Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 1003 - Come Battle

Chapter 1003: Come Battle

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On the battle ring, Di Jun extended his index finger. Thousands of light rays in all colors spat out around him with the intention to destroy the mountains and rivers!

Everyone’s expression changed at this.

Even someone as strong as Ling Xian was a little surprised.

“The Tune of Dao, go!”

Le Wu Ya’s white robe fluttered in the wind. Like the descendant of an immortal, his demeanor was naturally above others and his behavior was out of the world. He played his flute with his bare hands and the music generated from it was as loud as thunder and echoed throughout the world!

The music was gentle, yet it was beating on everyone’s eardrums like thunder. The music notes acted like sharp swords that were swirling around rhythmically and stopped that index finger!

The entire crowd gasped in shock as they recognized the origin of this song.

“It is one of the five legendary songs, Tune of Dao. I cannot believe Le Wu Ya knows it!”

“The Tune of Dao is a legendary song that has been famous throughout history. Its prowess is mighty and it is incomparable!”

“He truly is the number one ranked monster on the Heaven’s Favorite monument. The first attack he makes is a heavenly song!”

“Tune of Dao… interesting. Sadly, you are no opponent of mine.”

Di Jun spoke softly and pointed out his index finger again. Energy filled the void and destruction spread all over the world!

Seeing this, Le Wu Ya’s expression changed. The energy coming for him was like giant ocean waves, it was endless and unstoppable. It was like the thousand men army who came riding on horses.


The flute’s music echoed throughout and startled the heavens. Every single note played had the power to end a powerhouse at the original level.

Di Jun was far too terrifying.

The movement of his index finger was like a God attacking or the immortal of Battle angry. This movement swept away all of flute’s notes and landed squarely on Le Wu Ya’s chest.

At once, a splutter of redness blossomed.

Le Wu Ya stumbled back a few steps. He remained graceful in his white robe. But his face was now paler.

It was obvious that he was now at a disadvantage.

This result astonished the crowd.

Who was Le Wu Ya? He was number one on Heaven’s Favorite’s monument!

Yet it was obvious that he could not win against Di Jun. This was basically unbelievable!

“I cannot believe that other than Ling Xian, a powerhouse like you would appear.”

Le Wu Ya remained graceful and like a true immortal had descended. He was gentle and calm as if he could ride away on top of a cloud any time now.

One has to admit that his demeanor was unparalleled. Out of everyone there, it seemed like only Ling Xian could compare.

“You are strong. You are the first original leveled cultivator who can defend against my index finger twice,” Di Jun said calmly.

“I have no interest in being the world’s number one. I am here to be ranked.” Le Wu Ya softly smiled.

“I can tell, you have no intention to win.”

Di Jun slowly extended his right hand, “But, we will need to determine a winner and a loser inside the battle ring.”

“You are right. Let us battle.”

Le Wu Ya softly grinned. His jade flute began to emit much light that spun out to thousands of rays. Then, he began to use his flute as his sword as he sliced it across the sky!

Di Jun was not at all afraid as he readied himself for a shocking battle against Le Wu Ya!


Loud noises arose one after another. Alongside the shocking waves, they stunned the entire place.

The prowess of it all was more terrifying than when Ling Xian fought against Zhan Cang Sheng!

These two were incredibly powerful. They fought from the ground to the sky, from the sky back to the ground and within minutes, they had exchanged thousands of rebuttals!

In the end, the battle ring couldn’t handle these two and turned into debris!

Everyone was shocked at this. To know that the battle ring was made out of heavenly materials and was extremely sturdy.

Even when Ling Xian fought against Zhan Cang Sheng, merely cracks were created. Yet the battle between these two resulted in the ring being completely crushed. How powerfully capable did they have to be for this to happen?

“These two are strong!”

Ling Xian’s expression turned dark. Even for someone as powerful as he, he felt the immense pressure.

This made him exclaim over how Le Wu Ya is the number one ranked after all and how Di Jun is a monster who turned an entire continent upside down.

“This is the biggest stage after all. Everyone is strong.”

Ling Xian exclaimed. His eyes were burning with the desire to fight because he found the number one title so deserving to be challenged!

Just as he exclaimed, Le Wu Ya and Di Jun’s battle had reached its climax. The two had used their all and crumbled the earth for thousands of miles.

In the end, it was Di Jun who was better and Le Wu Ya was defeated.

This result stunned everyone. Then, the crowd turned clamorous.

“Unbelievable. Le Wu Ya lost!”

“Just how powerful is this man. Even Le Wu Ya is no opponent?”

“Unimaginable. That man is far too strong. No wonder he challenged an entire continent!”

The crowd howled in awe.

On the various gambling grounds, Le Wu Ya was consistently chosen to be the most likely to win. Yet now, he had lost to Di Jun. Why wouldn’t everyone be shocked?

All eyes were on Di Jun now. They looked at him like they were looking at a terrifying monster!

Even Le Wu Ya was no opponent of his. This person was truly demonic!

Only Ling Xian was not surprised at this. He could tell that Le Wu Ya was inhibited by something, or perhaps he didn’t want to give it his all.

If he did give his all, they should be at a stalemate and there shouldn’t be a clear winner.

“You sure are powerful. I lost.”

Le Wu Ya smiled but was not at all sad. He never had the intention to win and acted like he was an immortal who was playing a game in the mortal world. His grace and divinity were out of the world.

“You are powerful as well. You do not pale next to me.” Di Jun’s eyes flickered. He could tell also that Le Wu Ya never gave his all.

“Even if I tried, we would’ve ended in a tie.”

Le Wu Ya smiled. “I have no interest in being number one. I will let the rest of you fight it out.”

“Fight it out? The winning title is mine for certain.” Di Jun said softly. Though his voice was calm, it was stern and disallowed all questions.

Le Wu Ya smiled, “That may not be the case.”

Then, he shot Ling Xian a glance.

Di Jun followed his gaze, “You think he has the right to fight against me for the winning position?”

“That’s right,” Le Wu Ya said with a smile.

“He won against the battle sage body, which gives him the right to fight against me. Sadly, he won’t win against me.” Di Jun’s voice was calm as if he was describing a common occurrence.

“You will only find out after you fight.”

Le Wu Ya softly smiled and left the stage.

At this, Leng Wu Qing’s lips curled up. A one-meter long heavenly sword appeared and it pointed right at Ling Xian.

“It’s our turn.”

Those words ignited everyone’s passion. They all looked over like it was time for a great show.

“This fight will determine who wins and who loses.”

Ling Xian’s expression was calm and he could sense Leng Bie Qing’s killer’s intent towards him. In other words, this fight will not be as simple as just determining a winner.

“That’s right.”

Leng Bie Qing pointed his sword at Ling Xian, his killer’s intent locked in. “Last time, you escaped by luck. This time, you won’t be so lucky.”

“You are talking as if you can kill me.”

Ling Xian glared at him and lunged himself on stage. His white robe danced in the wind and like an immortal had arrived, undefeatable energy engulfed the place.

Then, he wasted no words and only uttered out two words that made everyone’s blood boil.

“Come battle!”

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