Pampered Fei Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 238

Chapter 238

Chapter 238 - Two Choose One

One needed to pay the consequences for their actions sooner or later!

Qian Duoduo just understood the true meaning to the classic words!

Long Muchen gradually shifted towards Qian Duoduo, walking steadily and slowly . However, it made Qian Duoduo shiver and terrified .

Qian Duoduo was like a frightened deer, staring at him pitifully and innocently . As he continued to move forward, Qian Duoduo slowly moved back .

“Duo’er, aren’t you going to explain to this Wang what just happened? Banknotes? Activity?”

Long Muchen’s voice was extremely pleasant to the ears . He squeezed his fit body into the corner of the wall with Qian Duoduo .

The young lady stopped running away and glanced at him innocently . Then she raised her hands to cover her awkward expression on her face, refusing to let Long Muchen see…

“Here . . . tell this Wang where your stall is . Besides this elderly lady, how many more people have you made reservations for?” As Long Muchen said this, he pulled down Qian Duoduo’s hands from her face, placing it gently in the palm of his hand and rubbing it . Then he slowly moved closer to her face and dragged his voice, “You earned a few thousand?”

“Duo’er, you called this Wang out so that you can pass me off to the others?”

Qian Duoduo had no way to run to . After fiddling with her fingers for a bit, she pursed her lips and glared at Long Muchen angrily .

Long Muchen let go of Qian Duoduo and casually waved the fan in his hands . He smiled faintly and calmly . “Let’s go . Take this Wang to see your stall . ”

See it my butt!

I’m not that dumb to bring you there!

I don’t want a beating!

After interacting with Long Muchen that long, she knew that he had two faces and was a black-belly . He appeared to be easily bullied on the surface, but he had a lot of plans and tricks up his sleeves .

Who knew how he was going to torment her later!

Qian Duoduo made up her mind that she’ll rather die from a lack of oxygen from saying nothing than to be beaten to death by Long Muchen!

With this thought, Qian Duoduo acted more confident and raised her head to look at the

handsome man . She leaned against the wall in a strange way and looked down .

Despite this, Long Muchen had other ways to get the information he wanted to hear .

After all, who let Duo’er matchmaking organization to stir up the entire capital?

Before Qian Duoduo could find an excuse to stop Long Muchen, the despicable man opened his mouth first . “Girl, this Wang gives you two choices . First, you can follow along and get a spanking from this Wang in the end . Second, you can continue to act dead and this Wang will confiscate all your banknotes!”

When Qian Duoduo heard this blunt threat, she suddenly coughed and opened her eyes all of a sudden .

This stupid man!

If you dare to spank this Lady or touch this Lady’s banknotes, you better pray every day that you won’t land in my hands .

Otherwise, I’ll make you kneel on the washboard and sing the song ‘Conquer’!

Qian Duoduo stared at Long Muchen’s carefree and elegant figure, clenching her teeth in anger .

But she thought of her banknotes in Xiao Rou’s hands .

After two minutes of mental debate, she helplessly crushed her dignity and followed along Long Muchen’s footsteps!


In front of Duo’er matchmaking stall, there was a sharp female voice .

“Quick . Rip these portraits off . Also, chase away everyone on the line . If anyone dares to come here in the future, don’t blame this Lady for being rude!”

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