Overthrowing Fate

Chapter 152: Fighting Li Fang

Chapter 152: Fighting Li Fang

Pouncing at Li Fang with the most outstanding speed that he could muster, Xu Min was ready if possible to end the fight in one strike.

Unfortunately, Li Fang was unwilling to accept such an outcome. His speed was not swifter than Xu Mi. However, he moved in a such a strange way that it was like he floated away like a feather.

"This continent has everything you need?" Li Fang snorted contemptuously. "This continent is a mere backwater place that has long since been forgotten by the rest of the world! There is not even anyone here who has a movement technique, all you have is speed!"

Xu Min did not become enraged by the fact that Li Fang was looking down upon him and his continent. Nonetheless, he just shook his head and decided not to speak anymore with him.

He had, however, listened to Li Feng’s response as to why he was able to avoid him seemingly easily; clearly, it was because of his unknown movement technique.

Even though Xu Min did not speak more, Li Fang continued his speech while he floated back and forth. At the same time, he was continually avoiding Xu Min's sword that never paused but always looked for a way to cut down his opponent.

"You are all primitive. The only way to fight is by imitating the slave races such as elves and fairies, and creating stances!"

"That is all you do, imitation! Did you know this? What you people think is a supreme attack is actually but a simple imitation of a slave race in my world?!"

Li Fang was getting flustered as he spoke, trying to avoid Xu Min’s sword all the while. However, secretly, he was becoming worried.

Xu Min was not using any Qi to attack him. He was using his power as a strong warrior with excess energy to launch one attack after another. The force behind each chop came not from Qi but his brute strength.

Li Fang, on the other hand, was forced to use Qi to keep his movement technique up. If he wished to avoid this powerful sword, he had to continue using his Qi to continue to avoid. Yet he was limited in the amount of Qi he had. He was, after all, not an Immortal just yet.

"Don't push me too far," Li Fang said through gritted teeth. He finally realized that he had to take this seriously, "I am not someone whom you can afford to attack!"

A palm was shot out.This palm attack carried with it a loud crackling sound alongside internal energy which caused chaos in the air as it shot towards Xu Min.

The speed was almost too fast for Xu Min to evade, yet Xu Min had no intention of invading it. Instead, he lifted his sword and prepared to absorb the energy that was coming his way.

His sword was a marvelous treasure that could absorb any energy of the same rank, sometimes some of the ones above and of course everything from below. When he tried to absorb the energy from the attack that Li Fang threw out, he noticed that only a fifth of the energy had been absorbed by the sword. The rest hit him in the chest, forcing him to stagger a few steps backward.

His blood roiled in his body. Nonetheless, Xu Min did not let himself be too shocked or scared when he realized that he had still underestimated the power of the techniques that came from across the sea.

Still, he was not going to give up. With a wave of his hand, he sheathed the sword on his back and raised his arms. Spiritual energy from all around him gathered around his hands and materialized into a bow.

Arrow after arrow appeared by his side as he shot one after another at Li Fang. Once more he was forced to use his abilities to either protect himself by sending out palm attacks to meet the arrows in mid-air or to use his movement technique to avoid Xu Min's arrows.

"Preposterous!" Li Fang suddenly yelled as one arrow grazed his shoulder. It did not leave any wound, but his clothes were ruined.

"How can a human use spiritual energy?!" He exclaimed deeply shocked. He was unable to comprehend what it was he was seeing. Xu Min, though, had already decided not to answer him. Instead, he just smiled as he continued to shoot arrow after arrow at Li Fang.

They were inside, but suddenly a gentle wind started picking up. The arrows became even trickier to avoid. Some of them suddenly started appearing where the wind was, some of them came from the blind angles, and some of them kept coming from the front, bombarding Li Fang with arrows he just could not avoid.

"Not only spiritual energy but also elemental affinity?!" Li Fang felt like he wanted to pull out his hair. Although elves and fairies were slaves in the oversea worlds, their innate abilities were what made them lucrative. Everyone wanted to possess elves and fairies as slaves since their power was simply outstanding. Their ability to mold and use the energy surrounding them was divine, and exactly why humans had turned against them.

But now a human was standing in front of Li Fang. A human who could use Qi, Spiritual energy, and Elemental affinity. This was unheard of, and if it had been possible, then it was certain that others would have already done so. They would have captured elves and fairies to steal their powers and allow for their line of descendants to do the same.

Palm after palm was shot out and arrow after the arrow was broken. Xu Min was starting to feel exhausted. Although he was an eight-star Warrior, he had limited amounts of Spiritual Energy, and at some point, he was going to use it all up.

By sending volley after volley of arrows at the opponent, he was likely to spend his energy sooner rather than later.

The Elemental Affinity was different. As long as there was any of the element around him, then he would not run out of it.Though there was no wind inside of the building, there was a lot of wind outside.

This was close enough for Xu Min to guide it inside the hall and attack Li Fang with it.

Suddenly a shrill scream sounded out. Li Fang, who had been busy defending himself, paled as he looked behind him.

A wind blade dissipated slowly after having embedded itself secretly in the chest of the young master.

"You are lucky to die this quickly," Xu Min said with a sinister smile on his face; his eyes emitted a bit of madness.

He had finally gained his revenge. He had killed the two men who were behind the murder of his sister. It suddenly felt as if he had been liberated by the sudden redemption he felt.

But he did not have long to celebrate his excitement. He had decreased the arrows that were attacking Li Fang, allowing the young man to catch a breath and grow his momentum.

He was using different palm attacks, some of them caused chaos in the air, others caused echoes, and some even caused illusions of massive palms that was bearing down upon their target.

All of these attacks were aimed at Xu Min. Li Fang was no ordinary cultivator. He had been in many life and death fights. The moment he felt the pressure ease up, he threw out all his attacks in one go, hoping to overwhelm and kill Xu Min.

"I don't care about this Zhong family," he said through gritted teeth. However, he already knew that Xu Min had seen him as being one of the leading members of the Zhong family, and if he wanted any chance of survival, he needed to be able to get rid of Xu Min and his beasts.

The beasts were not as troublesome creatures. If he could not kill them, then he could easily flee from them. However, Xu Min was someone who would let him go easily.

Xu Min did not answer the fact that Li Fang did not care about the Zhong family. For him, the moment he had sided with them was when he decided that Li Fang had to die.

Xu Min had also concluded that he did not have to fear the experts across the sea. No one would come all the way over here for someone who had fled to a backwater area like this.

If he truly had someone to rely on, then he would not have fled in the first place.

Xu Min braced himself. It was impossible to avoid the many palm attacks that came rushing down towards him, each one more magnificent than the other.

He knew, by now, that it was impossible to absorb all the energy of the attacks with his sword, so the only option left was to take it head-on.

He raised layer after layer of fire around his body, lifted the sword and absorbed some of the energy. The rest of the attacks landed on his body, knocking him back as if he was a kite with a broken string.

Blood surged into his mouth; some escaped through the corner of his lip. This was the most frightful fight he had ever been in because this was the first time he had met a person with equal strength as him.

Xu Min did not give up though. He had been thrown back to the point of spewing blood, but he quickly got back to his feet. Another round of palm attacks was heading for him, Li Fang bombarding him with attacks, not giving him even the slightest moment to catch his breath.

As he got to his feet, Xu Min began his counterattack. The hall had had candlelights and torches on the walls. This time Xu Min reached out for this fire and brewed it to become larger than before.

He threw orbs of fire at Li Fang, who was forced to move to avoid them, and soon a sea of flames shot up from within the hall.

Whereas Xu Min could ignore the flames and walk through the fire, Li Fang was crippled by it. It was impossible for him easily to avoid the raging fire. He had to find a way to flee the hall, but Xu Min was between him and the entrance. He was blocking it while grinning. It was an extremely eerie grin with the thin trail of blood that had stained the side of his lip.

Xu Min knew what Li Fang was thinking, but how was he going to let him go? He was not willing to do so. If Li Fang escaped, then no one would know what would happen in the future. He would never be able to take it easy and be calm; especially if he knew, an enemy had escaped his grasp and would be returning for him later, just like Xu Min had with the Zhong family.

Li Fang was also aware of Xu Min's thoughts. He did tell Xu Min that if he let him lived, he would never come back. Because it was a lie, and Xu Min knew it.

If Li Fang survived, he would return with a vengeance whenever he had the chance to do so. He had fled to this continent to live a life of a spoiled genius, but the first place he had found had caused him to be in dire straits.

Thus their eyes locked together, someone would die tonight. Xu Min and Li Fang looked at one another. They were aware that there was just one more attack to use, just one more attack that could kill the other guy. They had decided to use their ace attacks!

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