Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238: Chapter 1238 what are you doing in your room with the door closed

Author: Qingqing Zijin 05 MACHINE TRANSLATION

“Long Chenjue, what’s wrong with you? ” Jian Xiaomo sounded a little nervous.

Long Chenjue’s deep eyes lingered on Jian Xiaomo’s little face for a while, then he suddenly said to Jian Xiaomo, “Jian Xiaomo, did you confess to me today? ”

Jian Xiaomo was eager to know what long chenjue would say next, so she nodded in response to long Chenjue’s words.

“No, Jian Xiaomo, this is the first time you confessed to me. I want to record it on my computer. ”

Long Chenjue turned around and was about to leave the bed.

Jian Xiaomo was stunned for a moment before she realized that long Chenjue had specially written something for her on his computer. A warm feeling flowed through her heart. Jian Xiaomo hugged long chenjue again and said, “I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay. ”

Jian Xiaomo’s voice was so soft that it could not be softened.

Long Chenjue was stunned for a moment. He glanced at Jian Xiaomo a few times and did not leave.

Just when the two of them were about to take the next step, there was a knock on the door again.

Long Chenjue’s nature was interrupted, and he could not help but frown. His thin lips were unwilling to leave Jian Xiaomo’s lips, so Jian Xiaomo did not intend to care about the knock on the door. She thought that the people outside would leave after seeing that no one was opening the door.

She Kissed Long Chenjue.

And the people outside were obviously not going to stop until you came to open the door.

“Long Chenjue, go and see what happened, ” Jian Xiaomo said as she gently pushed long Chenjue.

Long Chenjue was obviously unwilling, but since Jian Xiaomo said so, he could only glare at Jian Xiaomo fiercely and then walk towards the door.

Jian Xiaomo took advantage of the situation and quickly tidied up her clothes. However, she didn’t need to look at her face to know that it was abnormally red.

After she tidied up her clothes, she sat on the bed and looked towards the door.

Long Chenjue’s face was as ugly as it could be. He picked up the mask from the table impatiently and knocked it on the table a few times, but it didn’t break. He put it on his face impatiently and strode to the door. He opened the door with one hand and stretched out one leg It looked like he was going to kick the person who knocked on the door.

Jian Xiaomo was speechless. After six years, this man had such a bad temper.

She saw that his temper on the island was already very tolerable. She thought that this man’s temper had changed, but he was still so bad.

Just as Jian Xiaomo was thinking about it, the door of the room opened at this time. Then she saw long Chenjue’s stretched leg stiffen in the air.

Jian Xiaomo was still curious when she heard a sweet voice, “mommy. ”

Long Lu ran in in a pink dress. Behind her was long Xuan, who was wearing a small black suit. No wonder long Chenjue did not get off his leg. It turned out that the two babies had come.

Long Lu ran in with big strides, while long Xuan looked at long chenjue coldly, especially long Chenjue’s raised leg.

The two of them stared at each other for a long time, as if they were competing to see who had the stronger aura and how long each of them could last.

A few minutes later, long Chenjue said in a very unpleasant tone, “my leg is not feeling well. I’m practicing. ”

Then, he withdrew his legs and was about to walk inside.

However, before he could walk inside, Long Xuan suddenly took a quick step forward and blocked long Chenjue’s way.

Long Chenjue felt a chill run down his spine. This little thing actually went against him time and time again. Because he was giving in to him, he was taking an inch and taking a mile.

Just as long Chenjue was about to speak.

Long Lu had already run to Jian Xiaomo’s side and said, “Mommy, what were you doing in the house with the door closed with this uncle just now? ”

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