Peerless Genius System

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Amazing Everyone with One Sentence

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After getting up and having breakfast, Xiao Luo went to the classroom for lessons according to the timetable.

After experiencing the larger influence of society for the past three years, it was very torturous for Xiao Luo to return to the classroom. On the podium, the lecturer talked unceasingly throughout her lesson, but below the podium was him feeling drowsy. His eyelids were like two magnets attracting each other.

He did not manage to overcome the sleepiness in the end; his upper body was sprawled on the table as he snored.

The tutor who was delivering the lecture discovered a student lying on the table sleeping. She immediately stopped and asked with a serious expression, “Students, is my class too boring?”

The whole class was stunned and puzzled for a while, and then they quickly shook their heads in denial.

“No, Tutor Zhong, your lectures are very exciting, especially the history of currency in various countries. We are all listening with keen interest.” The petite and sweet-looking An Huanhuan said.

Others echoed her sentiment immediately.

Tutor Zhong Meili pushed up her glasses, then she pointed at Xiao Luo, “If it’s really so interesting, why is he sleeping?”

Everyone turned around and looked. Well, it was true, Xiao Luo had his upper body sprawled across the table as he snored and slept soundly.

“Oh my God, didn’t Zhu Xiaofei tell Hero Luo that he can sleep in any of the classes with the sole exception of Tutor Zhong’s class?” In her heart, An Huanhuan felt anxious for Xiao Luo.

Chu Yue was wearing an embroidered white shirt and an airy jade-green tulle skirt this time. Her black hair was tied back in a smart ponytail, a few strands of hair swayed with the breeze flowing in from the window, she looked beautiful in a crisp and refined way.

Seeing that Xiao Luo was asleep, she could not help but frown, “Is this guy here for the lecture or did he come here to sleep?”

“Tutor Zhong really hate it when someone sleeps in her class, Xiao Luo is in trouble now,” Bai Ling shook her head in sympathy.

Xiao Luo did not realize that he had become the focus of the class at this moment. After being woken up by Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai, he even asked what had happened.

Zhu Xiaofei did not know whether to laugh or cry, “My dear Brother Luo, you must not sleep in Tutor Zhong’s class.”


Xiao Luo did not know the reason. When he attended college in the past, he had never heard that he could not sleep during class. University teachers did not care whether you listened to their lessons or not, they only cared about completing their lectures before letting the class out and that would be all. Was it not the same case in Huaye?

Xiao Luo looked up and received a severe shock. All the girls in class, and even the female tutor on the podium, were all looking at him at this moment.

“The Director of the Academic Council is a relative of Tutor Zhong. The Director wields great authority. As long as Tutor Zhong has a word with the Director, she can immediately add a few strokes on your record. Once, a student skipped her class and she was immediately consigned to repeat a year. She only graduated after five years of university, “Ding Kai said, anxious as a cat on hot bricks.

Xiao Luo realized the seriousness and smiled bitterly, “This is embarrassing!”

“The blame is on me, I forgot about it and neglected to tell Brother Luo the situation in advance, it’s my fault.” Zhu Xiaofei smacked the back of his head and said in self-reproach.

At this time, a girl stood up and shouted at Xiao Luo in a stern voice, “Xiao Luo, didn’t you sleep well last night, how can you sleep in class? don’t you know that this is an awfully terrible characteristic?”

This girl had short hair and she was dressed in a straight and narrow manner. She did not wear light makeup like the other girls, she was completely bare-faced. Her face was oval and the eyes could not be considered small. Her facial appearance was not bad. But she was not the sweet-looking type. She exuded a dignified and solemn air all over. She would become a career woman for sure when she entered society.

After Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai’s introduction yesterday, Xiao Luo knew that this girl was the class monitor of the English Language major, her name was Huang Ruoran. She was a very principled girl who was proactive about improving herself.

“Quickly admit your mistake to Tutor Zhong and promise not to sleep in class in the future!” Huang Ruoran said in a commanding tone.

Xiao Luo might be able to accept it if it was Tutor Zhong talking to him in such a reprimanding tone. But who was doing so now? A little girl several years younger than him. She even criticized him so openly in in front of so many people. She wanted him to admit his mistake and make a promise? Well, he was not having any of this.

He stood up and bowed to the Tutor Zhong Meili standing on the podium. He said sincerely, “Teacher, it was wrong of me to sleep in class and I admit my mistake.” He glanced at Huang Ruoran, and changed the topic of discussion, “I admit it because I realized my mistake. Whether Huang Ruoran spoke up or not, it had no substantial decisive influence on me admitting my mistake. ”

As soon as he said this remark, the whole class burst into uproar.

What was Hero Luo doing? Was he declaring war against the class monitor, Huang Ruoran?

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai were terribly frightened. Huang Ruoran was a girl with a strong personality. Now that Xiao Luo had tore down her prestige, he would probably face a difficult future. One must know, she was the class monitor. There were many things which had to be done with the help of the monitor. It would be disastrous if she was to frequently pick on someone or to make things difficult for them

Although she had said that she wanted to add Xiao Luo into her gaming team, Chu Yue was now watching the entertainment. She was not close friends with Huang Ruoran, but she was convinced by and respected Huang Ruoran’s scholarly knowledge, personal accomplishments and eloquence. Otherwise she would not have recognize Huang Ruoran’s position as the calss monitor.

“I was right, with Xiao Luo’s arrival, our class has become much more interesting all of a sudden.” Like Chu Yue, Bai Ling was watching the entertainment with no fear of the matter blowing up.

Huang Ruoran looked askance at Xiao Luo. Her eyes were full of loathing and disgust because Xiao Luo was the first person to challenge her authority and prestige as the class monitor.

Tutor Zhong Meili did not show a smile of gratification because of Xiao Luo admitted his mistake. Instead, she looked at Xiao Luo with a sullen expression, “You must be the new student, Xiao Luo, don’t know that Ruoran is your class monitor? You were sleeping in class; she criticized you a little for your own good. You should be glad to have such a good monitor, but what kind of attitude are you showing now? You have no respect for your superiors at all and you don’t seem like someone who’s admitting his mistake. ”

Xiao Luo felt that his face growing a little hot. He was already so old but this was the first time he was receiving such a torrent of censure.

The fault was his and it was hard to say anything. He could only act as if he did not hear anything.


Huang Ruoran shot a glance at him from the corner of her eye, and scolded him in English before sitting down.

Xiao Luo could not bear it and immediately responded in a cold voice, “Who was the idiot referring to?”

It was not his style to argue with a girl head on, but it was very unfortunate that Huang Ruoran made him very upset. Moreover, he had never considered himself a gentleman. Since he could not endure it anymore, he retorted. Why bother holding it in and making himself feel uncomfortable.

The entire classroom went silent as soon as he spoke,

Everyone stared at him with a peculiar gaze, not because he dared to challengeHuang Ruoran, but because his spoken English was just so good.

If they hadn’t seen Xiao Luo speaking with their own eyes, they would have thought that it was spoken by a foreigner just based on the voice. It was too pure, too regular, a real American accent, which was the level of spoken English they had always wanted to attain.

Chu Yue took another look at Xiao Luo now. Obviously, she did not expect that Xiao Luo could speak English so well.

Tutor Zhong Meili was also very surprised. Although Xiao Luo only said a short sentence, she was sure that Xiao Luo’s spoken English was at least a level six. So far, only Huang Ruoran had reached level six amongst all the English Language majors. This was why she was so partial towards Huang Ruoran. After all, all teachers liked students who studied well, this was an innate tendency.

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