Painting of the Nine Immortals

Chapter 943 - The Surviving Route

Chapter 943: The Surviving Route

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Inside the stone room, Ling Xian sat in a lotus position on the ground, pondering hard.

From the playback, he had acquired two important pieces of information. First of all, that omnipotent knew about the existence of the black energy. The reason for that is because he didn’t look too surprised after the black energy swarmed out of him. Plus, he had set up his burial ground beforehand.

Second, he found out the reason why nobody has been able to reach immortality.

Just thinking about the short period of time that it took for the black energy to devour the omnipotent made Ling Xian shudder from coldness.

“Just what is it… is it a cruse?”

Ling Xian mumbled. He could only guess. Because based on the playback, the black energy came out from the omnipotent’s body. There were no enemies. So a curse is the only thing that made sense.

But what kind of curse made an omnipotent who was a step away from immortality so helpless?

Just thinking about it made him shudder.

“How terrifying…”

Ling Xian sighed loudly. Remembering how nobody has been able to reach immortality for 30,000 years made him feel chilly.

Ignoring whether or not that black energy was a curse. One thing was for sure – the omnipotent failed to breakthrough because of the black energy.

From that, can he conclude that the reason behind people’s inability to rise in 30,000 years is due to the black energy?

If that is the case, then it is a little terrifying.

“I seem to have discovered an important secret.”

Ling Xian exhaled deeply. He felt like he was being wrapped around heavy fog. Thousands of questions popped into his head.

The Painting of the Nine Immortals… the Great Mausoleum… the Pool of Blood… the eerie black energy… all of these mysteries linked together, causing him a splitting headache that made him sweat.

All of these matters replayed in his head over and over. They formed a path. But he couldn’t comprehend the details and he didn’t dare to.

But one thing was for sure. He had discovered the secret about immortality. Or more accurately, the reason why nobody has reached immortality in 30,000 years!

Of course, Ling Xian wasn’t dumb enough to spread the message around. He knew that if this matter gets revealed, he will encounter many trouble.

“Han Qing Xue and the others have died. It seems like I am the only one who saw what happened to the omnipotent. I do not want to reveal this secret.”

Ling Xian said softly and he recited the incantation of a calm heart to repress his various questions. He didn’t dare to think more.

Or else he would go delirious before he reaches a conclusion.

Therefore, he recited the Incantation of a Calm Heart to sooth himself down. Then, he straightened up and restored himself to normal.

“I’ll put a pin in this. The truth will reveal itself one day. For now, I should think about how I can get out of here.”

Ling Xian bitterly smiled. Though he was at the place of death for the omnipotent, it wasn’t the route of survival.

In other words, he was in a dangerous situation. It wasn’t even set in stone whether or not he can get out. “I will take my time and search. There will be a way.”

Ling Xian softly sighed. He marched before the cold coffin and saw that it was empty. Only cold air was pulsing out of it.

He exclaimed over the fact that the omnipotent didn’t even leave behind a corpse. That was truly a little sad.

At the same time, he was terrified.

Against the black band of energy, the omnipotent was so helpless and was completely devoured. That was unbelievable!

Anyone would be terrified!

For Ling Xian to be analyzing all this so calmly was already rare.

“Sorry I interrupted your peaceful rest. However, do not worry, if I can get out of here, I will seal this place down and disallow anyone from disturbing you.”

Ling Xian softly sighed and put away the four treasures. Then, he looked over to the red “hate” character, as if trying to memorize it.

“A sad hero; an injured legend. How can you forget immortality?”

“Aye, it is difficult to become an immortal. It is difficult to be eternal.”

After those words, Ling Xian marched on and walked back to the way he came from.

He had searched around using his soul. There was no way out of here and there were no set ups. In other words, that was a dead end. He could only go back to the original stone room and continue searching.

After he re-entered the tunnel he came from, sword rays once again attacked and landed on him.

Ling Xian didn’t seem to mind. He used his physical body to defend and headed towards the original stone room.

Then, he arrived. He used his Plate of Escape and at once, this item began to shine brightly and emit a mysterious energy that searched through all possible exits.

This time, the Plate didn’t show four different needles. Instead, it picked one tunnel that was labeled “Fire”.

“It looks like this is the path to survival. I hope nothing bad happens.”

Ling Xian mumbled. He then walked on with his head held high.

After he entered the tunnel, he was drowned by the infinite amount of flames. High temperature rushed over, as if burning up the ocean and making the land barren.

Ling Xian wasn’t flustered at this. He thought silently and the Pearl of Flame hung high above his head. It gave off its strange energy.

At once, the flames around him acted as if it ran into its enemies. It paved out a path for him.

“This route isn’t easy to walk on. Other people would be charred by now.”

Ling Xian smiled, his eyes flickered with high expectation, “But, this also means it is a path of survival. As long as I can get past it, I can see the sky again.”

Then, he continued to use the Pearl of Flame and blocked out the endless amount of flames. He walked forward in giant leaps.

Just as he predicted, other than fire, there were no other traps. After some time, he successfully exited the grave.

The moment he left the area, the paved out path repaired itself and returned to normal land.

“What an astonishing journey. Luckily, I have survived. I also discovered a giant secret.”

Ling Xian smiled. He flapped around his sleeve and instantaneously formed an array that surrounded the area.

This was to prevent people from discovering this strange place, which was basically impossible. After all, Han Qing Xue only found this place because she was given a key.

“I will go find Jiu Ge, then I will quietly wait for the Palace of Heaven’s Favorites. As for that black energy… whatever happens, happens.”

Ling Xian sighed. He then tore apart the area in front of him and returned to the grave’s entrance.

There, Huang Jiu Ge was dressed in a long white dress. Like a lotus flower that couldn’t be tainted, she was elegant and graceful.

However, she was frowning tightly, revealing her worry.

When she saw Ling Xian, however, she instantly smiled. A smile that could bring an entire nation’s men to their knees.

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