Peerless Genius System

Chapter 2 - Constitution of the King of Mercenaries

Chapter 2: Constitution of the King of Mercenaries

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Xiao Luo saw shock, confusion and doubt in their eyes …

“The patient has septic shock, ruptured intestines, bleeding, and contusion of the liver and spleen. How could he have awakened in only half a day?”

“Not only that, the patient also suffered contusions on both lungs, multiple rib fractures on both sides, comminuted skull fracture, torn right abdominal muscles, haemorrhage of the digestive tract and a pelvis fracture. With such severe injuries to his body, how did the patient regain consciousness just like this?”

“Unbelievable, this is a medical miracle!”

The group of doctors sized up Xiao Luo carefully, as if they were looking at an alien. Their shock and horror could not be articulated. The female nurse who screamed earlier was amongst them.

Xiao Luo was equally shocked, because the value of his points was increasing rapidly. It suddenly rose from the previous ten points to one hundred points. It did not stop at one hundred but continued to increase to a thousand and one points before finally stabilizing.

“DING, Congratulations! You’ve earned nine hundred and eleven points. Do you want to enter the mall for redemption?” The system notification sounded.

Xiao Luo blinked and got a hold of his mind, he remembered his weak constitution and inquired, “System, is there anything that can improve my physical strength?”

As soon as the words were spoken, an ability called “Constitution of: King of Mercenaries” appeared on the lighted silver screen. But it would cost a thousand points to redeem it.

“Why isn’t there an explanatory note?” Xiao Luo was puzzled.

“Ding, the ‘Constitution of: King of Mercenaries’ can enable the host to quickly possess a mercenary king’s ability. This includes but is not limited to physical strength, combat experience, ability to response, knowledge of firearms, etc. Once redeemed, it will be permanently in effect. Do you wish to proceed with redemption? “The system voice said.

F*ck me!

Xiao Luo drew in a breath of cool air. This was more than just a “cheat code”. It was like going into the script of a game and directly modifying the characteristics of the main character.


The word was barely squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth. He still could not believe that this system really existed, unless his body suddenly became stronger for real.

“Ding, Congratulations! You’ve received ‘Constitution of: King of Mercenaries’ and used up one thousand points!” The system notification voice said.

However, the doctors in the room looked at each other in dismay. It was because they could not see the lighted silver screen or hear the system’s notifications. All they could hear was Xiao Luo’s voice.

Seeing how Xiao Luo was talking to himself as he sat on the bed and how his brows occasionally scrunched together and relaxed, they uniformly agreed that Xiao Luo’s brain had been damaged. Although he had awakened, he had now become a mental patient.

Moreover they had completely calmed down by now as they realized a major problem, and that was the person who had diagnosed the patient last night. He was an intern who had not arrived in the hospital for long.

Their understanding of the patient was also based on the diagnostic report by the intern. After all, they had only arrived for work a short while ago and did not have the time to check the patient’s condition personally.

So, could this be a misdiagnosis, a case of getting the wrong report? This was not a medical miracle at all?

“Have you contacted the patient’s family?” A middle-aged doctor turned his head and asked the female nurse next to him.

The female nurse nodded, “We’re about to contact the patient’s family through his cell phone. A man named Zhang Dashan just happened to call and he said he’s the patient’s good friend. We told Zhang Dashan the patient’s situation and he immediately agreed to come over. He should be on his way now. ”

The middle-aged doctor said, “Very good. Remember to inform Zhang Dashan of the patient’s medical expenses!”

“Hmm, okay.” The female nurse nodded in answer.

“By the way, arrange another full-body examination for the patient. I strongly suspect that his examination report was wrong. What? Tearing and bleeding of the right eye? Look at him, there’s no injuries anywhere on his body. Did Xiao Lai, who took over my shift last night, doze off on the job?” The middle-aged doctor scowled.

Just then, a chilly atmosphere suddenly spread across the ward without any warning.

The doctors in the ward could not shake of this cold feeling. All of them could not take their eyes off Xiao Luo, who sat on the hospital bed. They were experiencing a strong misperception at this moment, that it was not a person sitting on the hospital bed, but an extremely dangerous bloodthirsty beast. It was as if it could devour them at any time, leaving nothing but a pile of bones.

Especially Xiao Luo’s eyes; his chilling aura pressed upon them. And his fiendish intent was overwhelming. It was like the eyes of a wild beast, and they truly felt a tremor that started from their souls!

How did this happen?

Was it a hallucination or a misperception?

The doctors were all stunned, and they foolishly could not tell whether it was real or not. But their foreheads could not stop breaking out in cold sweat. They could not understand how a person’s temperament could change so dramatically in an instant.

Xiao Luo felt very strange and wonderful at this moment. His body seemed to have endless strength, and the ankylosing spondylitis that had troubled him for more than two years seemed to have been cured. His entire back now felt extremely light. His body had never experienced this full and unrestrained sense of ease and comfort.

Even his sight had become much clearer, he could even easily see the tiny creatures in the ward, such as the spider lying quietly on the wall waiting for the prey to serve itself up.

“Lao Xiao!”

A loud voice blew in from outside the ward, and it was quickly followed by the door slamming open. A young man similar in age to Xiao Luo appeared at the doorway.

The young man had a fleshy face. His entire face was plump and round, but his body was not fat, it was even on the thin side. It looked like a fat man’s head grafted on a thin man’s neck; he wore a crew cut and had some distinct forehead wrinkles. The skin on his face was very rough too.

The young man looked around before his gaze finally landed on Xiao Luo on that hospital bed. Then, he completely disregarded the doctors, treating them like air as he ran straight towards Xiao Luo.

After a general examination of Xiao Luo’s body, the loud voice suddenly shouted, “F*ck, which quack doctor said that my brother was in shock and was going to become a vegetable. I rushed over without even having breakfast. What in the bollocks were you trying to do? ”

As soon as this statement was spoken, the group of doctors in the ward suddenly flushed red, especially the middle-aged doctor. Even though the diagnosis was written by Xiao Lai, the intern doctor last night, as Xiao Luo’s primary physician, wouldn’t the label of “quack doctor” still be directly tacked onto him?


Xiao Luo coughed dryly a few times and felt a wave of embarrassment. His buddy Zhang Dashan really had the guts to say anything. Was he not afraid of getting beaten by the group of doctors?

The row of doctors looked at each other, and then stepped out in succession. After closing the door, some of the doctors with bad tempers could not help but flip out.

“Just what kind of reputation is Xiao Lai trying to establish? To even make this kind of mistake, did he doze off as he was diagnosing the patient last night?”

“An intern is an intern. He is not serious at all in his work. I suggest that we cancel his qualification to become a regular employee. He should stay in the hospital for another three months.”

“Yes, misdiagnosis is a major taboo for us as doctors. This is the first time that I’ve seen such a huge misdiagnosis in my life.”

Obviously, these doctors had determined that Xiao Luo’s waking up was not a medical miracle at all, but a huge misdiagnosis. And the one responsible for the misdiagnosis was Xiao Lai, a new intern in their hospital.

The middle-aged doctor said nothing, but his expression was unusually ugly.

Xiao Lai was an intern under his name. This was also the first time that he had seen such a huge misdiagnosis as a doctor.

He was usually loved by others and had even been gifted a plaque that said “Hua Tuo Of Our Lifetime”. It was totally unlike the insulting names that he had suffered since early morning of today, such as “quack doctor”. He would settle all these with Xiao Lai.

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