Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303 - Loftiness 

Qin Nan was the first to react facing the sudden danger.

"Sima Kong, stay close to me!"

Qin Nan let out a roar and fired a stream of Destruction Will, encapsulating Sima Kong's figure. Following this, he executed the Unstoppable Step and charged toward the pack of gigantic beasts rapidly!


Qin Nan slashed forward with the Heaven-Shattering Saber. The terrifying saber intents shattered the beasts into pieces, while Qin Nan effectively dodged the attacks and pressed forward. A while later, he was less than a thousand zhang away from the entrance!

The gigantic beasts could wait, his primary focus was to enter the Blood Lotus Wonderland and retrieve the Death Crystal!

"Mm? Such an outstanding cultivation."

Among the nine cultivators, Tu Di's eyes flickered in astonishment. He had initially thought the person was only a first-layer Martial Monarch, but his true strength was stronger than an ordinary sixth-layer Martial Monarch.

"This guy's cultivation is powerful indeed. Last time, even with the five of us teamed up, we are still no match against him. We should head inside the cave and kill him straight away."

Fei Hong and Shi Ang blurted out. Their surroundings were filled with terrifying flames and lightning rays.


Tu Di nodded and immediately made his move.

At that instant, a series of deafening explosions took place, which echoed throughout the mountain.

A few moments later, Qin Nan leapt out from the pack of gigantic beasts like a giant bird with golden wings and stepped into the cave together with Sima Kong.

However, a breath later, the crew of nine broke free from the surrounding beasts and entered the cave too.

After all, Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang were the Young Masters of the three ancient tribes, who were also ranked on the Genius Martial Monarchs Ranking. Their capabilities greatly surpassed that of ordinary cultivators, not to mention that they were escorted by six fifth-layer Martial Monarchs too.

"What in the world..."

Qin Nan, Sima Kong, and the crew of nine following behind them were stunned as they saw the scene before them.

They could only see a desert city constructed with blood-colored sand which covered an area with a circumference of over three thousand zhang.

At the end of the city stood an ancient, mysterious altar and on it stood a pitch-black crystal wrapped by countless streams of Death Qi. On the sides of the crystal were plenty of damaged artifacts, herbs, and fifty-six Abstruse God Pieces.


Qin Nan exhaled deeply as he collected his thoughts.

From his observation with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, the Death Crystal had not been affected after it was brought into the Abstruse God Space. The presence of life that belonged to Jiang Bilan still remained inside it.

"That's the thing."

Tu Di's eyes flickered passionately.

Some days ago while he was cultivating, he had suddenly seen space collapsing as a black ray swept through the sky like a godly bird. He immediately chased it all the way to the Blood Lotus Wonderland after it.

However, the Blood Lotus Wonderland was still not accessible at that time. He had then paid a visit to Old Man Taia and learned the date that it would open.

As a safety measure, he took the initiative to invite Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and their crew.

Even though he had no clue what the pitch-black crystal could do, he had assumed it to be something extraordinary as it was able to break into the Abstruse God Space.

"Damn! This Abstruse God Space is just as dangerous as they said!"

"The whole desert city is made up of forbidding auras and traps that are capable of killing eighth-layer Martial Monarchs!"

"Not only that, the forbidding auras and traps have intertwined with one another densely in a complicated manner, leaving no chance of escaping!"

Sima Kong glanced at the treasures lying beside the Death Crystal and almost began drooling. However, when he subconsciously inspected them with the Emperor of Thieves's Eyes, he was greatly shocked.


Qin Nan, Tu Di, Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the rest quickly activated their eye-techniques and frowned slightly after taking a glance.

The forbidding auras and traps were indeed terrifying.

However, the forbidding auras and traps were stationary. They would eventually find a way to overcome them.

"Let's kill those two first."

Tu Di transmitted his voice to Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the rest. His eyes flickered with a crimson glow as his figure emitted a strong murderous intent that was directed at Qin Nan.

"HAHA, Duan Qing, take note of how we're going to break your body this time."

Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the others laughed grimly as they performed hand seals.

Within a breath's time, several terrifying monarch arts were executed, summoning flames, lightning, and crimson glows that filled the sky above. The area within a few li began to tremble vigorously.

Sima Kong shuddered. It felt like a godly river was pouring down with overwhelming fury.

"Sima Kong, I'll guide you on the correct path, go and take the stuff. I'll deal with them on my own." 

Qin Nan quickly transmitted his voice to Sima Kong.

"Just you?"

Sima Kong was startled, showing a blank expression on his face.

"Go, now."

Qin Nan demanded, whose figure dashed forward and unleashed streams of terrifying Destruction Will that transformed into black chains that punctured the monarch arts.


A series of explosions took place.


Sima Kong clenched his teeth and took out a crumpled yellow talisman from his Sumeru Ring and attached it on his forehead. His aura rose rapidly, as his figure turned into a ray of light that toward the desert city.

"He is sending him to retrieve the treasure. Is he seriously planning to face all of us on his own?"

Tu Di, Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the others had sharp gazes. They immediately speculated as to their opponent's intentions.

"How ridiculous!"

Fei Hong and Shi Ang remained collected, as they already knew Qin Nan's personality.

However, Tu Di was different. As the Young Master of the Blood Tribe, apart from his large ego, he had also practiced the Art of Blood Killing and Godslaying, which caused his mind and opinions to be quite aggressive.

In Tu Di's eyes, the person was surely looking down at him.

It had always been him looking down on other people. Since when had someone dared to look down on him?

How bold!

"Blood of the Heavens and Earth Art, the killing of all living things!"

Tu Di's aura skyrocketed as he performed a hand seal and summoned a huge blood-colored cloud from nowhere. It gathered above the place and soon a rain of blood began to pour down!

Each drop of blood turned out to be a shocking killing blow!

As each drop of blood landed on the ground, it slashed the ground open, leaving a huge ravine behind!

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