Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 2349: Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone

Chapter 2349: Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone

He was merely observing as the other two did not give him a chance to help.

"There's a cave over there," Xiao Yuqing pointed forward. The other two followed her finger.

The bottom of the cliff was not spacious. There was a small stream with strange plants and flowers on its bank. They were only emitting faint auras.

The cave Xiao Yueqing referred to was on the wall of a cliff. It seemed to be a natural cave as there was no sign it was made artificially.

"There are some words on the wall..."

The three drove the boat closer. Xiao Yueqing read the words on the wall, "I had coincidentally found this place, but I had to leave because the time was not right. For those who came after me, if you discovered this place before the Two Thousandth Year of the Sacred Heaven Calendar, you should leave immediately. Otherwise, you might find yourself in grave danger."

Xiao Yueqing squinted after reading the words, "It seems like we are in luck. It happens to be the Two Thousandth Year of the Sacred Heaven Calendar this year. Let's head inside and see what we can find."

The vessel floated into the cave.

The three had slowed down. They were being extremely cautious.


They exchanged glances in surprise after going a hundred zhang deep into the cave.

They had sensed a formidable energy at the bottom of the cave. It had obviously surpassed the Master Realm and was around the level of the early stage of the Ruler Realm.

Xiao Yueqing took out an ancient sword while Ling Xun took out a second fan. Qin Nan also materialized his will into a saber.

Half the duration of an incense stick later, the three arrived at the bottom of the cave without any accident.

Xiao Yueqing and Ling Xun's eyes flickered with astonishment.

"Is that...a Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone?"

The bottom of the cave had a radius of around a thousand zhang. A huge ceramic-glazed stone with an irregular surface stood at the center.

A great energy was flowing out of the glowing stone.

However, the energy leaking out of it was nothing compared to the energy it contained.

Normally, an artifact with an equal level of energy inside the stone would emit an aura that spread over hundreds or thousands of li away, but the aura of the stone had only covered half the cave.

"Is there anything special about this stone?"

Qin Nan wore a curious look. He did not notice anything special about the stone except for the shocking energy it contained.

"Do you seriously not know it? This Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone is naturally formed in extremely strict conditions. It would take thousands of years for one to take shape."

"If a Master of Dao refines it, not only would they have a thirty percent chance of achieving the Ruler Realm, it would significantly strengthen their soul too."

Xiao Yueqing blurted out in excitement, "Besides, this Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone is evolving due to some special circumstances. It will soon become Three-Lined Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone, increasing the chance of achieving the Ruler Realm to fifty percent."

Qin Nan was dumbfounded.

He did not expect the stone to be so remarkable.

Everyone knew there were various opportunities in the Heaven Highness Battlefield that would give a Master of Dao a chance to achieve the Ruler Realm, but most of them only had a success rate of twenty to thirty percent.

Only a limited number of them had a chance of forty to fifty percent.

"Xiao Yueqing, you were the one with the Ancient Revisiting Map, but there's only a single stone here. It belongs to you," Ling Xun was interested in the Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone, but he was not that greedy to claim it.

"Mm, Ling Xun is right," Qin Nan nodded.

"That won't do. We have found it together, so it belongs to the three of us," Xiao Yueqing shook her head. She soon added, "Actually, I have an idea, but it's a little risky. Why don't we use the Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone to initiate the Battle of the Masters?"

Qin Nan was startled, "Battle of the Masters? What's that?"

Xiao Yueqing's face darkened. She snapped, "I'm starting to wonder if you are even from this world!"

"The Battle of the Masters happens when a Master of Dao spreads the news of their discovery of something extraordinary. Those who are interested would come and compete for it. After all, a grand occasion is necessary for one to achieve the Ruler Realm."

"Of course, you are not allowed to disclose false information. Otherwise, everyone will join hands to hunt you down."

Ling Xun frowned, "Xiao Yueqing, it's viable if it's only a normal Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone, but this one here has three lines on it. It's too valuable..."

Xiao Yueqing waved her hand before Ling Xun could finish his sentence, "So what? Our goal is to achieve the Ruler Realm! Perhaps we can all achieve the Ruler Realm after attracting people here. I've made up my mind. I'll spread the news now!"

Qin Nan smiled.

He realized not only was Xiao Yueqing good-hearted, she was courageous too.

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None of them might claim the Three-Lined Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone in the end because of her decision, meaning that none of them could achieve the Ruler Realm. All their efforts would be in vain.

"Judging by its appearance, it would take another five days for it to evolve. In other words, we have five days to prepare ourselves."

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Xiao Yueqing looked at Qin Nan and said indifferently, "Cultivator Lin, why don't we have a friendly duel?"

Ling Xun's eyes glittered. He said sincerely, "Great idea, I would like to witness Cultivator Lin's strength too."

Qin Nan agreed it was a great idea. He was about to accept it when a sudden chill ran down his spine.


Qin Nan unleashed his will of heart without any hesitation to encapsulate Xiao Yueqing and Ling Xun.


A series of explosions took place.

Thirty-six illusionary figures suddenly appeared around the Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone, each holding a scythe in their hand. They had a strange aura like they had merged with the cave and the Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone.

It was obvious that the Heaven and Earth Fortune Stone was under the protection of the Force of the Heaven and Earth due to its evolution.

"How is your will of heart so powerful?" Xiao Yueqing and Ling Xun were stunned.

Was Lin Xiaozhi really a disciple of the Curved Swords?

"Is that really your concern now? These thirty-six illusionary figures look like big trouble."

Qin Nan was utterly speechless. He charged forward first and swung his saber around.

Xiao Yueqing and Lin Xiaozhi exchanged glances. They both decided to stay put. It was a perfect opportunity for them to see how strong Lin Xiaozhi was.

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