Chapter 1229

[The ’Small Magic Machines Production Method’ has been acquired.]

[Small Magic Machines Production Method]

[Rating: Ancient

A production method for a magic machine suitable for human control.

Learning Condition: Five craftsman level production skills or one legendary production technique.

Weight: 1]

It was surprising. Grid originally thought that the production of the magic machines was left to the scholars and alchemists but his predictions were completely wrong.

‘It doesn’t matter what production field it is in as long as it reaches the peak...’

The blueprint created by the legendary scientist was so perfect that anyone with the skill to digest it could follow it. He thought he should take it as a matter of fact.

‘The rating is classified as ancient, just like Raiders.’

‘Ancient’ was a special rating.

It was treated separately from the normal-myth ratings and there were no stat bonuses when one was produced. Even so, the regret that Grid felt right now wasn’t about the lack of stats that were acquired.

‘The problem is that I need two tons of Greed.’

Greed doubles every 10 days. It was only possible to acquire two tons of Greed after two months. Of course, this was a story of when he left it alone for two months. Unfortunately, Greed couldn’t multiply more than a certain amount. It was necessary to suppress this attribute before the magic power of the insane dragon iron could be sensed. Therefore, it would take half a year to collect two tons of Greed. It meant that it would take at least half a year to make a magic machine. The power of this small magic machine might only be 1/5th, no, 1/10th of the power of Raiders, but it was worth waiting that long.

However, Grid already had another plan. He couldn’t wait half a year, just like a child waiting for his birthday. It was because it was necessary to build a very large flying ship that moved on its own—the aerial fortress.

‘It will take at least five years to gather the amount of Greed necessary to create an aerial fortress.’

This was the analysis of Great Sage Sticks. Sticks said that just laying the foundation of the fortress required hundreds of tons of Greed and it would take five years to accumulate the amount. This was only the foundation. This meant it would take five years just to get the foundation of the fortress after constantly separating Greed.

‘If I make the magic machines in the meantime...’

This would delay the time even longer. In other words, the completion time of the fortress would be delayed by half a year every time one magic machine was made. Grid felt it was a very big blow. A tactical weapon that allowed him to freely carry and operate large-scale troops and weapons—this was the planned role of Grid’s aerial fortress. He hoped that an aerial fortress would be a great help in easily conquering all the kingdoms of the continent and fighting against invaders such as the great demons.

Grid wanted to eliminate all types of dangers for his families, colleagues, and kingdom. Therefore, from his perspective, it wasn’t pleasant for Grid to slow down the construction of the aerial fortress.


Grid rolled open the production method.

“What are you doing?”

Radwolf was agitated by his actions. It was a useless production method that Radwolf had told Grid to keep as a family treasure, so he was flustered by Grid’s unexpected behavior.

“Hey! Hey! You can’t make the magic machine after learning that!”

The small magic machine was the least valuable one of Radwolf’s works. However, this was a story based on that premise that ‘it is too impossible to be practical.’ There was no defect in the production method of the small magic machine and the degree of completion was perfect. Like any other production method, it was a work that Radwolf cherished.

Radwolf hoped his work would remain a family treasure of the Overgeared Dynasty forever. He wanted to feel proud as he watched his work being regarded as special from a distance. Yet at this moment...

“I’ll see for myself if it is impossible or possible.”

Grid opened and read the blueprint. Then all the knowledge and information in the blueprint was transferred to Grid.


Radwolf’s face reddened. He glared at Grid, who ignored his warnings and turned his work into something less than poop. A legendary scientist in history—he felt displeased with Grid, who ignored the advice that came from someone who had been researching for over a thousand years. Nevertheless, Grid didn’t care.

“God Hands.”

Two black-gold hands floated in front of Grid. They moved by themselves and started to fan Radwolf’s red face.


Radwolf knew about pavranium. The production method for the small magic machine was inspired by the best mineral that Braham and Pagma had studied and produced together. That’s why he noticed it immediately—the mineral Grid was using now was very different from the pavranium that he knew.

‘Did it evolve?’

Radwolf observed every movement of the God Hands floating in front of him. His vast knowledge analyzed the characteristics of the minerals that made up the God Hands and his delicate senses read the energy of the God Hands.


Radwolf’s expression twisted. His big and bright eyes rose and Grid flinched with fright.

“You mixed pavranium with the insane dragon iron...!”


To the Tower of Wisdom, the insane dragon iron was a catastrophe. Their immediate task was to find and dispose of all the insane dragon iron that threatened the peace of the world.

‘I’m in trouble.’

Grid realized his mistake when he saw Radwolf’s agitation. The 1st Seat, Hayate, might’ve tolerated the existence of Greed but the positions of the other tower members could be different.

‘Perhaps he hasn’t heard it from the 1st seat yet.’

Either way, Grid had to convince Radwolf first. As Hayate had noted, Grid was in control of Greed. It happened the moment Grid was about to explain.

“Amazing! Very challenging!”


Radwolf still had an angry expression but his mouth widened to the fullest as he grabbed the God Hands and started to examine them.

“You’ve overcome the shortcoming of pavranium, which only exists in very small quantities! In the future, pavranium can multiply infinitely! Truly amazing! I’ve completely lost my fear of it!”


“What type of courage did you have to keep the nature of the insane dragon iron? You got all of the insane dragon stone, right? Whenever the insane dragon iron multiples beyond a certain amount, you have the means to suppress it using the insane dragon stone’s power of suppression? That can’t be it! The amount of insane dragon stone is limited compared to the ever multiplying insane dragon iron. How are you planning to suppress the insane dragon iron later? Won’t it be harder to handle as more time passes by?”


Grid failed to respond quickly.

Radwolf’s harsh expression and tone made him feel anxious.

‘It is obvious that he is angry just by looking at his expression and intonation... Why does he seem genuinely pleased?’

Hah! Wait? Did you make a hammer and anvil using the insane dragon stone? Could you control the proliferation of the insane dragon iron at any time?”

“T-That's right.”

“There was a meticulous calculation behind the choice to commit a great crime? Kuhahahat! Indeed! It’s amazing!”


Radwolf smiled and hugged a God Hand like it was his beloved grandchild. Then he stroked the God Hand who struggled like it disliked it.

“I thought that since you are the Hero King, you would be a noble and boring hero, yet that isn’t the case at all. It isn’t enough to deceive the tower by pretending that you don’t know the owner of the insane dragon iron, you also wanted to take the insane dragon iron, which is a threat to world peace, and make it completely your own. You are a surprisingly sneaky, greedy guy.”


Grid tried to read Radwolf’s inner thoughts and stiffened like a stone statue. It was a very long time ago. It reminded him of the time when he just discovered Pagma’s Rare Book. Earl Ashur’s condemnation as he confronted Grid who was trying to steal Pagma’s Rare Book hovered in Grid’s mind. Earl Ashur had called him a sneaky guy. Then at the end of Earl Ashur’s disgusted gaze, death awaited.


Earl Ashur’s previous image overlapped with Radwolf and Grid gulped. It would definitely be a big blow if his affinity with the tower members dropped. Grid had to be cautious. He had to carefully choose his words.


Radwolf stepped up to the quiet man. Then he released the God Hand that had been bound by his ‘strength’ and reached out. Was he planning a punch? Grid was tense.

Radwolf hugged Grid and then shouted with a burst of laughter, “I like it! I really like it! You aren’t a stupid fool unlike many of the Pioneers so far! Hahat! Hahahahat!


Grid reminded himself that this was the Tower of Wisdom. It was a place where the tower members gave and gave because they weren’t lacking anything.


“Then I will be going.”

After the meeting with Radwolf, Grid didn’t go to see the 2nd Seat, Fronzaltz. It was because he was mentally exhausted from dealing with Radwolf. Grid wanted to log out a bit sooner. He needed a break.

“I enjoyed it.”

Hayate shook hands with Grid on behalf of the tower members. Grid bowed politely and shook Hayate’s hand with both hands.

“I also enjoyed it. I don’t know how to thank you for your favor.”

“You can pay me back in the future.”

Biban dug at his ears and hurriedly urged Grid, “Don’t worry and go back quickly. You have to teach my descendant the Matchless Heart Technique.”

Radwolf added, “I will watch the magic machine you make from the distance. Kukuk, an army of human magic machines... My blood is boiling just imagining it. I will watch and cheer you on.”

“...Thank you,” Grid simply reiterated the same words.

There were no words he could say other than thanks. Grid said farewell to them once again and left the tower. Now his remaining task was to teach Piaro the Matchless Heart Technique and to manage Greed.

‘Before that—’

All the insane dragon iron supplied to the blacksmiths of the Overgeared Kingdom must be recovered. This was the way to repay the trust that Hayate had shown him.

‘What is a mineral that can replace the insane dragon iron?’

Grid was troubled the entire time it took for him to return to Reinhardt. Then he realized...

‘Is the mineral important?’

The reason that the mass-produced Grid set had an excellent performance wasn’t due to the material. Originally, the mass-produced Grid set was made with ordinary metal as the material. This was why it was called ‘mass-produced.’

It was only after Grid learned how to use the insane dragon iron that it was put into use.

‘I don’t have to be obsessed with the materials in the first place.’

Reclaiming the insane dragon iron wouldn’t damage the value of the mass-produced Grid set. Grid realized this and went to the smithy complex. He ordered the blacksmiths to gather in front of him and then recovered all the insane dragon iron being used in the smithy.

“What's going on?"


The blacksmiths had worked while enjoying the benefits of the metal that doubled every 10 days. Now their eyes widened at the sight. It wasn’t easy to glimpse the intentions of Overgeared King Grid who was recovering the insane dragon iron. Grid shouted an order at the thousands of blacksmiths standing in a daze, “From today onward, the use of the insane dragon iron is prohibited. In the future, all blacksmiths will make the mass-produced Grid set using ordinary iron materials.”


The blacksmiths expressed their shock. They weren’t convinced by Grid’s sudden command. Grid identified the skeptical eyes of some blacksmiths and silently started to show his skills in the mass production methods that he made recently.

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