the middle of the way during your father’s era, leading towards the third generation! If your father is still alive, then you and I will be second generation ancestor. Me from grandfather’s generation and you from you father’s, that is the only difference.”

[TL: @_@ … … … hierarchies, man… Yeah, they were calling themselves ancestors. I’m guessing they have the mind-set that they will be able to pave a path for future generations to call them that or something.]

“But your grandfather is now old, even if you have the determination to become a third generation ancestor, you probably will not be able to hold on to that position for a long time. With the exception of grandfather, there are no more ‘trees’ for you to seek protection from. Your life as the third generation ancestor will likely be very tough! Becoming a third generation ancestor is absolutely impossible for those lacking in ability and determination. That’s why, as a second generation ancestor, I am comparatively luckier than you, the third generation ancestor.”

Jun Wuyi’s words were originally meant to counter Jun Xie’s phrase ‘useless freeloader waiting for death’s call’. But as he kept speaking, a feeling of sadness surged through his heart. Is this truly the end for the great Jun family? A family, which once rose to prominence, had now fallen to such a degree! His first and second brother was killed in battle, he himself was paralyzed; the two nephews he placed his hopes on also ended up dying in battle, their bodies lost; the only remaining Jun family bloodline is this idiotic waste Jun Moxie!

At this point, Jun Wuyi felt himself losing interest, he doesn’t even have the strength to say anything anymore.

Jun Xie was silent was a moment, before grinning and letting out a laugh: “Actually, I too can be a second generation ancestor.” How can Jun Xie not understand Jun Wuyi’s words? What he desired was exactly for Jun Wuyi to say those words!

Jun Wuyi inadvertently coughed twice, his interest roused but he lazily asked: “Oh?”

“If Third Uncle can become a ‘tree’ and create a comfortable spot for me, would I not be able to become a second generation ancestor?” Jun Xie smiled.

A glint of fury appeared in Jun Wuyi’s eyes as he asked in a low voice: “Moxie, are you taunting your uncle here?”

Jun Xie stared at him, suddenly asking: “Do your legs have any sense of awareness?”

“No!” Jun Wuyi turned his head to the other side, his heart becoming increasingly annoyed with his nephew. Jun Moxie obviously knew that he absolutely detests hearing about his disability, and yet that brat keeps bringing it up. Back then, at least he was indirect about it, but now he actually asked it in his face. A descendant who does not even know how to show his respect for his elders, they’re better off without him!

“Was you waist ever broken before?”

“No!” Jun Wuyi’s temper erupted: “Darned brat! If my waist was broken, would I still be able to live until this day?”

“That is to say, at most only your meridians are damaged? You were dealt with an underhanded move?” Jun Xie’s eyes lit up, it seems as though someone have either severed his meridians or eroded it using some insidious poison, causing it to shrink and wither. If that is the case, as long as there is no deficiency in blood or qi, then there is still hope. With his knowledge in medicines, there should still be an opportunity for recovery. After all, this man is still his blood relative in this world, and also someone who had impressed Jun Xie, a iron blooded man with a towering fighting spirit.

In Jun Xie’s mind, since he has the capacity, then he should assist this iron blooded valiant stand up again, even in a case where he was not his own uncle!

Jun Xie looked at him, slowly asking: “I heard that you were hurt on the battlefield, but to do this to you in the battlefield would be far harder than simply killing you. Why would they do so? For your enemies to do this to you, it seems they want you to suffer a life worse than death?”

Those words stabbed straight into his sore spot, causing Jun Wuyi to clench his teeth, the veins on his forehead convulsing a few times. Taking deep breaths while gasping, he could barely bring himself under control before replying: “What does this have to do with you?”

Realizing that he guessed correctly, Jun Xie smiled, he moved to the front, holding on to the wheelchair and asked: “Third Uncle, do you want to take revenge?”

“Look at me now! Can I even talk about revenge?” Jun Wuyi’s face was flushed red, his face fluctuating, extreme hatred flashing in his eyes; after a long time, he let out a sigh: “The current me is nothing more than a basket case!”

Jun Xie smiled gently: “What if I were to have the ability to make you stand up again, Third Uncle?”

This sentence was like thunder exploding in his ears!

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