Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604 - The Arrival of the Guests

The gathering continued to take place.

After the brief interlude, Qin Nan had suddenly entered the limelight. The elders and geniuses of various factions came to give him a toast.

Even though Qin Nan was not really interested, he still accepted them.

Time gradually passed, it was soon night.

The palaces of the Ten Thousand Zhang Heaven Realm emitted brilliant colors.

From afar, it was as if the place consisted of several drawings, as mystical as a dream.

On top of that, it felt like an entrance in the deepest part of the Ten Thousand Zhang Heaven Realm had opened, as the Heaven Realm Qi bursting out of it was suddenly five times stronger.

Meanwhile, the common artifacts and Immortal Arts were sold at lower prices too.

The cultivators were overjoyed.

Master Wuding's birthday feast officially started too.

"Fellow cultivators, the gathering has come to an end. Let us proceed to give my master our blessings."

Zhao Lijian brought his fists together facing the crowd. He led the way and left the palace.

The location of the birthday feast was in a magnificent palace in the third layer of the Ten Thousand Zhang Heaven Realm.

The palace was encapsulated within an immortal glow with an extraordinary aura, like an ancient beast crawling on the ground.

At the entrance stood thirty disciples on both sides, each in a long, red robe, welcoming the guests.

"The Sanqing Ancient Palace has arrived!"

"The Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect has arrived!"

"The Sky Taihuang Sect has arrived!"

Different than the others, when the representatives of the three Supreme Daoism Factions arrived, more than ten disciples would announce their arrival loudly.

In the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm, for a feast held by Master Wuding, even a Peerless Genius would not be received so grandly.

Only Peerless Rulers and representatives of the Supreme Daoism Factions were treated specially.

"So many cultivators have arrived?"

Qin Nan stood beside Qiu Hong. He was startled when he saw the sight as he entered the hall.

The hall covered an area with a circumference of over five thousand zhang.

A few hundred kinds of Immortal Qi poured down at the hall, with pleasant melodies sounding in every corner.

A thousand tables made of immortal rocks, with strong immortal intent scattered across the place in a specific order, like it was some kind of formation.

The birthday feast had only took place, yet half of the seats were already taken. A few thousand cultivators had arrived.

Besides, each cultivator had an incredibly powerful aura.

"Brother Nan, that old man is the inner elder of the Sanqing Ancient Palace, and the one beside him is the inner elder of the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect, and..."

After Qiu Hong arrived in his seat, he transmitted his thought to Qin Nan, introducing the reputable cultivators among the crowd.

Qin Nan nodded slightly. He secretly scanned the crowd with his Golden Eyes of the Divine God of Battle.

It was possible to infer a whole leopard by spying a spot. He was able to gain a better understanding of the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm through the feast.

"Ding Tianqi is here!"

Meanwhile, an uproar suddenly took place in the bustling hall. Many immediately glanced toward it.

A young man with bronze-colored skin and purple runes covering his face entered the hall.

The place he passed by would suddenly fell silent, as if the cultivators were stunned by his presence.

His eyes did not seem to be focusing, as if he was totally unaware of the presence of the cultivators in the hall. He simply found an empty seat and sat down.


Qin Nan's eyes emitted a golden flicker.

There was something strange about this Ding Tianqi. Even though the man was not purposely concealing his aura, Qin Nan felt like he was looking into a deep abyss when he tried to observe the man with his eye-technique.

"Ding Tianqi, same like Zhao Lijian, he was also a core disciple of the South World Immortal Emperor, yet he had already probed the door of the Dao Realm."

"In the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm, every Peerless Genius below the Human Immortal Realm is already considered a top talent."

A pleasant scent came in Qin Nan's direction as Xu Xianzhi moved from another table to Qin Nan's with glittering eyes, "However, the man is suffering from a disorder."

Qin Nan was startled, "A disorder?"

Xu Xianzhi said softly, "According to the rumors, he had acquired an incredible succession, yet his soul was heavily injured, resulting in dissociative disorders. He likes to fight, but he can't converse well."

"In addition to it, he always insists to destroy the opponent's dantian. He even destroyed Zhao Lijian's dantian once when he fought against him in the past."

"You will find that Zhao Lijian won't be going easy on him."

Qin Nan turned his head around and realized that just as Xu Xianzhi had mentioned, Zhao Lijian was moving among the crowd and greeting the guests, yet he refused to go thirty zhang close to Ding Tianqi.

Even if it meant skipping a few reputable authorities.

"That asshole..."

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao and Gao Yuanxian's expression sank while they clenched their fists.

They both shared the same thought that at this rate, it was very likely that Xu Xianzhi would fall for Qin Nan instead.

Meanwhile, the Heaven Immortal Realm experts under the South World Immortal Emperor's command and from other factions proceeded to arrive.

Even though these Heaven Immortals were not comparable to the Peerless Rulers, they were still the top experts of the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm, with fairly impressive status.

Following it, the immortal melodies in the hall suddenly intensified.

An old man in a dragon, red robe with white hair and eyes like a pair of heavenly swords appeared at the front of the hall.

"Fellow cultivators and elders, thanks for coming all the way here to attend my thousand-year-old birthday feast. I really appreciate it."

"There are quite a lot of people here, so I hope you will forgive me for not being able to receive every one of you personally.

"However, I welcome everyone that is willing to attend, you aren't allowed to go back before you're drunk."

The old man's voice was like the chime of a bell.

He was the protagonist of the birthday feast, Master Wuding.

"A familiar aura..."

Qin Nan who was standing among the cultivators squinted.

He did not feel it from Zhao Lijian and Ding Tianqi, but he clearly felt it from Master Wuding.

It was a detestable aura that he clearly remembered.

"Wuding, enough with the useless talk. Hurry up and get over with the rituals, I'm definitely going to enjoy myself some drinking with you!"

An old man with eyes sharp like eagles on the table reserved for the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect said pleasantly.

It was a peak Heaven Immortal Realm expert.

"HAHA, since Elder Shenying has spoken, how can I not obey it?"

Master Wuding burst out laughing as he was seated on the first table.

Zhao Lijian immediately stepped forward with a smile and said, "Let us start with the first part, the gifts!"

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