Outside Of Time

Chapter 1461 LI Zimei Fusing With Spirit Sound

1461 LI Zimei Fusing With Spirit Sound


There was a secret Sword Holder document that was urgently sent to Fenghai County from the Yinghuang Province!

When the Sword Holding Palace of Fenghai County received this secret document, they immediately arranged for the experts of the Sword Holding Palace to head to the Yinghuang Province. At the same time, they also reported this matter to Xu Qing.

“Twenty days ago, Grand Affairs Immortal Sect in the Yinghuang Province issued a bounty for their disciple, Li Zimei, informing the entire province that she had succumbed to demonic influences and was no longer a human, even brutally slaughtering her fellow sect members.”

“She fled and was chased by the Grand Affairs Immortal Sect for ten days.”

“In ten days, most of the dozens of pursuit teams from the Grand Affairs Immortal Sect were eliminated.”

“On the way, this woman encountered Qing Qiu, a Sword Holder from our Yinghuang Province’s Sword Holding Ministry, who was on a mission. For reasons unknown, the two clashed and disappeared in the Spirit Sound Forbidden Region.”

The Holy Heaven Pagoda, which was forged by the Seven Blood Eyes with all its might, traversed the Forbidden Sea with great speed. In just one day, it crossed the inner sea and arrived at Yinghuang Province. Xu Qing, who was sitting inside the pagoda, received this secret letter from the Sword Holding Palace.

“Qing Qiu…”

Xu Qing retracted his divine sense from the jade slip. The figure of that little girl in the scavenger campsite back then and their encounters in the Sword Holding Palace surfaced in his mind.

Also, the other party’s persistence.

As for the other name, Xu Qing had some impression of it. It was a woman in the Seven Blood Eyes who was somewhat similar to Qing Qiu. She was timid but her self-esteem was extremely strong.

After that, the other party was taken in by the Grand Affairs Immortal Sect and met Xu Qing on the Immortal Enrichment River.

At that time, Li Zimei was going on a trip to accept the sect’s inheritance. After that, Xu Qing headed to Fenghai County and the two of them lost contact.

He didn’t expect to hear about her like this.

“Spirit Sound Forbidden Region…”

Xu Qing glanced at the sleeping Ling’er. Just as he was pondering, Old Ninth calmly spoke.

“You have something to deal with?”

Xu Qing looked at Ninth Grandpa.

“I received a secret letter from the Sword Holding Palace. Two old acquaintances have gone missing in the Spirit Sound Forbidden Region.”

When Old Ninth heard this, his gaze swept past Ling’er. Erniu, who was at the side, spoke first.

“Spirit Sound? Just destroy that f*cking small forbidden region! Who went missing there?”

“Qing Qiu,” Xu Qing calmly said.

“Isn’t Qing Qiu the one who fought with us for the treasures of Nether Fairy, later became a Sword Holder just like us, even joined us in the Holy Wave Large Region, right? I remember now. She liked carrying a scythe, which had an artifact spirit, and she is also a pervert with Blood Domain!”

Erniu thought it over and immediately recalled who Xu Qing was talking about. After that, he gave a spurious smile.

“Who’s the other one?”

“Li Zimei,” Xu Qing replied.

“Li Zimei? Who is it? I don’t remember her.”

Erniu searched his memories but couldn’t remember who this Li Zimei was. Clearly, to him, regardless of whether it was in the Seven Blood Eyes or the Grand Affairs Immortal Sect, Li Zimei was unknown.

At that moment, Old Ninth retracted his gaze from the sleeping Ling’er and calmly spoke.

“It’s just a forbidden region. It won’t waste much time. If you want to go, then go.”

Xu Qing nodded. He controlled the Holy Heaven Pagoda and flew past the top of the Yinghuang Province’s Eight Sects Alliance, heading straight for the distant mountain range.

That mountain range was formed by large black mountains that rose and fell one after another. They were different in height and were endless, extending into the depths of the Yinghuang Province.

From afar, it looked like the corpse of a behemoth. It was pitch-black and hazy, as though it was hiding demons and monsters.

It was covered with countless evil forests that contained ferocious trees and bizarre entities.

This was the Grand Affairs Misfortune Passing Mountain in the Yinghuang Province!

On one side of the coastal area of this mountain range was the Eight Sects Alliance, and on the other side was the once infamous Three Spirits Suppression Mountain.

At that moment, the pagoda Xu Qing was in sped forward. The moment it appeared in the air above the Grand Affairs Misfortune Passing Mountain, it suddenly stopped.

From the direction of the Three Spirits Suppression Mountain’s path, two figures, one tall and one short, appeared. They were looking at the pagoda in bewilderment.

The taller figure was as skinny as firewood, like a tall skeleton. He was skinny but at the same time, his back was like a small mountain that bulged high.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that the bulging mountain was actually a huge sarcoma. Greenish-red blood vessels filled it as if the sarcoma had sucked away all the flesh and blood in his body.

As for the short figure beside him, he was a dwarf.

This dwarf was dressed in a black robe, with small, narrow eyes that protruded outwards. His eyebrows drooped down to his cheeks, while his chin was sunken, causing his beard to curl inward, resembling a pair of fangs.

In the surroundings, wisps of black fog transformed into centipedes. As they continued to entangle and move, they emitted ear-piercing cries and trills.

Clearly, the appearance of the Holy Heaven Pagoda and the pressure it emitted caused the hearts of these two to tremble intensely.

It was only when Xu Qing walked out of the pagoda and met their gazes that the two phantom bodies heaved a sigh of relief. After that, an intense glint appeared in their eyes. They lowered their heads and bowed to Xu Qing.

They were none other than the Heaven Soul Embryonic Light and the Earth Soul Sun Execution!

Back then, Xu Qing had borrowed their strength to suppress the Corpse Forbidden. He had promised that in the future, he would help them break off their tether with the Ghost Emperor and gain complete freedom.

“I haven’t forgotten my promise. When I reach the Soul Accumulation realm, I’ll come here to fulfill my promise.”

Xu Qing spoke in a low voice.

When the Heaven Soul and Earth Soul heard this, their thoughts fluctuated. Although they didn’t directly witness Xu Qing’s rise, they had witnessed it with their own eyes at two critical points.

The first time was when they saw Xu Qing and Erniu. They were still two thieves who had secretly come here to steal Nether Fairy’s clothes. With their cultivation bases at that time, any one of the three souls could kill them with a raise of their hands.

The second time they saw Xu Qing was when Xu Qing brought Qingqin here and asked the Heaven and Earth Souls to take action.

At that time, Xu Qing had already shown signs of rising. Hence, Heaven Soul decided to make a casual investment. However, to Heaven Soul, a casual move was just that—casual. He wasn’t certain whether he could use that in the future.

However, they never expected that after that, Xu Qing would rise all the way. He left Fenghai, entered the Moon Offering, took in the Holy Wave, and headed to the Imperial City…

Now, he was the lord of two regions, the grand tutor of the human race, and was also Grand Mystic Heaven. His name had spread throughout the Eastern Wanggu.

A holy land was brought down just for him.

All of this had exceeded their imagination. Xu Qing had already reached a height that they had to work hard to look up to.

Today… was the third time they had seen each other.

They lowered their heads and bowed respectfully.

The casual investment had already become a fortune.

Xu Qing stared at the pair souls and didn’t say anything else. He then turned and walked into the pagoda. At the next instant, the pagoda shone, dispelling the darkness of Grand Affairs Misfortune Passing Mountain. After this place instantly lit up, the pagoda left.

After a long time, the Heaven Soul and Earth Soul raised their heads and looked into the distance. The waves in their hearts couldn’t calm down for a long time.

“In the history of Wanggu, how many heaven’s chosen could surpass him?”

Heaven Soul mumbled.

Dusk was slowly descending, bringing darkness to the world.

Under the afterglow of dusk, as the Holy Heaven Pagoda moved forward, a vast river that reached the sky was reflected in Xu Qing’s eyes.

There was a mountain and a river in the Yinghuang Province.

The mountain was the Grand Affairs Misfortune Passing Mountain and the river was the Immortal Enrichment River.

This ancient river was as vast as a sea, with its water surging and rumbling loudly.

Dense immortal energy spread out from it.

It flowed in from another province and passed through the Grand Affairs Immortal Sect in the eastern part of the Yinghuang Province. It then passed through the Grand Affairs Misfortune Passing Mountain and flowed into the Spirit Sound Forbidden Region. After that, it entered the sea at the western end.

At that moment, at the intersection of this ancient river and the Grand Affairs Misfortune Passing Mountain, the Holy Heaven Pagoda roared past, following the river straight towards… Spirit Sound Forbidden Region.

The Spirit Sound Forbidden Region was divided into two by the Immortal Enrichment River.

Before the spiritual river water flowed into the forbidden region, the immortal qi in it was dense and it could cleanse the anomalous substances in the bodies of all living beings to a certain extent.

After it flowed into this forbidden region, its purity dissipated, turning into murky, black water.

It was invaded and tainted by the anomalous substances in the forbidden region.

However, the karma of all things was relative.

It was precisely because this ancient river, filled with immortal qi, flowed into the Spirit Sound Forbidden Region all year round, cleansing its anomalous substances, that over the years, at the cost of its own contamination, it prevented the Spirit Sound Forbidden Region from expanding.

Although it was a forbidden region, there was a gap between it and the Corpse Forbidden, let alone Nanhuang.

As for the master of the forbidden region, Spirit Sound Emperor, although it occasionally woke up, Yinghuang Province’s forces would seal it and make it continue sleeping.

After all, even if the emperor of the forbidden region died, as long as the forbidden region was still around, there would still be a new emperor.

Compared to an unfamiliar emperor, Yinghuang Province would rather have this familiar Spirit Sound Emperor.

Hence, both sides maintained their distance.

Today, a calamity arrived in the Spirit Sound Forbidden Region.

Just as the afterglow of dusk was about to disappear, a nine-

story pagoda that shone with rainbow light descended above this forbidden region with an ancient primordial aura and a terrifying pressure.

The instant it appeared, Xu Qing walked out of the pagoda and stood in the air.

The afterglow could obscure all things but when it landed on his body, it couldn’t blur it at all. His body was straight, his figure was clear, and his gaze was deep.

He calmly spoke.

“Master of this forbidden region, come out and meet me.”

The instant these words were spoken, countless sounds erupted in the entire forbidden region.

There was the sound of wind, the rustling of leaves, the sound of water dripping, and the sound of the swamp on the ground…

Countless sounds, including all existences in the forbidden region, rang out uncontrollably at this instant.

Any sound was within Xu Qing’s sound authority. Any sound was within his divine consciousness.

At this moment, all the sounds coming from the forbidden region didn’t belong to the forbidden region.

They belonged to Xu Qing!

They gathered together and fused into the ten words he said, causing them to shake the forbidden region.

Under the authority of sound, the forbidden region had no choice but to submit.

Countless scenes and countless understandings were reflected in Xu Qing’s mind.

He saw everything inside and also… Li Zimei’s figure in the depths of the forbidden region.

She was planted in a bizarre tree. As her long hair fell, her eyes were closed but her expression was sinister and murderous.

Her aura was very bizarre and was about to fuse with the forbidden region.

It was additionally at this moment that the entire forbidden region was under Xu Qing’s control…

Li Zimei, who was planted in the tree with only her head exposed, suddenly opened her closed eyes, revealing a dense bloodshed light that erupted with a shocking fiendish aura.

Her originally delicate little face was now filled with dark bloodshed vessels amidst the malevolence, forming a ghost face totem which looked at Xu Qing.

This scene caused Xu Qing to sigh softly.

He thought of the farewell letter Li Zimei had left for him before she left.

The past surfaced in his mind.

“Senior Brother Xu Qing, everything is fine in the Grand Affairs Immortal Sect…”

“I’m about to participate in a comprehension ceremony of the Grand Affairs Immortal Sect… If I succeed, my personality might change a little.”


“I don’t know if I can succeed or what I’ll become… but I don’t want to continue being weak.”

“Senior Brother Xu Qing, I sincerely wish you well. I hope you’ll be better, forever better, and always be fine.”

“Li Zimei.”

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