Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 2


Magnificent Cross Through

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

If it wasn't because he was trapped by people, he would have never given any woman the opportunity to get close.

In his heart, there could only be Qian DuoDuo at his side!

He thought about Qian DuoDuo, her unruliness, her craftiness, her cuteness, her kind heart. Just like poppies that went into his blood, they had poisoned him and become part of his life. Long YuTian's eyes lit up. However, they were soon replaced with a cold light.

Fortunately, DuoDuo is working overtime tonight. Besides, she never comes to his apartment.


Long YuTian narrowed his eyes. There was a hidden light inside his dark green eyes.

The woman in front of him, she can leave after he gives her a check, right? Or……

Anyway, it doesn't matter what method he has to use, he absolutely cannot let DuoDuo know.

Long YuTian effortlessly picked up a coat and draped it over his shoulders.

Qian DuoDuo was leaning against the door. She had a particular fondness for listening from the corner, however, right now she almost spouted smoke out of her seven orifices from anger. She was going to shed blood soon!

Furthermore, both of her legs seemed to be nailed to the ground. She couldn't move, not even a single step.

When Qian DuoDuo saw the thin layers of sweat that glittered under the light on Long YuTian's forehead, she also recalled the promise he had once made her. Both views were continuously interwoven in her mind.

Qian DuoDuo covered her mouth; nauseating!

When she lowered her gaze, she caught a glimpse of an old sword lying on the desk.

That was what she and that pig of a man bought at an antique store when they traveled together to Xi'An two months ago. The store owner said that even experts couldn't determine from which dynasty that sword had come.

Even experts couldn't determine, wouldn't it mean it's a fake?

But Qian DuoDuo already liked this sword from the first moment she laid her eyes on it. Therefore, the pig man, without any objections, spent a huge amount of money and bought it for her.

At this moment, the sword was lying peacefully within its green scabbard on a carved mahogany box. Under the deep blue colored lightning, it seemed to be suffused with a kind of clear, cold light.

The corners of Qian DuoDuo's mouth were hooked into an enchanting smile, however, her eyes were ice-cold.

"What a good Long YuTian! You deserve to be killed with a thousand stabs! Back then you were shamelessly chasing after this old mother, now that you get ahold of me, you think about cheating? Do you really take this old mother as Hello Kitty? Regard me as a house cat?"

She stepped forward and took that old sword out of its scabbard. She then started to randomly brandish that sword in the air, producing 'piu—- piu—-' sounds.

"This old mother will make you regret your present deed! And then that fox demon! This old mother will chop her up!" Qian DuoDuo cursed. She furiously walked with large steps towards the bedroom door.

Qian DuoDuo held that sharp sword and faced the bedroom door, waiting. She was thinking that when they came out of the room, she would cut them in half and etcetera.

However, the sound of water flowing came from inside the bedroom.

Outside the bedroom, Qian DuoDuo, who held the old sword and waited in front of the door, had already felt that her arm was somewhat numb and aching.

She puffed up her plump cheeks and placed both of her hands on her waist, obviously looking like a fishwife that was going to curse in the street.

After a while, Qian DuoDuo cursed, "Yah! Am I your door-keeper ah!? See if I don't chop you guys up once I go inside!" She extended her foot and kicked the door open. Her voice was very loud; added to the fact that she was furious, her voice was deafening.

At this moment, Long YuTian walked into the room. He had just finished bathing. His light bronze skin was moist and covered with translucent, sparkling water droplets; those wet disheveled hair was loose on his forehead. He looked so demonically enchanting that people were unable to look straight at him.

Zhu SiSi stood at the door, watching him quietly.

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