Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Chapter 252

Chapter 252

Mu Yunyao Enters The Su Family’s Residence

As the wheels rolled across Qingshi Street, the sound suddenly stopped . After waiting for a while, Wen Mama’s voice came from outside . “Madam, Young Miss, we’ve arrived at the Su family’s residence . ”

A servant had already moved a footstool over . Jin Lan and Jin Qiao disembarked from the horse station at both sides and helped Su Qing and Mu Yunyao off the horse carriage .

This road was the place where the officials in the Capital lived . Ordinary people could not enter this place at all . The streets are wide and filled with green plants of all colors on both sides . The environment here also was prominently quiet and elegant .

The Su family’s residence faced south from the north, with two stone lions majestically stood on both sides of the entrance . The main gate was tall and imposing, with two elevated red lacquer doors tightly closed, inlaid with ornate bronze rivets . Two ferociously shaped tortoises and snakes, inlaid on the gate with copper rings in their hands, adding a slightly more magnificent color to the door .

When the side door opened, one of the servants picked up the palanquin and carried it out . Su Qing and Mu Yunyao both got respectively on the palanquin, and the servants carried the palanquin into the Su family’s residence from the corner door . After walking for about a quarter of an hour, they put down the palanquin, and someone else had to lift the palanquin again . After turning three or four corners, it finally stopped steadily .

After walking for another quarter of an hour, they arrived at Old Madam Su’s courtyard .

A maidservant hurriedly came over and looked at Su Qing and Mu Yunyao with a face full of smiles . She knelt and greeted them, “Greetings, Madam . Greetings, Young Miss . The Old Madam has been waiting for a long time . ”

Su Qing nodded slightly and turned her head to look at Mu Yunyao . She met Mu Yunyao’s eyes that filled with smiles . Her eyes were clear and had a gentle glow to them, giving her a sense of safety .

Su Qing’s flustered heart suddenly calmed down . She shook Mu Yunyao’s hand, tidied her sleeves and skirt, then slowly walked in .

As soon as they entered the hall, they heard a burst of lively laughter . Mu Yunyao’s heart moved, and seeing that Su Qing’s footsteps had slowed down, she couldn’t help but step forward to stand by her side . “Mother . ”

A maid reported, “Old Madam, Madam Su, and Young Miss Mu have arrived . ”

The originally bustling main hall suddenly fell into silence . Mu Yunyao slowly raised her eyes, and after a slight sweep, she was able to see the entire room thoroughly . She ignored the various gazes around her and was not intimidated by the luxurious decorations in the hall . She slightly supported Su Qing to knelt down and kowtowed to the Old Madam of the Su family knelt down and kowtowed .

The interior of the hall was decorated even more luxuriously . The silver tiles on the floor were dazzling, and on both sides of the room hung translucent Lunar Shadow muslin . Above her head hung twelve exquisite palace lanterns and all the water furniture made of yellow rosewood, with beautiful carved and complicated craftsmanship . It’s amazing!

There were chairs placed on both sides of the hall, and the few ladies sitting there were all dressed in beautiful clothes and gems . Each of them was as beautiful as fairy princesses .

Su Qing was a little perplexed . She had imagined how luxurious the Su family would be and had tried her best to calm down . However, after witnessing it for herself, she realized how narrow her vision was . She was at a loss as to what to do . Suddenly, she feels Mu Yunyao’s strength on her side as holding her back . She fiercely bit down on the tip of her tongue, and her eyes instantly turned red . She followed Mu Yunyao’s energy and walked up to pay his respects .

“Mother …”

Old Madam Su sat in the middle, dressed in a dark purple beautiful brocade dress, with a black headdress inlaid with emerald jade on her head . Her facial features were old, but she looked very kind and peaceful . Hearing the salutation, she looked over slightly, as if she couldn’t believe it, “My daughter… . ”

With just a sound, the tears had started to fall . The well-dressed lady standing on both sides went forward to persuade hurriedly: “Old Madam, is Little Sister back? This day is a joyous occasion . Don’t hurt your body because of it, or else, I don’t know how sad and troubled little sister Su Qing will be . ”

“That’s right . You see that Sister Su Qing and Yunya are scared . If you are so sad, aren’t you making them feel uncomfortable?”

The two of them persuaded for a while before Old Madam Su finally stopped feeling sad . She carefully looked at Su Qing and Mu Yunyao . “Good child, quickly get up . ”

Su Qing was wearing a sky-blue dress with a matching skirt and a pearl hairpin on her head . On one side of her head was a purple gold chain hanging down her ear, which made her look gentle and graceful . Her eyes were red, and her face was tear-stained, making her look even softer and weaker .

And Mu Yunyao next to her is even more shocking . She dressed simple and elegant, wearing a water pink peach blossom cloud dress, with a complete set of chain flower hairpins carved from pink tourmalines . Her face was like white jade, her eyes were like stars, and there were a few tears on her cheeks like a lily petal with dew in the morning, revealing a delicate and beautiful aura .

“Mother, your daughter is unfilial … . ” Su Qing held the handkerchief tightly as she spoke, and bowing once more to Old Madam Su .

The two beautiful women at the side quickly went to support Su Qing, “Sister, don’t be so polite . You’ve suffered so much outside for so many years . After so many hardships, you were finally able to get back to your home . The Old Madam hate to treat you as an eyesore . If you’re so polite, don’t you look like an outsider?”

The two of them hurriedly went forward to support Su Qing, and Mu Yunyao, who was at the side, released her hand . While Su Qing kneeled, Mu Yunyao directly knelt on the ground . Hearing these words, she could not help but raise her head in a slightly helpless manner and said,

“Ever since Mother heard about her background, Mother has to kneel down and pray for Grandmother every day . She even said that she would pay her respects to Grandmother when she sees her . After all, she hasn’t been filial for so many years …”

To formally kneel and kowtow as a courtesy, not to mention that Su Qing had lived outside for many years . No matter the reason, if she didn’t give a formal salute as soon as she entered the door, she would appear uncultured . Who knew how many rumors would spread out .

The two beautiful women holding onto Su Qing were momentarily stunned . Su Qing quickly knelt on the ground and bowed respectfully to Old Madam Su . “Unfilial daughter Su Qing greets Mother . ”

Old Madam Su nodded her head and bent down slightly to help Su Qing up . “Good child, you’re considerate . ”

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