Chapter 1797

Chapter 1797

The angels were overwhelmed with a strange bewilderment. The 2nd ranked Archangel, Gabriel, failed to stop the intruders from escaping, and Raphael went missing. They went through one unimaginable situation after another. They had endured long boredom as they protected the world of the gods, but now their beautiful scenery was horribly shattered.

“Imprisoned in the Prison of Eternity?”

All of Asgard, which was in a rare state of commotion, instantly fell silent. The angels quickly discovered Raphael’s whereabouts and realized the seriousness of the situation. Their demeanor as they looked at the archangels resembled deer caught in a hunter’s trap. They were somewhat pitiful.

“It wasn’t enough that they missed the prisoners. They ended up locked in there themselves?”

The always expressionless faces of the archangels changed slightly. It was just like Gabriel, whose expression crumpled after experiencing a setback to Grid.

The Prison of Eternity—it was a prison built to imprison the gods. There was no way to open the gate without the key, and the one that took care of the key was none other than Raphael. However, Raphael was in prison.

“Did Grid take the key?”

“That seems to be the right interpretation under these circumstances.”

“He beat Raphael even in Asgard...? Only One God… he is the equivalent of Chiyou.”

“It is just speculation. Don’t forget the possibility of Zeratul acting as a variable.”

“That sounds like excessive speculation. Unless Zeratul is crazy, how can he betray the Goddess and side with Grid...?”

The archangel refuting it suddenly shut up. It was because there was no basis for claiming that Zeratul wasn’t crazy. After all, the bad karma that Raphael accumulated was too much.

“...In any case, Raphael must be rescued. Find a way to go down to the surface and get the key back from Grid.”

Archangels were beings who understood and carried out the will of the Goddess. For the honor of the Goddess, Raphael had to be taken out of prison. Once the command was given, several angels raised their hands, unlike the angels who were bowing their heads in silence.

Gabriel nodded while examining their faces. “You are qualified to ask questions. What are you curious about?”

“Can’t we break down the prison gate? I’ve already seen traces of collapse once.”

“It is a question that anyone who deals with sword power like you do should have. In conclusion, it is impossible. Unless the gate is already open, the sealing technique blocks all physical intervention.”

“You are saying that the marks I saw were traces from the battle that occurred when the gate was opened?”

“I don’t know. Maybe the cranky Michael hit it in a fit of anger. The gate will regenerate anyway.”

“I would like to try and unseal it,” another angel interjected. This was a particularly noticeable angel due to the colorful magic power around their body. Every stem of magic power fluttered like it was alive. It felt like a very splendid robe was being blown by the wind. It didn’t go well with the somewhat dark, sickly-looking face.

“Your magic talent means you deserve to have confidence. Unfortunately, the seal carved into the Prison of Eternity isn’t magic, but power. Magic can’t intervene in the realm of the gods.”

“Are you saying the right things?”

The weak-looking angel tilted their head at an angle. Based on Gabriel’s words, there seemed to be no way to open the prison.

‘Those who have a particularly high name in their previous lives have no manners. Arrogance is etched into their souls.’

A mere angel was arguing with her. Gabriel was dumbfounded, but tried to maintain her expressionless face. It was a situation where she missed the prisoners and intruders. She would undermine her own authority if she acted recklessly.

“There are many ways to open the prison gate. A simple example is finding the design of the key. We might’ve lost Hexetia and Khan, but your magic will allow us to reproduce the key.”

This was the end.

Gabriel stood up without saying anything else and hundreds of angels immediately scattered. They scattered all over Asgard. Naturally, the Prison of Eternity was unguarded. There was no reason to guard the prison.

This was how the new intruder arrived safely in front of the prison.

“It is lax. They can’t even protect their territory properly because they are wandering around like rats in the rain.”

The intruder tended to treat most beings other than himself as insignificant. It was because he had a higher standard than others as the God of Magic and Wisdom. Even the angels who reigned as holy beings were just small creatures in his eyes. Of course, he didn’t dare say this when he was struggling in the past with the characteristics of the magic-resistant angels... it was all an old story. The authority of an angel was no longer a major threat to him, who was able to create magic that could only be imagined in his days as a legend.


The intruder, who had been ridiculing the angels with an arrogant expression, suddenly had a stiff expression.

An angel isolated in prison—it was perfect to target, but unfortunately, the level of the seal over the prison was very high.

‘It isn’t magic. I need to abide by the rules to open it.’

No forced opening was allowed. Braham judged and contemplated it before his eyes fixed on the lock hanging on the gate. It was a lock that looked very old and clunky to belong to Asgard. There was no way to open it unless there was the key that the angels sought. Surprisingly, Braham’s expression wasn’t that serious. He thought of an item and his stiff expression quickly relaxed.

‘The Master Key.’

It was an object made by Grid. Braham had often seen him use it in many ways. Braham had always watched Grid.

Purple magic power bloomed from Braham’s fingers like flames and bounded like thunderbolts, taking shape. It was the same form as the Master Key that existed in Braham’s memory.

‘This can solve it.’

Grid had written great legends and myths. The items he created had also been influenced and increased in value. Furthermore, the Master Key was an object with the potential to become a treasure of the highest realm. In fact, Grid himself didn’t fully trust the function of the Master Key, but Braham had never doubted Grid. Of course, he seriously questioned Grid’s magic talent, but this wasn’t Grid’s area of expertise in the first place. Thus, it could be excluded from the comprehensive evaluation.


The faith of the supreme being in service to a great being deceived the laws of heaven. The lock was released without any resistance and the high, thick iron gate of the Prison of Eternity slowly opened.




The prison, which was supposed to be colored in deep darkness, was surprisingly bright. It was thanks to the halo above the angels’ heads. The moment Braham opened the gate, he was able to witness the scene inside the prison.

The haggard-looking Zeratul, the Martial God, and Raphael, the 1st ranked Archangel, were engaged in close combat. The feathers scattered around them showed traces of a fierce battle.

“Ha... Haha, I guess that Grid has sent you to confirm the kill, right? Maybe it is because he has been living for a short time, but he doesn’t have good discerning eyes. Braham, God of Magic and Wisdom. I know your reputation has increased considerably, but you can’t do anything about me alone.”

“That guy, Grid... he has a personality who can’t live in debt. How arrogant.”

Sophistry poured out from both of them at the same time.

Braham didn’t wonder what they were talking about and silently closed the gate again. He naturally tried to lock it, but he was a step late. The gate that had been opened had already lost its seal. It collapsed miserably due to the spear that Raphael rapidly threw.

“There is no turning back.”

The relief of being alive made Raphael laugh. In this place where the flow of time was slowed down, they had fought Zeratul for decades. There were many angels to use as shields and Zeratul was weakened, so they didn’t have a major crisis, but they were really tired of it. They were worried that they really would be alone with Zeratul forever. In their heart, they prayed to the Goddess for salvation. At this moment, the Goddess responded...

‘As expected, the goddess cares about me the most.’

With great emotion, Raphael rushed over. They weren’t at all wary of Braham standing at the gate. Braham used magic as his source of power. Raphael had the absolute upper hand against him.

“I won’t let you go!”

Zeratul grabbed their wings, but this was still within an acceptable range. Raphael abandoned their wings and came close to Braham. It took a split second to recover the spear stuck in the wall and swing it.

Braham didn’t respond. In the first place, this was Asgard. Braham was too weak to deal with the physical power of the 1st ranked archangel in perfect condition. However, Braham had his wisdom. He couldn’t follow Raphael’s movements with his own eyes, but he could predict how Raphael would move.

He stretched out his fist in advance.

A magical realm.

It was a counter-punch of magic that made one truly feel that he was a magician.


Raphael’s delicate face shook. The skin of their face was almost peeled off as they received a strong resistance. As Raphael was reeling, Zeratul clicked his tongue and wrapped a chain around their neck.

“Was it muscle training that allowed you to do it with the magic that reached the level of a god?”


Braham didn’t deny it. It was true that he had been trying to restore his body. Ever since recovering his blood from Marie Rose, he had been practicing efficiently.

“In any case, it is up to here. I have no intention of accepting Grid’s favor.” He dragged the chained Raphael inside. Then Zeratul closed the gate of the prison, which had just finished regenerating.

“...Well, just as I don’t forget grudges, I don’t forget grace either.”

He disappeared beyond the thick iron gate with this sentence.

For Braham, it was the nonsense of a dog. The image of Zeratul imprisoning himself was more like a madman. His scattered, messy hair and skinny and nervous impression gave the basis for supporting his suspicions.

‘The aftermath of multiple failures has made him mad.’

Braham shook his head and placed the lock on the gate again. It was while grabbing Raphael’s torn wings next to him.

‘These are the wings of the 1st ranked archangel. Maybe they will help Khan.’

However, it was true that it was insufficient compared to his desired result. Braham wasn’t satisfied at all and started to manipulate the lock after thinking about it for a long time. He layered magic in a way that didn’t interfere with the existing sealing technique.

‘Harmful things should be locked up as securely as possible.’

It was the moment when the difficulty of Raphael’s rescue increased sharply.

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