Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1770 - The Forbidden Blood of Ten Shamans

Chapter 1770 - The Forbidden Blood of Ten Shamans

Xiu Shenliang pointed close to the roots of the Immortal Repelling Tree and blurted out in astonishment, “There’s a pattern here. It’s almost the same as one of the patterns on the wooden frame of the door.”

Qin Nan and the others were startled. They immediately shifted their attention to it.

As Xiu Shenliang had mentioned, there was indeed a pattern close to the roots, but its outline was extremely faint. It was not emitting any aura too. It was difficult to notice it without taking a close look.

“Qin Nan, there’s a pattern below the flower too. It seems like the other resources too have various patterns around them, and they are the same as those on the door frame,” the Blood-Eye Human Immortal scanned his surroundings and said.


The eyes of Qin Nan, Yuanji, and the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor slightly widened. They exchanged glances with one another after taking a close look at the other natural resources. They could see the serious look in one another’s eyes.

They were clueless about the meaning behind the patterns, but judging from their experiences, it was most likely to be some deadly traps.

“I’ve encountered a similar situation once. It’s very likely that we’ll trigger the trap corresponding to the natural resource we’re trying to take,” Yuanji touched his braided ponytail and said.

“Either way, I need the Eight-Eyed Yin and Yang Flower and the Immortal Repelling Tree to save someone important to me. I hope you all can understand,” Qin Nan said with a deep voice.

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor rolled his eyes.

He already knew Qin Nan would be taking the best loots of all.

However, he was not displeased by it.

Since they entered the place, Qin Nan had consumed two wisps of Supreme Will, allowing them to come so far. It was reasonable for him to take two Immortal Blessing resources.

He might be shameless, but he still knew how to behave himself in some ways.

Yuanji, Blood-Eye, and Xiu Shenliang did not say a word.

Qin Nan brought his fists together at them and took a deep breath. He summoned two immortal giant hands grabbing at the two resources.

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor and the others immediately backed away and gathered their focus.

They were interested to see what was going to happen when Qin Nan tried to take the two Immortal Blessing resources.


The Eight-Eyed Yin and Yang Flower and the Immortal Repelling Tree unleashed a magnificent immortal intent, stirring a shocking gale in the valley.

Two murderous attacks were accumulating their forces behind the scenes.

Qin Nan groaned and unleashed his Dao intent to suppress the will of the two Immortal Blessing resources. The giant hands grabbed at them and placed them inside the storage bag.

Qin Nan did not burst with joy after he was done. His figure tensed as he summoned the Heaven-Shattering Saber while fully unleashing his immortal force to brace himself.

One breath, two breaths…five breaths had passed.

The valley was perfectly quiet and still.

The two strange patterns of the Immortal Blessing resources did not show any reaction.


Qin Nan, Yuanji, and the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor were astounded.

Did they guess it wrong?

“That doesn’t make sense, these patterns must be some kind of traps. Perhaps they won’t show any reaction for a while, and will only strike after some time?” Yuanji said after giving it some thoughts.

“That’s very possible!”

The Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor chuckled. His eyes glittered, “If that’s the case, shall we take all the resources here? Whatever happens later is none of our concern.”

He immediately burst forward, leaving afterimages along his trail as he reached his hand out to secure the natural resources.

“Don’t you dare!” Yuanji yelled. He immediately made his move to acquire the natural resources too.

Blood-Eye and Xiu Shenliang exchanged glances with one another, before they decisively teamed up and competed for the available resources.

As for Qin Nan, he did not bother joining the others.

The four plundered the area like locusts, leaving not a single thing behind. All that remained were the strange patterns on the ground.

“We can’t afford to stay here for too long. Tim to go!”

Qin Nan and the others prepared to leave the place.

However, the spacious valley began to shake vigorously. The smooth walls on both sides were filled with countless talismans.

Meanwhile, the ancient ruins…

Following a series of flickers, Immortal Emperor Zhugang, Immortal Emperor Jiangjue, Immortal Emperor Guqing, Immortal Emperor Qingli, the Peerless Rulers, and cultivators such as Xu Lai, Xiao Yiyu, Zhu Zihuang, and the others showed up.

“Are those…Dao Weapons!?”

“Every palace here has a Dao Weapon?”

They shared the same reaction as Qin Nan and his crew when they first arrived. Even Immortal Emperor Zhugang, Immortal Emperor Jiangjue, and the Peerless Rulers were astounded too.

“No wonder Qin Nan and his crew didn’t take a single Dao Weapon even though they were here first. Each palace was protected by guards, each with a cultivation equivalent to the fifth-layer Heaven Immortal Realm,” Immortal Emperor Guqing said after noticing something.

As someone from the Wengu Tribe, she was very familiar with things that had existed for a long time. The other Peerless Rulers were no match against her.

Immortal Emperor Zhugang, Immortal Emperor Jiangjue, and the Peerless Rulers nodded. They quickly scanned the area and soon discovered a mysterious wooden door.

“Qin Nan and his crew aren’t here. They must have entered the door. Let’s go after them. Otherwise, they are going to take away the best loots in this place!” Immortal Emperor Jiangjue immediately said.

The other Peerless Rulers nodded in agreement.

Immortal Emperor Guqing suddenly noticed something when they were just about to move. She blurted out sternly, “Wait!”

She came to the wooden door and inspected the strange patterns that were carved on the wooden frame.

Immortal Emperor Jiangjue frowned and said, “Cultivator Guqing, what’s wrong?”

Every second they wasted was extremely important. It might mean they could only watch the others leave with some incredible loots and successions.

Besides, Qin Nan and his crew were not only just a few seconds ahead.

Immortal Emperor Guqing ignored him. Her eyes were gradually filled with astonishment. She finally collected her thoughts after a while. She took a deep breath and said, “These ancient ruins are very terrifying. Through this door lies a great Land of Danger!”

The cultivators were startled.

“What do you mean?” Immortal Emperor Jiangjue asked.

“Have you heard of the Forbidden Blood of Ten Shamans?”

Immortal Emperor Guqing’s question caused Immortal Emperor Jiangjue and the Peerless Rulers’ eyes to widen.

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