Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1655 - The Immortal-Comprehending Flower Tree

"What just happened?"

Several cultivators had astounded looks in their eyes.

The person had at least killed five Peerless Geniuses to have such a huge crimson-red glow shrouding him.

Who exactly is the man, so vicious to have killed so many Peerless Geniuses?

Besides, he was not here before. How did he force his way in?

In comparison, the living creatures were quicker to collect their thoughts and fired Immortal Arts at Qin Nan.

These living creatures were born of nature, thus they were clueless about the significance of the crimson-red glow. They only felt that Qin Nan's aura was slightly stronger than the young man in a blue robe.

"Sky-Desolating Saber Art!"

Qin Nan slashed forward and advanced imperiously.

The living creatures above the fifth-layer Heaven God Realm were overwhelmed by his saber intents and were crushed into pieces.

Meanwhile, Wan Xiao and Zi Hu flew onto the dojo and set their eyes on a Dragon Seed too.

"Another Peerless Genius is here?"

The cultivators were startled. They knew who Zi Hu was, yet they had never seen the Purple-Golden Godly Bird before.

"Fellow cultivators, let's team up and retrieve two Dragon Seeds from this man with blood hair!"

Someone among the cultivators transmitted his thoughts to the others.

Qin Nan had taken three Dragon Seeds, meaning that there were only two Dragon Seeds left.

With so many cultivators and living creatures around, how could they possibly stand a chance?

Their only choice was to take the Dragon Seeds from Qin Nan or some other Peerless Geniuses.

"Got it!"

The five cultivators responded and locked their gaze on Qin Nan.

Meanwhile, other cultivators proceeded to target Wan Xiao, Zi Hu, and Liang Qi too.

"Zone of Destruction!"

Qin Nan struck once again. He slashed forward, unleashing Destruction Saber Intents in all directions.

The living creatures attacking him, and the cultivators nearby were startled. They immediately executed Immortal Arts to resist the overwhelming force.


Qin Nan vanished into thin air, before showing up in front of a cultivator. He threw a punch onto the man's chest and knocked him flying while crying out in agony.

He proceeded to attack the rest of the enemies.

The living creatures and cultivators gradually fell to the ground.

Even though these cultivators had summoned the Seven-Clawed Godly Dragons which greatly surpassed the grade of Qin Nan's dragon, their cultivation was mostly in the peak Heaven God Realm, and they had only mastered three of the Four Extremities.

They simply stood no chance against Qin Nan.

"This man is too strong, we can't take him on!"

In addition to the cultivators, the living creatures shared the same thought too. They immediately set their eyes on the other Dragon Seeds.

"You...don't you dare!"

However, among the living creatures, eight of them in the peak Heaven God Realm that once obtained some extraordinary successions were determined to fight Qin Nan instead.


Eight Immortal Arts were fired at Qin Nan simultaneously.

"Death Upon the Area!"

Qin Nan dodged aside before slashing the rift.

The eight peak Heaven God Realm creatures felt a great chill running down their spine. Before they could react, strong saber intents encapsulated their figures.


The eight peak Heaven God Realm creatures suffered serious injuries and fell to the ground.

Qin Nan flung his sleeves and put the three Dragon Seeds away.

He glanced into the distance.

Wan Xiao and Zi Hu were both Peerless Geniuses. They might struggle a little being flanked by the Heaven Gods and the living creatures, but they had no problem handling the fight themselves.

They were knocking an enemy out with each of their moves.

Seeing this, Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired two saber intents to knock a few cultivators surrounding them flying.

The two immediately reacted and took a Dragon Seed each.

"Let's find a place to refine them."

Qin Nan landed on Wan Xiao's back. The latter immediately spread his wings and soared into the sky, while Zi Hu followed tightly behind.

"He has a Peerless Genius as his mount?"

The cultivators who were initially planning to chase after the group were totally astounded by the sight.

"That man is stronger than me. He might be able to take Wu Huisheng on. It looks like I have a chance still!"

Liang Qi who was still in the middle of a flight suddenly unleashed wisps of demonic aura from his eyes. His lips curled up into an eerie grin, he was like a totally different person.

Time gradually passed.

Qin Nan and his crew soon left the dojo.

They were shrouded by wisps of immortal glows and god glow.

"Mm? Such a strong, pleasant scent."

Wan Xiao suddenly sniffed.

Qin Nan took a deep breath too and discovered that his mind immediately cleared up.

"This scent...could it be the Immortal-Comprehending Flower Tree?"

Zi Hu's eyes flickered with astonishment, "How could such a rare loot appear in this space?"

The confined space was a land of treasure, but the treasure it had was clearly not of the level of the Immortal-Comprehending Flower Tree.

Qin Nan did not reply. He looked ahead, and not long after, a light-blue lake covering an area of a few thousand li showed up.

On the center of the lake was a land over a few hundred zhang.

The land had an enormous tree with thousands of branches standing firmly.

And on the branches, flowers with mystical glows were blossoming.

Whenever a flower blossomed, the scent lingering in the air would grow stronger.

"This Immortal-Comprehending Flower Tree is most likely here for thousands of years judging from the looks of it. Let's refine the Dragon Seeds under it."

Qin Nan said.

The Immortal-Comprehending Flower Tree, as the name suggested, it was able to aid cultivators to comprehend the Human Immortal Realm.

Its actual effects were not that exaggerating, but anyone was cultivating or comprehending Martial Arts under it would have double the efficiency.

Wan Xiao and Zi Hu agreed to the suggestion. They arrived under the tree and set up forbidding auras and traps before taking out the Dragon Seeds.

"Let me see what you have inside."

Qin Nan glanced at the three Dragon Seeds. His eyes flickered as he set the Dragon Seeds aflame.

Not long after, three dragon cries exploded in his mind.

Following it, three formidable energy surged into his body as countless words surfaced in his Divine Sense.

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