Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi

Chapter 570.8

Chapter 570.8

「Today is……the beginning of the first month……huh……uueeeh.」

I submerge my body in the water up to my shoulders and let out a big sigh.

「It feels like recently things have, in one way or another, advanced in the bath.」

As I adjust my body, wanting to sink deeper into the water, my foot gets stuck.

「I guess I can’t since this bath is smaller than the one in the palace and in Rafen.」

This place is not the capital or the mansion in Rafen.

It’s a certain small village in the Olga Federation which I don’t remember the name of located dozens of kilometers away from Elektra, the city they wanted to make as a defensive base, and can be considered on the frontlines.

「Small it might be, but it’s a military base now.」

Although our total forces are far fewer compared to that of the Federation, our expedition army is still over 100 000 strong.

There were many larger cities on the way, however we chose to position ourselves here knowing we would be lacking in various areas.

「Let’s see, has it gotten a little better?」

I stand up and open the window.

Intense cold air immediately blows in, instantly freezing my wet hand and sending a jolt of pain through my arm.

I quickly dive back into the water.

According to the residents, there are sources of hot water, or hotsprings as they call it, scattered throughout the land if you dig in the vicinity of the village.

「Come to think of it, didn’t some stinky water spout up in the poor trio’s territory?」

At that time it only accelerated their poverty by destroying the farmland, but here the infinitely flowing water is a greater asset than reinforcements of tens of thousands of soldiers.

「Additionally, your skin becomes smoother by soaking in this water rather than normal water. If you get in everyday, you’ll be cuter for……」

An emotionless face looks at me.

What am I going to do with that when it becomes smooth?

「Right, Celia isn’t here.」

She and Myla led a separate unit to go scouting.

Apparently there was a report that an enemy transport ship was sighted.

I sent her out bundled up in as much fur as possible, but I’m worried if she got frostbite.

「I think there are many other things you should be worrying about.」

Having this guy in the place of the cute Celia is definitely going to affect morale.

That reminds me, I called another person to accompany me because I don’t like being alone with this guy, but he’s not here.

While I ponder to myself, Leopolt starts talking.

Can’t he at least let me bathe in peace?

「The situation has been going back and forth ever since we entered the cold season. One week we advance three kilometers and in two weeks we retreat two kilometers. That’s the kind of battle it has become.」

「It was incredible when their elite troops arrived though.」

Informed by Rebecca beforehand, we had a squad lying in wait along the highway.

However, on the night of a blizzard, they ran through the field heavily laden with snow and launched an all-out attack from an unexpected direction.

The onslaught was so fierce that the young commander and his subordinates, who were expected to do reasonably well, were killed within 10 minutes of the start of the fight, and at one point it looked as if the entire army might collapse.

If I didn’t charge in with Schwartz, who I’m picturing as horse meat, and create a ruckus.

If Leopolt didn’t circle to the enemy’s rear under the disguise of collapsing from allowing them to penetrate through the center.

If Pochi didn’t angrily blow fire everywhere and land on top of the enemy army.

If the blizzard didn’t stop and the weather didn’t clear up.

At that rate, we might have lost.

「Fufufu, thinking back on it, your face at the time was hilarious. You were like, “Running through the blizzard at this speed!?”」

I do my well-practiced imitation of Leopolt’s straight face contorting and slowly inch closer to him.

「I was surprised too, I never expected Your Majesty to eat the enemy. You got furious after a strike from behind.」

Hmph, changing the topic because you’re frustrated?

For some reason, I have memories of someone screaming loudly in pain while the robust enemy army flees in tears accompanying a headache and a missing molar.

「You’re wrong, surely I only bit them. I would never actually eat people. Right? Answer me, Leopolt.」

「What’s done is done. More importantly, the Goldonian soldiers aren’t accustomed to the Federation winter and can’t march properly. Our trump card, the bow cavalry, will also lose their strength without fighting if they run through the fields in this frigid temperature.」

I’ll forget what happened too.

「On the other hand, the enemy doesn’t have siege weapons after their hurried march through the cold. They don’t possess the power to bust down our sturdy defenses.」

Even if the Goldonian soldiers aren’t used to the freezing cold, they can negate the disadvantage by staying inside the structures.

「How laughable, we coop up inside when they attack with an ambush.」

「It’s expected. I did not think we could march in the winter to begin with. We advance in spring, charge in summer, prepare in the fall, and defend in the winter. That’s basic strategy.」

Of course, the enemy attacked incessantly to prevent us from doing that.

They made it a point to attack especially during blizzards which could turn you into icicles purely by standing in it―

「These hot springs are a real difference maker though.」

The gushing hot water within the camps, which are fortified by piles of snow according to Leopolt’s instructions, are really healing.

It’s not merely a matter of mood.

Having water of high heat next to our camps will raise our body temperature, plus our food will not become frozen and inedible. Frostbites aren’t serious issues either if we have warm water.

In the icy hell of the Federation winter, hot water, or in other words an infinite supply of heat, is a more precious resource than gold or silver.

No matter how familiar the enemy is with the cold and how suited their equipment is to the weather, they are still humans.

If they continue to fight in the blizzards and don’t have hot food to eat, they’ll eventually be worn out.

At the same time, true to what we heard from the elite unit, the enemy commander was quick to change gears.

Their strategy changed promptly after seeing how hard it was to break through from the front.

「They are using small squads and concentrating attacks on logistics and rear bases, making the most of the geographical advantage and their ability to travel through snowy area.」

「It’s annoying, but if we’re both using smaller compositions, we have the upper hand.」

After all, we have a group, although small in number, that can move as fast as horses in snow, don’t get frostbite, don’t have to eat, and each of them can take on ten people at once.

The strategy we used to tackle the insect nest is also active.

Harpies will be watching from above so the enemies will be easily spotted in the field of snow with no place to hide.

By the way, because the harpies apparently can’t withstand the cold when they fly too long, several bonfires and oil pots have been set up on Pochi, the mobile base, in case of an extended operation. I knew it, he was pretty upset because they were attached directly to his scales.

It then occurs to me that searching for and suppressing the enemy from the sky is a rather revolutionary tactic, and is in many ways too convenient.

「Well, normally it’s extremely difficult to tame harpies on a large scale.」

I’ve gotten intimate with the harpies and made babies with them, with many of the children having my blood in them now.

Some are even big enough to pick up bears and eat them.

「It seems the enemy has a small fleet on the river looking for a chance to attack our supply lines and bombard the areas near the river, but……」

I open the window, bearing the cold air that blows in.

Federation ships can be seen in the distance slowly drifting along the river.

The difference in our military might on water is more overwhelming than the difference on land, and our navy might as well be nonexistent in the face of the Federation fleet, however――

A stomach-rumbling boom rings out from an elevated place in the village, then a pillar of water shoots up next to a Federation ship.

Despite counterattacks from the enemy, the ship is hit with another shot before the position of our cannon can be ascertained, and the ship moves on with a rising trail of black smoke.

「Not only are the dwarven cannons powerful, their accuracy and firing speed are on another level. Because they are heavy, it’s not easy to move them, but they are perfect to be fixed in place and used as anti-ship weapons.」

A larger ship approaches to try and provide support to the retreating ship, but――


A column of water several times taller than the one before erupts and the Federation ship instantly tips over onto its side.

It sank from a single shot. If the crew gets thrown in the river in this cold, they can only pray that they survive.

「We learned from interrogating the prisoners that the Federation is searching for information on the new weapon with bloodshot eyes.」

「It’s just a bomb made from stuffing a barrel full of gunpowder.」

It is attached to the bottom of the ship with resin and then it explodes some time later by a time device inside.

That’s how simple the weapon is.

The hard part is finding someone, who is capable of matching the speed of a ship and can swim without taking a breath of air, to stick it on the enemy ship.

「Looks like we can hold out until spring.」

「Yes. But once the winter is over, we must hasten the fight.」

I feel like we still have supplies to spare though.

「It’s a matter of morale. Everyone in the Central Plains knows how great and developed the Federation is. Are you aware of the low morale at the start of battle and the high number of soldiers that deserted?」

There were even commanders who headed for the frontlines while discussing whether the Federation would forgive them if they offered up my head in exchange.

Everyone froze when I casually jumped in the conversation and said it wasn’t possible because the entire delegation party was murdered.

「As for why morale has been increasing as the battle progresses, it’s because of our consecutive victories. We are making a steady advance on the Federation, an opponent thought to be absolutely impossible to win against. The generals and soldiers are now vaguely starting to believe there’s a chance of winning.」

Although we attacked like thieves in the night, our wins are undeniable.

That’s why it’s concerning when our march is halted.

「This stagnation has to get us through the cold. And once spring arrives, we have to resume the attack again.」

「Then we better get a showy victory as a good sign to start.」

With my spirit burning and my motivation up, I’m also getting sexually excited.

「Come on, get in.」

Two mother-daughter groups enter with genuine looks of disgust.

The mother of the first group is 40 and the daughter appears to be 20.

For the other group, the mother is in her mid-thirties and her two daughters are in their teens.

I give the pair warm milk and tell them to use the water.

Then I strip the three-person group out of their bathing clothes and hug them.

「T-this difference……just terrible.」

「It’s not terrible. I explained the reasoning.」

The girls are, in one word, hostages and are the wives and children of the surrendered feudal lords.

I declared in the warning before the fight that if they gave themselves up, I wouldn’t lay my hands on them, however if they surrendered after fighting, while I wouldn’t hurt them, they would have to let me sleep with them.

「What a savage lecherous king.」

The mother snarls with teary eyes as I spread her legs apart and line her up next to her daughters.

I can hear the pair who were given milk breathe a sigh of relief.

「I would have liked to do it in a more luxurious place, but the thing is-」

I present my dick in front of the trio.

Because it’s been so busy, I haven’t had time to spend on women, and so there’s a spiky thing sticking out from my throbbing dick and the bulging veins are wriggling like tentacles. Furthermore, its weight has increased with how much it has swelled up and is probably heavier than a handful of rocks.

「I can’t hold back after seeing your naked bodies. I’ll stop when your hole is about to tear, just give me a signal.」

I put my dick against the mother’s crotch and slowly push the head in.

Although I tried my best not to hurt her, the two daughters burst into tears out of fear.

「M-monster……something like this is going to……」

「I’m scared……save me……someone……sniff sniff.」

While glaring at me, the mother speaks to her daughters.

「Your mom is going to be violated by this man. You girls will likely be as well. However, you must not cry no matter what. ――do not forget your pride as women and nobles of the Federation, hold your tongue and let the depraved king do as he pleases.」

Encouraged by the words of the resolute mother, the daughters cease crying and stare sharply at me.

――Ten minutes later.

「Nnhooo!! Amazhing!! This dick is sho good It’s too thick, higyuu!」

「M-mother, please stop! The others are also looking!」

The daughter’s efforts do little to control the mother’s moans.

「Aooo! There’s a thorn growing out of it! And it’s rubbing a good spot! Grind against me and put it in deeper! Pound my womb and make me cum with the spike at the baseee!!」

「Your voice is spilling outside! Everyone knows we were called and they can hear you now!」

When I do as the screaming mother requests, her hips buck and a jet of liquid squirts up from her crotch to the ceiling.

「I’m sorry! I’m sorry! But your mom is 36 this year! All women in their thirties are perverts without exception and there’s no way we can resist the dick of a lecherous king! I’m cumminggg!!」

I embrace the mother as she arches her back and climaxes, mercilessly pouring my seed in her.

「He came inside……how cruel.」

「If she gets pregnant……I’d feel so bad for father!」

I released an especially dense load, so pregnancy is as good as confirmed.

I separate from the mother.

「Sorry to say, I’m not satisfied. I’m taking you two next.」

「「So be it. Go ahead.」」

The two of them open their legs.

For some reason, the mother spared from intercourse also opens her legs reflexively, causing her daughter to stare, which in turn makes her blush.

「It’s trivial whether you sleep with the hostages or not. The thing I find curious is that there are people who would surrender just because they were told to. The ratio is 1:9 though.」

Leopolt says in a robotic tone.

「I guess it means that a tenth of the Federation nobles also think they’re going to lose.」

After pumping my seed into the daughter on the bottom, I mount the daughter on top.

「That’s not it.」

That daughter interjects in a condescending voice.

Hm, what does she mean?

「Lord Stessel proclaimed, “If you have no hope of repelling the enemy and surrender, you will not be charged with a crime after the battle. Do not pointlessly let the town be engulfed by the flames of war.”」

How tolerant.

That makes me the villain then. Against my will.

「「「As if you’re one to talk!」」」

Wow, even the two who fainted sprang back up to shout at me.

I slam my hips against the daughter on top and unload my semen.

「Um……by the way.」

The mother safe from sex calls out to me as I tremble from the orgasm.

「You can embrace me if you like.」

「Getting pregnant is an inconvenience, so in the ass……no, that’s not what I wanted to say! There’s a monster by the door……」

「A monster?」

After my ejaculation ends, I open the door.

I see a familiar large body that has turned pale and fell down.

「It’s my fault. I knew about the extreme cold and the blizzard.」

I shed tears of frustration at my incompetence and lack of judgment.

「I should have ordered you to remain in the capital. I knew you would force yourself to follow me.」

I grip the individual’s cold hand.

「……save the……act……warm me……in the water……at this rate……I’ll……」

「Right. Would you like some warm milk too?」

I throw Lammy into the bathtub.

Let’s see, Celia and Myla should have found the enemy ship by now.

If they didn’t, that would also be fine since they would be coming back safely.

「It’s the enemy transport ship.」

Celia, wearing a thick fur hat with ears attached and a scarf wrapped twice around her neck so that all but her eyes are hidden, points.

「There are two……they are already out of reach. I’m guessing their objective was to unload another detachment. It was correct of us to come.」

Myla observes the enemy with her astute eyes.

「They were probably a unit aiming for our logistics. The enemy numbers 2000 while my squad and Myla-san’s squad total 6000 cavalry combined. I saw them land so there is no danger of concealed soldiers.」

Celia pulls her scarf down, testing the temperature with her skin, and then looks up to check the weather.

「The cold has died down and it doesn’t look like it will snow again. They are 2000 infantry facing our 6000 cavalry. We won’t lose.」

The Federation army notices Celia and quickly clusters together.

「It’s strange.」

Myla mutters, her eyebrows knitting.

Gathering in a dense crowd upon discovering cavalry. This is correct.

For infantry to stop a charge by cavalry, they can only line up with spears in an anti-cavalry formation.

「I don’t see any long spears. The enemy is equipped with only short spears. They can’t set up an anti-cavalry formation with that. Let’s trample over them!」

「Those are awfully thin for short spears though. I don’t think they can even thrust with those spears, let alone form a wall.」

Celia gives out orders to her squad and prepares to charge.

Myla follows, seeing no reason to stop although sensing something is off.

「Look. The enemy is not even bothering to get into anti-cavalry formation! That’s just a simple abreast formation. It’s like a girl’s virginity waiting to be penetrated!」

Celia pulls the scarf back over her face after saying the last line.

「……your thinking is similar to King Hardlett, no?」

「I don’t know if I should be happy or not, it’s complicated……anyways, here I go!」

Celia says, drawing her sword and ordering her squad to charge.

The Federation detachment remains in the same spot.


Thousands of horseshoes run through the pure white field that resembles the spirit world, kicking up snow as they gallop to rout the 2000 infantry.

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