Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Competition and Women (Part 2)

「On the red side! A member of the Imperial Guard Knight Corps! Knight Lucif Gadlist!」

「On the white side! The Miraculous Mercenary! Aegir!」

The intro has become much better .

After that first match, I won several matches, slept with Melissa with the rewards, and made Nonna jealous .

And then, in the sixth battle, the opponents became nothing but military personnel in active service and knights of nobility .

As expected, unlike the matches at the plaza, I didn’t come across any disappointing opponents, and every time I won and advanced to the next round, I was forced into a hard fight .

「So you’re Aegir . You’ve done well with the body of a commoner . 」

「It’s an honor . 」

Lucif or whatever was arrogant, but he did a greeting before the match .

This way of speaking for nobles towards commoners was probably the norm .

But right when we’re about to enter a match, that doesn’t matter .

There was the signal to start, but neither of us jumped in .

Lucif’s sword was a size smaller than mine, but it was that much more manageable, so it would be dangerous for me to carelessly jump in .

Continuing to stare at each other for a little while, at the time that the audience started to voice out their complaints, Lucif moved .

From an upper-right downward slash to a sweeping slash to the left, he went further and brought the blade back to make an intense thrust at my torso .

I received the blows with my sword, but unable to defend against that last thrust, it grazed my shoulder .

In desperation, I raised my sword overhead with one hand, but it was easily defended against .

Not pursuing, Lucif temporarily took his distance .

「Such power with a single hand . I had seen it in your previous matches, but that is quite the superhuman strength that does not match your outward appearance . 」

「I have no merit other than that after all . 」

Next, I went to engage him .

I high-handedly raised my sword overhead while charging in .

He naturally aimed for my wide open torso, but that was a feint as I didn’t swing my sword down but returned it to my chest and received his sword .

The swung out sword and the force of my charge offset each other, and this time where we destroyed each other’s posture at a short distance was a good opportunity .

With only the power of my arm, I swung downward with all my might, and because we had destroyed each other’s posture, he was unable to evade and could only receive it with his sword .

And then, if this were to turn into a simple clash of swords, I would have the advantage .

A loud metallic sound reverberated, and Lucif got down onto a knee .

He promptly raised his sword and got on the defence but this is where exchange of blows would begin .

One blow, two blows, with my consecutive attacks that wouldn’t let him breathe, I attacked him again and again .

When I tried to continue pressuring him like this, maybe because he didn’t overlook an opening, by him swinging his sword as if pulling a carpet out from under me, I noticed it, made a light jump, and evaded it .

During that time, Lucif used that recoil and got up as if he were spinning, and we once again ended up directly glaring at each other .

「Magnificent . 」

He was probably trying to make some idle talk while we were both trying to fix our breaths .

「I wonder how many among the Imperial Guard Knights would have been able to stave off those last few attacks . 」

「You staved it off, didn’t you . 」

「It is because I am excellent . 」

He probably didn’t care about the tone of voice in the middle of the fight .

Lucif made a broad grin, and without any preparatory motions, he slashed at me .

His sword, on top of being fast, skillfully changed its direction as if it were dancing .

If we were simply having a fight, I probably would have immediately been caught by it .

Exchanging two blows, I took some distance as if I were running away .

I had only one chance .

I changed the way I held my sword to holding it with only my right hand .

「What is the meaning of this?」

Using a two-handed sword with one hand held no advantage whatsoever unless there was also a shield .

That’s why this was a clever scheme .

I wouldn’t throw any needles or anything though .

「It’s just about how it feels in my right hand . 」

「It would seem that you are not throwing away the fight!」

Running with a speed that was almost a full power sprint, I then jumped up and held my sword up until it was behind my back .

This was probably a poor plan to anyone that saw it .

By jumping up, the sword path would be fixed and can’t be altered .

Moreover, with only my right hand, even it’s power was known .

Although he was making a baffled face, he raised up his sword so as to ward off the attack and stop the defenseless me .

And then, he opened his eyes wide in surprise .

My sword wasn’t in my right hand .

Changing the sword that I raised with all of the might of my right hand over to my left hand at my back, I then swung it to the right .

Maybe because he didn’t think that I would pass the two-handed sword around my back, his reaction was delayed .

I made a half-assed swing with only my left hand in an unnatural posture, but having a suitable weight behind it, it was plenty for a defenseless opponent .

A thick sound resounded, and my sword dug into Lucif’s flank .


With him bending down and crouching, Lucif’s sword fluttered about in midair from my second attack .

From the thunderous shouts of joy, Lucif must have been a famous knight .

The townspeople were wild with enthusiasm from the complete upset, and even the noble seats were dotted with people that had stood up and were clapping their hands .

「That is not the way a knight fights . 」

It seems that Lucif has already recovered .

「But, you are strong! Magnificent!」

Lucif came seeking a handshake .

A noble having a handshake with a commoner is something that was originally unbelievable .

「It is because there is no criticizing ways to fight on the battlefield . You won against me! Be proud of that!」

Nonna, who was in the audience seating, was swinging her head forward and back with all her might .

It couldn’t be seen as anything but her head banging, but was she telling me to lower my head?

「It is an honor . 」

I bowed my head to Lucif .

Afterwards, according to the talks that I heard, if a noble were to shake hands with a commoner in the presence of the general public, that noble would be considered equivalent to a commoner and be looked down upon .

Therefore, I augustly lowered my head and showed my thanks, and that informed the surroundings that we did not have an equivalent relationship .

Nobles sure are tiresome .

It seems that the next match will be in three days .

Becoming aware of that, it seemed that the next match would be the semi finals and since the ceremonies before the opening of the matches would increase, there was a preparatory phase .

Thinking that it was fine to slowly go back to the inn after such a long time, just as I was bringing Nonna and Celia and left the match assembly hall, a crowd was made .

「You’re incredible!」「It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an Imperial Guard defeated!」「A mercenary? You aren’t of some Knight Corps?」

Being jostled around, when I walked through while making halfhearted answers, a distinct voice called out to me .

「So you are Aegir . 」

Three women, all having frilly dresses and decorated hair, and then having a sweet smelling perfume .

It couldn’t be any more clearer that she was a daughter of a noble .

This arena seemed to have been established to be straddling the townspeople domain and the noble domain, so people of both social positions could go in and out without reserve .

All of them seemed like they hadn’t even reached 20 years old, but they were giving off an atmosphere that said that they knew no fear .

「We would like to have a talk with you but . 」

I see, this time, I was the only one to win and advanced to the next round while being an existence unrelated to the nobles .

They wouldn’t be able to lightheartedly talk with other noble knights or people with peerage, but it would be fine if it was with me .

Since Nonna was muttering “courteously, courteously” to me, I used my own way of respect .

「Let’s see, and what what kind of talk might we be having then?」

Nonna was wriggling about .

Did I screw up?

「My! What a rude manner of talking!」

「But that kind of savage part of him is what is good, isn’t it?」

「In any case, I cannot calm down in a place such as this . Let us go to some place where we can drink some tea . 」

It seems that she didn’t think that we would refuse .

Though, I didn’t refuse because I had some expectations .

「Your attendants are welcome as well . 」

Celia, who was stuck to me, was the attendant, and it seemed that Nonna considerately did not enter .

Nonna muttered that she would go back first and returned to the inn .

Since I found that to be pitiable, I decided that I would be firmly affectionate with her tonight .

At the high class cafe, I talked quite moderately to the three young women about the preliminary fights and stories of fights on my travels, but the girls

「How barbaric!」「Ahh, outside of White City, it is full of dangers, isn’t it . 」「I, I’m feeling dizzy . 」

had that kind of reaction, but even so, they urged for the next one, so they were probably starving for some stimulus .

Celia did nothing but stuff her cheeks with sweets that she had never seen before .

Time passed, and I thought that it was time to put an end to this, but the young women faced each other and smiled .

「Today is finally your turn . 」「He looks like he’ll be amazing . 」

As if being pushed out by the other two, one of the young women came out in front of me .

The other young women were in the middle of giggling, and the young woman whose face had turned red said that she was [Christina] .

「Come follow me . The attendant girl as well . 」

When Christina went outside, she called a street carriage, deeply covered herself with her hat, and we got on board .

During the time that the carriage was rattling and shaking, she didn’t speak a single word .

Just up until a little while ago, she was a pretty sociable young women that spoke and laughed though .

Before long, the carriage stopped in front of a certain building .

「So it’s a love hotel . 」

「You keep the carriage waiting!」

Christina paid the coachman a lot of money and told Celia to stay on the carriage and wait .

Celia, not knowing what was going on, was dumbfounded and saw us off .

With quick steps, she pulled my hand, paid the gold at the reception desk as if she were throwing it, and entered the private room .

「Ahh, I thought fire was going to come out from my head………」

「You’ve gone on quite the adventure . Well then, I (watashi)………I (ore) will be sleeping with you, is that right?」

「Th-that’s right! I am the only one that hasn’t done it yet, and that is bad for my appearance . 」

It would seem that the three girls are delinquent girls among the noble daughters .

It seemed that the three of them would frequently have extravaginal intercourse, go around visiting place to place, talk with commoners like me and play around with their bodies .

The other two had already lost their virginity, and since Christina was the only one that hadn’t lost hers, it seemed that she was ridiculed for it .

Since an unmarried young woman giving up her virginity to a commoner partner was something outrageous, it seemed that the thrill of it was irresistible .

「Now then! It is alright! Sleep with me!」

Pushing out both hands, she looked this way .

As expected of a noble daughter, it seemed that she was telling me to undress all of her .

I would do all of the preparing of this girl that only lied there .

「Being able to sleep with a noble woman is an unbelievable honor, you know?」

I think that there’s no difference between nobles and slaves in terms of women though .

「Now then, shed tears and gratefully savor it!」

Only her mouth was functioning well though .

When I took off her clothes and looked, she certainly did have a good figure, and maybe because she didn’t have much muscle, she was soft .

Since I did the foreplay and the preparations were complete, I also took off my clothes .

「That is! ………Do all gentlemen have such large things attached to them!?」

It would seem that she has a bit of knowledge about this .

「That’s right . That is why the first time accompanied with pain . 」

「But, it is almost as big as my arm……There is no way that thing will fit in the hole of my crotch . 」

「It’s alright . Women give birth to children, so this much is fine . 」

It’s a pain to explain every single thing .

Let’s just eat her up already .

「Here I go . If you can’t endure it, just bite onto me . 」

「I will not do such an uncivilized thing! Besides, even for my first sexual experience……Ow, ow……Kyaaah!! It hurtsss!!」

I was quite an experienced virginity taker, but for the first few seconds, I couldn’t say a single thing .

I felt pity for this woman that was complaining about the pain, and I wanted her to start feeling good quickly .

But, savoring this once in a lifetime pain is what would give birth to a feeling of satisfaction that would rule this woman .

While thinking such philosophical things, I caressed Christina, and moved my hips .


「So gentlemen keep such monsters . Books are filled with nothing but lies……But it felt great . 」

Since she shyly brought out contraceptives, I smeared it inside of her .

With the contraceptive being the quality good it is, it seemed that it would be alright using it post-sex .

As expected, she couldn’t have herself giving birth to a child .

Making her climax one more time with my fingers, we then left the inn .

「Now then, I will excuse myself here . Also………Could you tell me of the inn you are staying in? Though it is not like it is guaranteed that we will meet again!」

Thinking that this was because she would definitely come and meet me again, I told her what inn it was and saw the carriage off .

Taking Celia, whose mood was irreparable even after giving her a chicken skewer and and apple, I returned to the inn .

「Did you have fun talking with the nobles?」

Knowing that I had been doing it with prostitutes recently as well, Nonna’s voice was cold .

Moreover, when I explained to her the various circumstances .

「Ehh!? You snatched away her chastity!?」

Her anger changed into astonishment .

「It wasn’t playing with a widow or a divorced woman who went back to her parents, but an unmarried maiden?」

Finding it unbelievable, Nonna shook her head .

Judging from Nonna’s reaction, who was the daughter of a former Count house, it seemed that I did something more outrageous than I thought .

An unmarried daughter’s adultery, not to mention the partner was a passing commoner, it seemed that the possibility of her being expelled from her house was high .

「If it were to be discovered by people of the house, blame would surely come to you as well, Aegir-sama!」

I’ll pray that it doesn’t come to that .

Nonna breathed a sigh .

「Please do not have yourself destroyed by a woman before you take back Elektra………」

Thinking that that in itself might be long-cherished ambition, I embraced Nonna .

Before was something like the preliminary round, and the real fight is going to start from here on out .

Catastrophes visit unexpectedly quick .

The next morning, a carriage stopped in front of the inn and Christina was standing there with a woman that seemed like an attendant .

At first, I thought she had come to immediately play around, but if that were the case, she probably wouldn’t do something this conspicuous .

When we showed ourselves while wondering what was happening, she came rushing over .

Her cheeks, maybe because they were slapped, were swelling red, and her eyes were weeping and bright red .

「*Gusu* (Sob)……Aegir, san . Mother is calling for you . Please come with me . 」

Since I didn’t have any plans, I nodded going “I guess that’s fine”, but Nonna had become ghastly pale .

「You can’t! If you go, you might be put in jail!」

To begin with, something like the noble’s daughter going out to receive a commoner was unheard of .

Even servants that the mansion directly controlled would be too much .

In other words, it seemed that both of the parents of the other party were considerably angry .

「If that happens, I’ll just escape . 」

I told Celia and Nonna to wait at the inn and then got on board the carriage .

Christina sobbed the whole time in front of me .

The attendant would occasionally wipe her tears and offer her some water, but they didn’t even try to look at my direction .

I thought that this really would turn into something bad, but there was nothing that could be done at this point .

We entered the nobles’ domain .

I didn’t possess a license, but the garrison let us plainly pass through with just a look at the carriage .

I wonder if she was a noble with a considerable social status .

「I guess that’s normal . 」

Christina’s house certainly was big, but with the palatial residence being among the noble mansions that rivaled it, it wasn’t something that stood out .

Rather, it could be considered on the small side .

Christina cast her eyes downward in silence and walked, while I walked behind her while being guided by a servant .

The door of the mansion was, as expected of the nobles, adorned with ornaments and could be said to be something luxurious and gorgeous .

「Welcome and thank you for coming . 」

The age of the woman who seemed to be Christina’s mother was around 30, her hair was different from her daughter’s and was blond, and, no matter how you looked at her, for a mother of a daughter that didn’t look like she was less than 15 years old, she was strangely young .

「Chris, go to the room further inside . 」


Christina trudgingly left alone .

Thinking that there was sorrow drifting about on her back, I leaked out a smile .

「We cannot talk here . I shall guide you to my private room . 」

I felt a strange atmosphere .

To begin with, it was a strange story for the madam to welcome the daughter’s adultery partner .

Even I, who was distant from the nobles’ etiquette, knew that much .

「Though, since I have told the servant to not enter as well, I cannot provide any tea . 」

「No, that isn’t a problem . 」

The madam and I faced each other with a table interposed between us .

「My apologies for the late introduction . I am Christina’s mother, [Claudia Alvence Malordol] . My husband has been granted the title of Marquis by his Majesty . 」

She was a high grade noble .

I immediately thought about taking the madam hostage and going to help Nonna and Celia but probably hasn’t reached this stage yet .

「So you were a person of a standing that is far beyond my own power . As I am of humble birth, I may not have proper etiquette but please forgive me . 」

「I am sure of that . After all, you did tear up an unmarried maiden’s virginity . 」

Yup, looks like I was called completely for that matter .

「My daughter seemed to be hiding it, but with her walking around with her crotch reeking with the scent of seed juice, it is obvious that she had a cock held up in her lewd hole . 」

I felt like I heard some unbelievable words coming out of the marchioness’ mouth .

「From what I’ve heard, you made my virgin daughter climax, so it would seem that you are quite skilled in how you treat women . 」

The situation became suspicious in a different meaning .

「But lying is no good . Saying that all gentlemen have cocks that are as thick as my daughter’s arm could pretty much be called fraud . 」

Claudia wrapped around the table and approached me .

「Snatching away a Marquiss’ daughter’s virginity is a crime where it would be inevitable for you to be hanged . However . 」

The madam’s hand pressed up against my chest and slowly descended .

「That technique that makes women cry and that prided large penis, if you let me have a taste of it, I wouldn’t mind locking this matter up in my heart, you know?」

Sleeping with the mother and daughter of a marquiss house would undoubtedly cause him to be executed, but at this point, it was all the same .

Besides, Claudia had a maturity that the daughter didn’t have, and she also had the sexual passion of a woman starving for a man .

「Well then, I will be your partner . 」

「Yes, and if you cannot satisfy me, I may hand you over to the garrison . Service me with that in mind . 」

Claudia, still sitting in the chair, took off her footwear and held out her foot .

It seemed like she was telling me to lick it .

When I took her foot and held it in my mouth, she smiled contentedly .

The madam sat in the chair without moving, and I started stripping her one piece of clothing at a time while having my lips go all over her body .

「How do you like my body?」

It slackened only a little bit and it could be said that her stomach was protruding a bit but since that would unmistakably give me a death by hanging, I acted prudent .

「It is beautiful . It is white and soft, and is a body that is irresistible to men . 」

It felt like I had become something like a male paramour, but this kind of thing isn’t bad every once in awhile .

For a little while after that, I caressed her and continued to praise her, but it seemed that Claudia couldn’t endure it any longer .

「That is about enough of that! I shall leave it to you so make me feel good . 」

Because she was feeling impatient, she stripped the rest of her clothes off herself .

Her body that had become nude, though voluptuous, was a bit flabby, especially her stomach which looked loose .

But, with her seeking a man and having a rush of blood to the head, she looked like she would accept even rough acts, and that induced arousal .

She looked like she would feel soft if I were to hug her with all my might .

While I was taking off my clothes, I approached the madam, snatched her lips, and grasped her breast as if squeezing them .

Furthermore, I forcibly jammed in a finger into her already wet hole .

「It hurts! Do it more courteously!」

As the madam spoke her protest, I brought my mouth close to her ear .

「I will confirm this from the beginning . Should I treat you gently? Or should I treat you forcibly, roughly, and wildly?」

Placing a hand on my chin, she blew out a breath .

Even while the madam was in wonderment, it goes without saying that she chose the latter .

「Th………This was………in my daughter . 」

I thrust my cock, which had swelled with a caress, in front of the madam .

Her breathing became quicker, and she drew back looking scared .

「Something like this………would destroy my hole………I’m sure that my daughter’s hole is already gaping wide open . 」

「It will be fine . You have such a loose body . My thing is more or less like the others . 」

「This monster isn’t just more or less! Moreover, how dare you insult me!」

「So noisy . I’ll shut you up and ravish you . 」

I plugged up her lips and knocked her down onto the bed .

She did acknowledge that she should be treated roughly after all .

「S-Stop it right now! Although I said I wanted it rough, there is a limit!」

But, there was no way a noble madam with insufficient exercise could push me away .

Forcibly opening her thighs, I held her hands down on top of the pillow .

Claudia’s meathole had a bit of the flesh sticking out and was darkened .

It was a well-used meathole, but this in itself incited arousal .

When I pushed in, her hole stretched out somewhat, and the madam complained about the pain, but compared to her daughter, I went in quite easily .

It feels like I can move intensely from the start .

Her lovely voice at the start

「AN! AHh! Ahan!」

was high pitched, but before long

「OHHhhh! AOOhh! Nhoooo!」

it changed into something deep like that of a beast .

Her screaming continued until she climaxed, and entwining her arms and legs around me and continuing her scream, the madam had a form that could appropriately be called a sexually frustrated female sex beast .

With her receiving my ejaculation, opening her legs while semen dribbled out, and rolling on the bed, I couldn’t say that she was beautiful even as flattery, but if I were to look at her only as a sex partner, I thought of her as a partner that I could be pretty satisfied with .

As I was giving the now awake lady an arm pillow and listening to her pillow talk, I learned that Marquis Malordol was a noble that managed the area of the western city of Alvence, that he himself was in that territory, and that other than for New Year’s greetings and states of emergency, he mostly did not come out to White City .

This house was a private residence in White City and their official residence was somewhere else, and that the ones here other than herself and her daughter were only a few servants .

She herself was the legal wife, but as she had not given birth to any children up until this year, she was shunned and was sent here under the pretense of meeting with the head of the family at White City .

Christina was a child of one of the noble’s numerous concubines in the territory but since her behaviour was bad, she was pushed onto her .

The head of the family had lost interest in her, and then, other than when he slept with her at the level of feeling sorry to the household once a year, even if she were to bring in a male paramour, he would pretend not to see them .

「So, were you starving for a man?」

「That way of speaking is………That is correct, I was starving . And so, when I heard about your magnificent lower half from my daughter, I was captivated by your extra-large cock and called you out . But to think that you were this splendid of a gentleman . 」

For her to crave a man from hearing about her daughter’s talk of playing with love, she is quite salacious, but the feeling when sleeping with her was really great .

There was no longer a fragment of the arrogant noble attitude in Claudia .

Right now, she was nothing more than a salacious, middle-aged woman that was fawning on me .

「Ahh, I haven’t had enough . Assault me more and more, my beloved . 」

Burying her face into my chest and having her tongue crawl about, Claudia obtained what she wanted at last .

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