Peerless Genius System

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Power of Language

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When Xiao Luo stood up, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai opened their eyes in astonishment, “Here it comes, indeed, Brother Luo wants to meet our class monitor, Ruoran, in a head-on confrontation.”

It was already too late when they wanted to stop him. Xiao Luo stated his point in English in a generous manner, “I don’t think that money is the root of all evil!!!”

Every word was resounding and powerful, ringing clearly in one’s ears.

As soon as he said this, the classroom went silent.

All fifty to sixty students of the major looked at Xiao Luo with amazement.

One second…

Two seconds …

Three seconds …

Finally, the girl who had just stood up to argue in aid of Huang Ruoran said angrily, “Xiao Luo, just what do you want to do? Do you plan to oppose whatever the monitor says? Don’t you know the limits of your abilities? ”

Then, the other girls who had a good relationship with Huang Ruoran could not sit still any more and they made sarcastic remarks one after another.

“Who can’t make contradictory remarks? I can even say said that the sun orbits around the earth.”

“You’re just speaking without thinking; convince us if you have the ability to do so.”

“Xiao Luo, your character is so bad. Ruoran merely reprimanded you a little but you’re holding a grudge?”

Not only did the girls with a good relationship with Huang Ruoran felt that Xiao Luo was of low moral character, at the moment, other girls also felt that he was pettier than a girl. An Huanhuan wanted to say something in defense of Xiao Luo, but ultimately did not speak.

Zhu Xiaofei slapped his forehead, “Oh no, Brother Luo has pissed everybody off!”

Ding Kai also smiled bitterly. They never thought that Xiao Luo was so fierce and unyielding that he actually dared to oppose Huang Ruoran, who was outstanding in all aspects.

Chu Yue and Bai Ling casted sympathetic looks at Xiao Luo.

“There’s basically no loopholes in Ruoran’s assertion. Really, this guy has the guts to say anything,” Bai Ling sighed.

Chu Yue blinking her pretty eyes and said in disapproval, “I’ve said it before, he’s a fellow that peddles vulgar claptrap to please the crowds. Let’s see how he’s going to put an end to this now.”

Huang Ruoran looked at Xiao Luo in disgust; she did not say a word.

“Everyone be quiet!”

Tutor Zhong Meili silenced the entire classroom, then she looked at Xiao Luo with some expectation, “Xiao Luo, since you said that money is not the root of all evil, can you refute Ruoran’s assertion?”

Xiao Luo was not being petty, he truly did not think that money was the root of all evil. In addition to that, since it was Huang Ruoran’s point of view, he was very happy to turn it on its head.

He said neither hurriedly nor slowly, “I only have four questions. First, there are innumerable evil in the world. Can all the evil be explained solely by money? A robber may murder and commit arson for money, but is the domestic violence and child abuse of today, even genocide, all for money?

Second, the origins of money is actually very intricate and complex. We cannot classify it as a common root. Dictators may eliminate dissidents for money, but could they not do it for power or status? Thus, it can be seen that it is generalizing to treat money as the root of all evil.

Third, the philosopher Sartre had told us this – Man has free will and the right to choose. To blame all crimes on money because one must take all responsibility for his actions, isn’t that a direct cover up for the role of one’s free will?

Fourth, if money is the root of all evil, why would anyone use the root of all evil to do good? In the Great Sichuan Earthquake, the entire Chinese nation was united in their hearts. Many successful people contributed generously by donating emergency relief money to the disaster area. If money really is the root of all evil, how did this root of all evil produce such good deeds as a result? ”

Xiao Luo also restated his assertion in Chinese after speaking.

As soon as his voice fell, the entire classroom was quiet again, not a single voice can be heard. It was so quiet one could hear a pin drop.

Everyone could not believe it. Xiao Luo actually refuted Huang Ruoran’s statement. He did not speak without thought and it was not a mess of words. Every word was beautiful and forceful; the four questions were like four heavy punches that instantly crushed and shattered the viewpoint that money was the root of all evil. The logic was so strong, one could not help but be wowed.

The few girls who stood up for Huang Ruoran and made sarcastic remarks were so astounded they turned pale. They never expected Xiao Luo to be able to list four questions, moreover, they could not find any words to effectively refute his points.

“This guy is competent, it’s really surprising.” Chu Yue was flabbergasted.

“Yeah, not only is his spoken English very strong, his eloquence is in a league of its own. He’s equally matched with Ruoran. It seems that this will be an exciting battle,” Bai Ling said in surprise.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai were dumbfounded, they looked at Xiao Luo with admiration. It was a long time before Zhu Xiaofei reacted, he slapped his thigh, “Holy sh*t! How is Brother Luo’s brain so good? This is too powerful! ”

Tutor Zhong Meili looked at Xiao Luo with new respect. She found out that this new student Xiao Luo was not like the two guys, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai, who ignorant, incompetent and unmotivated slackers passing their days in a muddle-headed way.

At this time, Huang Ruoran stood up and sneered: “Your four questions are indeed good, but unfortunately the premise is all wrong. In the Cihai Dictionary, the word “wan” has never meant “all”. Let me give an example, when we say that a person has gone through all kinds of hardships, does it mean that he really has experienced all the hardships? This is obviously not the case.

‘Wan’ means ‘all’? Of course not. ‘Money is the root of all evils’ means that money can produce a great number of evil deeds, the variety of evil deeds are also complicated. This has long been proven by history.

When the Roman Empire was dominating its region, conquest brought glory to the empire, it also brought a steady stream of wealth. But soon, the simple and honest Romans fell on their knees to worship money as they indulged in the wantonness of their sensual and luxurious pleasures. The Roman Empire collapsed in this decay and degeneration.

In the Middle Ages, Catholics once took pride in their clean and honest living, but the charm of money finally broke through where their moral and religious beliefs were stationed. For money, Pope John the twenty-second, openly labelled the crimes in the world with a monetary value. One could be exempt from punishment as long as one paid the price of three gold coins. For five gold coins, one who committed rape and adultery can sit back and relax. Even if one murdered someone, with only seven or eight gold coins, one could have the guarantee that their soul will go to heaven.

When even an ancient civilization that has existed for thousands of years has been deeply corrupted by money, can’t it be said that money is the root of all evil? There is an old Chinese saying, ‘Learn from history and you will know the rise and fall of a kingdom’. Money has given birth to so many evil. If money is not the root of all evil, then what is? ”

Huang Ruoran’s words were like bombs that exploded in everyone’s mind.

Everyone originally thought that Xiao Luo’s four questions had created a deadlock, but by merely quoting the interpretation of the word “Wan” in the Cihai Dicitonary, Huang Ruoran managed to overthrew Xiao Luo’s four questions based on the premise. Everyone was thoroughly bowled over by Huang Ruoran’s eloquence and her extremely wide knowledge.

This was the power of language. Everyone suddenly felt that Huang Ruoran’s silhouette was incomparably tall.

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