Paradise of Demonic Gods

Chapter 1162 - End

Chapter 1162: End

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Just as the White, Silver, Gold, and Pink Demonic Gods were falling concurrently toward the source of the timeline…

Countless universes away, a stretch of starry river that glimmered in a cyan glow started to seethe. They were as powerful as material electromagnetic waves that kept on transmitting and gathering.

“The fall of the demonic gods has finally started.

“The strongest living beings in the universe gather at the source of the universe. Endless chaos will be coming.

“The entire multivariate universe will be having the darkest, most chaotic, and most unfathomable era in history.”

A green parrot flew amidst the cyan sea of stars and squawked, “Tide of Chaos, aren’t you afraid that you’ll be struck down when the time comes? None of them are to be trifled with. Moreover, don’t pretend that you don’t know what Li Anping’s and White’s objectives are!”

“No, I’ve always firmly believed that everything in the multivariate universe was born from our consciousness. Our everything comes from that first wisp of wisdom,” the Cyan Demonic God—Tide of Chaos—said with great yearning. “And chaos is the only true essence of wisdom and consciousness. Our universe was born amidst a stretch of chaos and will welcome its end amidst a stretch of chaos. The surging waves in the sea of chaos will cover every corner of the multivariate universe. This is this world’s eternal truth.”

As they spoke, Cyan and Green Demonic Gods landed together at the source of the multivariate universe.

“The universe’s future will welcome eternal chaos due to the demonic gods’ disappearance,” Green said with a sigh. “The universe’s past will also welcome the tides of chaos due to the demonic gods’ arrival. Even I won’t be able to go up against this tide anymore.”

Simultaneously, the other demonic gods also plunged toward the source over varying reasons.

Elsewhere, within a big golden hall that was hidden amidst void space, there seemed to be an endless number of densely-packed golden human figures gathered. Each of them had an overwhelming aura and powers—as majestic as the mountains and the seas—that seethed incessantly in the space.

This big golden hall was like the hall where all gods gathered, giving off an extremely solemn and powerful feeling.

In the center of the hall, Bai Xinghe who came from the Country of Delusions let out a soft sigh. “The fall of the demonic gods has started. Everything is as Her Majesty predicted. The 13 demonic gods will be heading concurrently toward the source of the entire multivariate universe in search of the ultimate answer.”

“From today onward, there shall be no more demonic gods in the world,” a beautiful lady with snow-white skin—who appeared like she was made from snow—said and stood up behind Bai Xinghe. The lady with snow-white skin was dressed in the Emperor’s robes and a crown as she continued softly, “Humans will become the dominator over the entire multivariate universe. An era filled with endless possibilities will be coming.”

At the next instant, the whole Abstrusity Network that connected the entire Country of Delusions emitted out from the young lady’s body.

The Abstrusity Network was an ultimate piece of work that the Silver Demonic God Li Anping had created when he formed the Country of Delusions. It was a network that surpassed space-time and connected all members of the Country of Delusions. Not only could the Abstrusity Network freely transmit information but it could also be used to transmit energy and matter.

RIght now, the young lady dressed in the Emperor’s robe activated the entire Abstrusity Network. An endless amount of information was emitted from her body and then channeled into all the members of the Country of Delusions through the Abstrusity Network.

At this instant, the several hundred million members of mankind across the entire multivariate universe had received the message that she sent out.

“Electromagnetism Propulsion, Consciousness Reassembly, Quantum Calculation… as well as Amaranthine Quantum, Superstring Life, and Yggdrasil.”

Everyone discovered to their astonishment that what they had received was the cultivation method that their eternal leader—Silver Demonic God Li Anping—had used to reached the level of a demonic god.

In the plunging space-time, a white light and a silver light entangled together.

A human figure that was completely wrapped up in silver light bellowed, “White, you’ve already lost. The future of the multivariate universe belongs to the humans. From today onward, there will be no more demonic gods.”

The white light flickered a little and then took on the form of a man with a similar appearance. However, this man’s gaze was ice-cold like that of a robot.

“Li Anping, you’ve known since a long time ago that humans are meaningless to me,” White said with an ice-cold and rational voice. As an absolutely rational existence, he was not one who would communicate with the other party. However, right now, the communication between them could increase the chances of his victory.

“You on the other hand, someone who has given up on the Country of Delusions and lost your own beliefs, will turn into a part of me.”

“Come on!”

“Come on!”

“Come on!”

“Merge into one!”

“Merge into one!”

“Merge into one!”

Countless voices seethed in voice space like they were the shouts from all the living beings in the entire multivariate universe.

The silver figure was slowly encompassed by endless white light.

The current Li Anping had given up managing the Country of Delusions and let go of the ideals he had been upholding for a very long time. To White, this seemed to be the best opportunity.

“Li Anping, have you finally realized it? Humans are incorrigible to being with. It’s completely impossible for an ideal country to exist. After we leave, the entire Country of Delusions will probably break down within ten years. You were the one who gave up on them.”

“White, as someone who has absolute rationality, you’ll never be able to understand that sometimes, giving up is for the sake of obtaining. If I had given up on my obstinacy for the sake of my ideals, then I would have nothing to fear,” Li Anping said, with his countenance not changing in the least while he faced White’s engulfing and assimilation. “Humanity’s future can be handed over to the humans themselves. They no longer need my protection. My existence, on the contrary, restricted their endless possibilities. It’s the same for the other demonic gods like yourself as well.

“This world doesn’t need you guys…”

As he spoke, his entire body started to break down and crumble.

“If giving up on my obsession can present the humans with a truly limitless future, then how is it impossible for the legendary ideal country to exist in this future that has endless possibilities?”


“There’s one more thing I forgot to tell you… I’ve long stopped cultivating the Superstring Life…”

The silver and white lights merged together like paint, and the white light started to struggle intensely. However, it was still unable to break away from the silver light’s restraints.

“Li Anping… what is this?”

White’s every choice in the many tiny options would always have a probability of 100% . He would never be able to make a second choice. He was trapped in an endless stretch of accurate choices.

The Absurdity Prison. White—you, who are absolutely rational, can forget about ever escaping from this prison of rationality.”

Li Anping took a long look at a certain direction in void space. The scene of his hometown in the distance seemed to once again appear in his senses.

“A country without the demonic gods’ interference… The future will be filled with endless possibilities. Amongst these endless possibilities, there must also exist the beautiful future that I wish to see…

“It’s a pity. This time, I’m really too tired…”

Li Anping gradually closed his eyes, and at the next instant, the silver light gradually shattered, completely merging together with the white light. They turned into a stretch of silver-white waves that fell toward the source of the universe.

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