Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 pregnancy, betrayal

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

In the luxurious and elegant room, the temperature gradually rose, filling the room with an air that made one’s face blush and heart beat faster.

On the huge bed in the middle, a scene that was inappropriate for children was playing out through the veil.

“little brother, I love you. ” A charming and sweet voice mixed with thick joy sounded. “I really love you so much that I can’t extricate myself. ”

“little brother, to be able to get your love and response, I’m really happy. I feel that I’m the happiest woman in the world. ”

“little brother… ”

It was not difficult to hear the sweetness in the woman’s voice as if it had entered honey.

The man did not speak from beginning to end, as if he was using his body to prove it.

The lustful aura in the air grew stronger with their movements.

The night passed until dawn.

The woman fell asleep, and the man got up.

Although he was naked, that powerful aura, which belonged to a superior’s aura, was suffocating.

Standing by the bed, the man looked down at the woman on the bed coldly.

Through the weak light, one could vaguely see the disdain, disdain, and contempt on the man’s face. The way he looked at the woman was like he was looking at a dirty object.

The wheels of time did not stop.

Today, evening.

The Sky was gloomy.

Xia Weiyang was in a very good mood.

After leaving the hospital, Xia Weiyang looked at the pregnancy test sheet in her hand again. It said that she was eight weeks pregnant, and the smile on her face grew wider.

Being pregnant with her little brother’s child was the happiest thing in her life.

Thinking of that night, Xia Weiyang’s face was full of shyness.

Today was her little brother’s birthday, so she wanted to give him a big surprise. Holding the pregnancy test sheet, Xia Weiyang went straight to her little brother, Lu Ziyin’s house.

At the Lu residence.

When Xia Weiyang arrived, the banquet had already begun.

Pushing open the banquet hall’s door, Xia Weiyang immediately saw the handsome and extraordinary man standing on the stage. Her little brother was always so dazzling.

“It’s my great honor to be able to invite all of you. I want to take this opportunity to announce two happy events. ” On the stage, Lu Ziyin’s father, Lu Yuanbo, had a look of joy on his face. “First, my son and the daughter of the Xia family are in love. The wedding will be held soon… ”

Xia Weiyang, who was standing by the door, was very excited when she heard this. She did not expect that her little brother would also prepare a big surprise for her. At this moment, she really wanted to rush up and hug her little brother.

There were too many surprises for her today. It was too good.

So good that she felt that it was not real!

“The second one… ” Lu Yuanbo paused for a moment. His friends below kept urging him before he said with a smile, “the second one is that the daughter of the Xia family is pregnant with the child of the Lu family. ”

With a loud bang, warm applause sounded from below, mixed with congratulatory voices.

Xia Weiyang was so excited that she almost fainted.

On the stage, Lu Ziyin looked at the people below the stage gently. He slowly walked down and opened his arms.

Xia Weiyang’s small face was bashful. She was so excited that she wanted to run over and jump into Lu Ziyin’s arms as usual.

“Ziyin. ”

Xia Weiyang’s soft and sweet voice, which was extremely familiar to her, suddenly rang out. A graceful and beautiful figure jumped into Lu Ziyin’s arms before her.

Xia Weiyang stopped in her tracks. She was completely stunned.

She thought that Lu Ziyin would push her sister away, but Lu Ziyin’s words were like a bolt of lightning, shaking her to the point that her soul almost came out of her body.

“Yan ‘er, you’re still pregnant. You’ve been standing for too long. You must be exhausted. Do you want to go rest? ” His gentle and doting words were so cloying.

However, to Xia Weiyang, it sounded like the devil from Hell.

Standing there, Xia Weiyang’s entire body was cold, as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

Cold, bone-piercing cold.

Pain, pain that pierced her heart.

Her heart was dripping blood.

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