Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 2 - Divine Battle Spirit

Chapter 2 - Divine Battle Spirit

The crowd went quiet for a period of time.

Qin Changkong was the first to react, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Hahaha! Qin Nan! Who would’ve thought that you would unexpectedly awaken a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit! Genius my ass! Now you’re thoroughly a waste. Whereas I am now the true genius of the Qin Clan, as well as Linshui City’s number one genius!”

First-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, this would be equivalent to the lowest existence out of all the Martial Spirits! One could also call it the ‘Martial Spirit Waste’.

Even within the Qin Clan, those who awakened a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit were very few in numbers. The majority had awakened a second-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

Qin Changkong’s frenzied and ear-piercing laughter immediately awoke the crowd.

The expressions of the elders and disciples toward Qin Nan immediately changed from one of revere and expectation into one of severe disappointment and despise.

“It’s unexpectedly a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit! Oh my lord! That’s so trash.”

“F*** me! What a waste of my emotions. What bullshit number ‘one genius’, he’s only a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit Waste."

“Yeah! Big Brother Qin Changkong is the true number one genius. This Qin Nan, I’m afraid he is Qin Clan’s number one waste!”


In the Martial World, the strong had authority, thus, the reaction of the crowd was not strange at all. Instead, they harbored an indescribable hostility towards Qin Nan.

This was due to the fact that ever since Qin Nan was young, he had displayed an incredibly formidable innate talent. This caused them to also have very high expectations of him. However, who would have thought that this would be the final result.

How could these elders and disciples not despise Qin Nan after wasting everyone’s feelings?

Qin Changkong was extremely excited and high-spirited, he wore a domineering expression as he laughed at Qin Nan, “Did you see that? I have told you once before, the Martial Spirits are decided by the heavens. Even if you created a Martial Skill, so what? At the end of the day, you’re just a waste!”

Qin Nan glanced at him indifferently. Without saying a word, he proceeded to leave with large strides.

If it was like the past, there would definitely be disciples of Qin Clan as well as elders following him. However, currently, there was not a single person beside Qin Nan, the scene seemed particularly lonely.

As Qin Nan walked away, the surrounding disciples and Elders immediately reacted by surrounding Qin Changkong. Their faces were filled with the intentions of currying favors.

“Wow! Big Brother Qin Changkong, recently, you haven’t paid attention to us at all, we’ve really missed you.”

“Young Master Qin Changkong, it would make more sense if you were the Young Lord of the Qin Clan. What kind of qualifications does that waste have to possess that title?”

“Young Master Qin Changkong, from now on, I will be your subordinate. If you tell me to go east, then I’ll definitely not walk west!”


Not long after the end of the Martial Spirit Awakening Ceremony, the incident had spread throughout Qin Clan and Linshui City. Not only was the people of Qin Clan extremely startled, but even the people of Linshui city were thoroughly dumbfounded.

They couldn’t believe that Linshui City’s number one genius, Qin Nan, had actually awakened a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

However, this was the Martial World. Albeit astonished and dumbstruck, their gaze quickly turned to watch over Qin Changkong.

After all, he has a fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Within Linshui City, he was a top-rate existence.

After Qin Nan left the stage, he directly returned to his courtyard. His expression was tranquil from the beginning until present, not even a slightest bit of rage appeared on his face. That is how it works in this world. Only when you have strength will people revere you.

Although he understood this logic, the reactions of the disciples and elders of the Qin Clan still caused Qin Nan to feel slightly disappointed.

“Whatever, there’s no need to be bothered with them. I’ll begin with using this Martial Spirit and experience the taste of cultivation.”

Qin Nan quickly recovered his tranquillity as he sat cross-legged in the large courtyard. The Scarlet Flame Saber emerged from his back, it rose slowly as it emitted traces of heat.

The Scarlet Flame Saber floated as it issued a profound attraction force, drawing in the Spiritual Qi from the Heaven and Earth.

As the Spiritual Qi entered Qin Nan’s body, he couldn’t help but become slightly startled. His somewhat pale complexion began to redden as if he had gotten drunk from drinking wine.

Cultivation as a whole started out in the realm of tempering the body and was split into ten different layers.

The so-called “Body Tempering” was just as the name implied. It was when you absorb the Spiritual Qi into your body and temper it.

As a result, after Qin Nan had absorbed the Spiritual Qi into his body, he had already begun marrow and Meridian cleansing as well as physical body strengthening.

As the time slowly passed, Qin Nan finally opened his eyes after three or more hours had passed. On his forehead were rows of fine sweat.

“The grade of the Martial Spirit is indeed very important…” Qin Nan thought to himself.

He clenched the Scarlet Flame Saber in his hands as he meticulously inspected the saber. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but reveal a hint of bitterness.

After experiencing cultivation, he finally understood why the grades of Martial Spirits were so important.

For example, he had been cultivating for six hours but he gained nothing out of it. However, if Qin Changkong were to cultivate for six hours, I’m afraid he would have already broken through the first-layer of Body Tempering.

Furthermore, the higher grade your Martial Spirit is, the greater amount of assistance it can provide during a fight.

“However, thankfully I awakened a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. If it was some other grade, then I’m afraid I’d be quite gloomy….”

The corner of Qin Nan’s mouth curled into an indifferent smile. With a thought, he entered and immersed himself within his Dantian.

Within Qin Nan’s Dantian was a floating crimson thunderbolt around the size of a knuckle, drifting up and down. The thunderbolt also emanated a mysterious and dreadful ancient aura.

This was Qin Nan’s greatest secret, even his father didn’t know about this.

During his training session when he was fourteen years old, he had encountered an abrupt change in weather which caused a rainfall. As he rushed to find a place to shelter himself from the rain, Qin Nan was unluckily struck by a crimson thunderbolt.

The matter of him being struck by a heavenly thunder had actually been known by every single citizen of Linshui City. However, the fact that they had not known was that following the incident where Qin Nan had been struck by the thunderbolt, new memories had emerged within his mind, while a crimson thunderbolt emerged within his body.

“According to the shattered fragment of the memory, this crimson thunderbolt was an ownerless Martial Spirit known as the Divine Battle Spirit. “

“If one wanted to obtain this Divine Battle Spirit, then they would have to tribute their own Martial Spirit to obtain it.”

“Moreover, the higher the grade of your Martial Spirit, then the lower the chances of awakening the Divine Battle Spirit. However, if your Martial Spirit was at first-grade Huang rank, then you could definitely awaken the Divine Battle Spirit.

The smile on the corners of Qin Nan’s mouth stretched wider and wider, this was the reason as to why he had not been depressed over awakening a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

After all, the origins of the Divine Battle Spirit was mysterious. If he had awakened a fifth-grade Martial Spirit and used it as an offering, then he wouldn’t have been able to guarantee its odds of success.

One would need to be quite optimistic to use a fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit as a tribute.

However, as Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit was currently a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, as well as his status of being a waste, there was practically no difference. If he were to tribute in his current state, although he could not guarantee the odds of success, he also wouldn’t be under any pressure.

The smile on Qin Nan’s face quickly vanished as he held the Scarlet Flame Saber in his hands. He inhaled a deep breath and said, “Now, I’ll be using this saber as a tribute….”

Qin Nan’s face immediately turned grim as he began to chant verses of an ancient incantation.

This incantation was called ‘Spirit Sacrifice Technique’. This technique had emerged within his mind when he was struck by the thunderbolt.

Spirit Sacrifice Technique, just as the name implied, was a technique which allowed one to sacrifice their own Martial Spirit. This technique was extremely peculiar, it didn’t require the expenditure of Spiritual Qi or any other costs. It was incomparably mysterious.

Following the activation of Spirit Sacrifice Technique, a few black lights emerged from Qin Nan’s hands. Following this, the black lights became viscous, it was like liquid, incessantly extruding.

Qin Nan’s face became solemn as he immediately raised his palm toward the Scarlet Flame Saber in front of him and firmly grasped it.

A stunning scene could be seen, the entire Scarlet Flame Saber begun to buzz and quiver. It was like an incorporeal destructive power blew up within the Scarlet Flame Saber’s body, causing it to instantly explode.

After the Scarlet Flame Saber had exploded, it filled the skies with red-colored dots. It was as though it had blossomed into small wisps of flames.

Qin Nan’s complexion immediately paled. During the instant the Scarlet Flame Saber had exploded, he felt as if his soul was pulled out, causing him to almost suffocate.

After all, although Martial Spirits were granted to him by the heavens, it was also a part of him. When his Martial Spirit shattered, it was equivalent to Qin Nan’s body shattering.

Qin Nan grit his teeth and endured the pressure emanating from his brain. He extended a palm toward the sky and clasped his hands, a mysterious attraction force immediately erupted from the black liquid within his palms.

The scattered red-colored dots in the air was immediately absorbed into Qin Nan’s body as it poured into his Dantian.

The Crimson Thunderbolt within his Dantian absorbed the entirety of the red dots. In this instant, it was as if the time had frozen, followed by an abrupt explosion from the Crimson Thunderbolt.

“The Divine Battle Spirit wages war against the heavens and battle against earth. Whether they be Gods or Buddhas, there is none He does not fight and none He does not win against.”

The imposing ancient voice felt like countless of thunderbolts simultaneously surging through Qin Nan’s mind.


Qin Nan widened his bloodshot eyes, he was unable to utter a single sound of pain. Soon after, he was quaked unconscious due to the enormous shock.

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