Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795

Intent—it was a concept Grid first encountered through the yangban Garam. More precisely, Garam gave him a vague understanding. Concepts like energy, mana control, the mental world were too abstract and difficult for him to understand until he experienced Formless Will. He still didn’t have an understanding of this aspect.

Grid saw intent as one of the concepts that blurred the line between Satisfy and reality. The fact that the system would look at the player’s intent and produce physical results was a transcendent phenomenon in itself. For example, the Sanctuary of Metal. The system had built a mental world that reflected not only the path that Grid walked, but also his subconscious.

It was truly omnipotent.

‘...It is easy to reflect one’s intent when making items.’

Yes, it was nothing special.

On the contrary, it felt late. Until now, Grid’s intent had always been focused on combat. He was a blacksmith in name, but he didn’t get any help from intent when it came to production. It was a part he often found strange and upsetting, but Hexetia solved it at once.

The blacksmith god blessed him. The blessing raised Grid’s blocked production ability,

He felt amazed and grateful.


What could he say to fully convey his gratitude?

Hexetia stared at the distressed Grid, who was deep in thought, and finally burst out laughing.

“Get used to receiving things.”

Hexetia’s large hands grabbed both of Grid’s shoulders.

“If you are only used to giving, then the people around you must be pretty uncomfortable. It is like me now. I am embarrassed.

“No. I am someone who is accustomed to receiving more than giving...”

“The confession of a person who is in a higher position makes the surroundings uncomfortable.”

Hexetia dismissed Grid’s humility, only for his face to suddenly become lonely. It was because he was reminded of Goddess Rebecca. She, who used to appear and disappear from their sides without saying a word, never spoke with the celestial gods on an equal footing. For the most part, she remained silent and respected their choices. If that was the responsibility of a higher ranked being...

“...No, I take back what I just said. It is the selfish standards of a low ranking person that a being shouldn’t reveal their true feelings just because they are in a high position. It goes against equality. Just say whatever you want. Be honest and express your intent. I will listen even if it is in vain, so don’t hesitate. We should meddle with each other.”


The sight of Hexetia repeatedly changing his words with a dark expression and then a bright expression worried Grid.

‘As expected, he isn’t completely sane.’

He heard that early treatment was important for bipolar disorder. Grid estimated the scale of the guilt in Hexetia’s heart and made a serious decision. ‘I will arrange for him to meet Agnus.’

A person who set a valuable precedent for washing away the wounds of the heart and overcoming a mental illness—Grid felt a genuine respect for Agnus. He believed that Agnus would definitely be of help to Hexetia.


Hexetia felt displeased for some reason and his expression crumpled.


At this time, Agnus dug at his ears as he explored a new unexplored area on the surface with the memphis.

“I don’t know what it is, but I’ll listen carefully. Do you mind if I open the mental world now?”

Grid roughly nodded and asked for Hexetia’s consent. The mental world forcibly changed the environment around it. To be more precise, it forced others in the area into the mental world. It could have an unintended negative impact. Therefore, Khan and Hexetia nodded at Grid’s careful question.

“I am ready.” Khan looked a bit nervous. He was unfamiliar with the world of transcendents and Absolutes, so he had never personally experienced the power of the mental world. It was a concept he only vaguely knew about.


Grid carefully opened the Sanctuary of Metal. The scenery seen by those present changed in an instant. Another world was created. The landscape of the city under construction disappeared like a lie and a black-gold canyon was built. The cliffs on both sides soared high with the momentum to pierce the sky and the wilderness on them was hot.

[My flames...] The Red Phoenix, who had been silent ever since boarding the Tomb of the Gods, muttered. In fact, the Red Phoenix was awkward around the celestial gods. It was close to being vigilant. It was because the Red Phoenix experienced being robbed of everything by the gods who were expelled from heaven. It was very reluctant even though Hexetia had Grid’s favor.

The originally cautious and taciturn Red Phoenix didn’t bother revealing itself in front of Hexetia. It just silently cooperated with the creation of items. Yet at this moment, it spoke without realizing it. It showed emotions.

The Sanctuary of Metal—the heat floating around Grid’s mental world resembled the heat generated by its own flames. It could simply be because Grid had the heart of the Red Phoenix. However, the Red Phoenix clearly felt it. The fact that gratitude and admiration for itself was clearly mixed in with the framework that formed Grid’s mental world.

It was a fact that only the being concerned could feel. In that sense, it was naturally Khan who was the most thrilled.


The largest framework behind the Sanctuary of Metal was Valhalla of Infinite Affection. Khan’s wish for Grid’s safety built a metal cliff from Valhalla of Infinite Affection. Grid’s trust in Khan was buried in his subconscious and this world picked Khan as the most important person to Grid.

In the end, Khan shed tears and Grid couldn’t remain silent.

“Thank you, Khan,” Grid said while hugging Khan tightly. He followed Hexetia’s advice and confided honestly, “You made me.”

“...H-Huhu. Your words are a big problem!”

Did he hear incorrectly?

Khan, who was laughing with a blank expression, abruptly raised his voice. “You are just you. Don’t say such things recklessly.”

Grid was unique. He became an Only One God with his human body and threatened even the celestial gods. This feat shouldn’t be disparaged at all.

“You are great yourself. That is why you became who you are now,” Khan spoke firmly and continued, “Don’t let yourself be swayed by emotions and lower yourself. Even the armor you are wearing right now. What is this? You are still wearing the crude armor I made with poor skills? It would be disappointing if it was simply because you missed me. If you failed because of that armor, I... I...”

“Khan.” Grid didn’t let go of Khan. He rested his chin on Khan’s shoulder, which was much smaller than his own, and whispered with a calm face, “If I hadn’t met you, I would’ve never realized how to like people.”


“I couldn’t trust anyone. I just resented and hated them. I foolishly wielded the power I had acquired.”

Wouldn’t he have eventually become as bad as Agnus? It was unconditionally the case. Until he met Khan, he always felt betrayed by the world and was filled with spite. He had no qualms about harming others. He felt no guilt when he hurt others for his own self-interest. He had been subjected to this, so he believed that others deserved the same.

“In the end, I wouldn’t have been able to love Irene and would’ve just used her. I wouldn’t have cared what happened to Lord.”

“You... what are you saying? That can’t be true.”

“No, I’m sure it would be the case.”


Until he met Khan and learned his story, Grid thought he was the most unhappy person in the world. He was comforted by Khan, who believed in him like he was a benefactor, despite all the sorrow and pain Khan himself went through.

He was a man with no answers—Grid clearly remembered what he was like in the past. He couldn’t deny it.

Hexetia read the sincerity in Grid’s confession and muttered, “...Khan saved the surface.”


The Red Phoenix, who had been nodding in agreement, looked away in embarrassment while Hexetia scratched his head.

“I’m sorry.”


“I belatedly apologize for the fact that our greed and quarrels have ruined your world.”


The heat in the canyon started to intensify.

The Red Phoenix was flustered and surprised by Hexetia’s unexpected attitude and responded with the rising flames. Hexetia also contributed. This was the moment when Grid used intent to make battle gear for the first time. It was a moment watched by Khan and the Red Phoenix, who created the myth of Grid It was a precious moment that would never happen again.

Hexetia had no intention of ruining this moment. He was ready to do everything he could to assist Grid.

‘Use me, Grid.’

Just as you met Khan and became who you are now. If I hadn’t met you, I would’ve been worthless forever.

The metal canyon made of Greed slowly flowed down. It was caused by the flames of the Red Phoenix and Hexetia. It was ready to take on a new form at any time according to Grid’s will.

[’Intent Production’ is activated.]

A notification window popped up and Grid responded immediately. He took out an anvil, set it up, and held a hammer in his hand. The melted Greed gathered toward the anvil.

At this moment—

Use me, Grid.

Hexetia’s thoughts echoed in Grid’s mental world and a change occurred. 𝙛𝓇𝑒𝗲𝒘e𝘣𝓷𝘰ѵe𝚕. com

[The ‘Hammer and Anvil’ mental world of Hexetia, the God of Blacksmiths, has assimilated with the ‘Sanctuary of Metal’!]

[You have acquired ‘Hexetia’s Hammer.’]

[You have acquired ‘Hexetia’s Anvil.’]

I also hope to be of help to Grid...

Subsequently, further changes occurred as Khan’s thoughts echoed.

[The legendary blacksmith Khan has learned about the ‘mental world.’]

[Khan’s mental world is ‘Smithy on That Day’.]

Taang, taang, taang...

Someone’s hammering could be heard in the distance. Suddenly, the landscape around Grid changed. It was Winston’s smithy, where he first met Khan. Khan, Hexetia, and the Red Phoenix stood there side by side and greeted Grid.


[The ‘Smithy on That Day’ mental world of Khan, the legendary blacksmith, has assimilated with the ‘Sanctuary of Metal’!]

[This is where your Intent Production will produce the best results!]

“Ah...” It was like a dream. The red-eyed Grid approached his precious people.

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