Peerless Genius System

Chapter 4 - The Ex and the Current

Chapter 4: The Ex and the Current

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Xiao Luo felt that he had been reborn after the car accident. He did not really have much complaints about Zhao Mengqi. He felt more numb than anything else and expressed his understanding about her choices. After all, the world had always been very realistic and cruel.

“I resigned due to personal reasons, it has little to do with you.”

Xiao Luo smiled, “If there’s nothing else, goodbye!”

A goodbye to put a perfect full stop to their four year relationship. There were no entanglements between them, no pestering. He would not lay down the dignity he had as a man to appeal for anything more. He turned around airily and left.

Zhao Mengqi stood rooted in the same spot and only felt emptiness in her heart. She originally came to rant about Xiao Luo’s shortcomings and to also confirm that her choice of leaving Xiao Luo was correct – such a weak and incompetent man was not worthy of her at all.

But the result was not what she had expected. Xiao Luo did not plead with her to stay, nor did he have any sad feelings, which suddenly made her feel a little indignant. Things should not be like this.

“Xiao Luo, don’t pretend that you don’t care. I know that you really hate me, but this is reality.”

Zhao Mengqi shouted, “I can almost predict the trajectory of your life. You can’t escape from the fate of a working man. Maybe you’ll succeed one day, but whether it’s ten years or twenty years later, who knows? You can afford it, but I can’t afford to waste my youth. I don’t want to live in a narrow rental house with you after marriage, and I don’t want to be a slave to our mortgage for thirty years after the down payment for a house. That is not how I want to live like that. ”

Xiao Luo turned his head and said with a blank expression, “So?”

“So I chose to leave you and make plans for my own future.” Zhao Mengqi blurted out, answering in a self-righteous voice.

“Well, you did right.”

Xiao Luo kept a smile on his face from beginning to end. His ease and calm remained unchanged, “Thanks for giving me a lesson in the school of hard knocks.”

Zhao Mengqi was stunned once again. She did not understand why Xiao Luo could still be so calm. Shouldn’t he have lost all rational thought and gone mad? Was this guy pretending or did he really not care?


At this moment, a Lamborghini sports car stopped next to Zhao Mengqi. The window rolled down, revealing the face of a handsome young man. With one glance, one could tell that he was a young master who had been pampered since childhood. His skin was very fair and he was dressed in branded apparel.

Xiao Luo recognized at a glance that this was Hua Haifeng, the son of the Chairman of Huahai Corporation, also known as Young Master Hua. He was said to be a total playboy. Many beautiful, unmarried women in Huahai Corporation had a little history with him.

“Qiqi, what are you doing here?”

Hua Haifeng alighted from the sports car before realizing that Xiao Luo was there. He pointed at Xiao Luo with a hostile expression,

“Who is he?”

Zhao Mengqi was rather embarrassed, but didn’t hide anything. She said coquettishly, “He’s Xiao Luo.”

“Xiao Luo? So he’s your ex.”

Hua Haifeng had a sudden realization; it was obvious that he knew about Xiao Luo’s existence and the relationship between Zhao Mengqi and Xiao Luo.

He glanced at Xiao Luo, and a nebulous expression flashed across his eyes, “Since he’s your ex, it would be impolite for me, as the current, not to say hello to him.”

“Young Master Hua, with your status, there is no need for you to say hello to him. Let’s just go,” Zhao Mengqi said.

Hua Haifeng and Xiao Luo formed a sharp contrast. The more she looked at Xiao Luo, the more she felt that he was incapable and powerless. He truly belonged to the bottom of the pile. She did not want to see any interaction between Hua Haifeng, who had a distinguished status, and Xiao Luo.

“Qiqi, you can’t say that. After all, he took care of you before I showed up. It is only natural that I thank him for that. Wait for me here, I’ll be right back.”

After which, Hua Haifeng walked towards Xiao Luo.

With his back to Zhao Mengqi, Hua Haifeng did not bother to conceal anything. A peculiar and self-satisfied smile appeared on his face as he strutted like a victor.

He put his hand out, giving a phony and evil smile, “Hello, I’m Hua Haifeng, glad to meet you!”

Xiao Luo harrumphed and said in a monotone, “Sorry, I’m holding stuff. I can’t put my hand out.”

The rumors did not do him justice. Now that Xiao Luo had seen Hua Haifeng in person, he completely believed that those bad rumors about Hua Haifeng were true. He had caught the smell of a scum even from far away.

“Xiao Luo, it’s your honor that Young Master Hua is shaking hands with you. Why are you so ignorant of the greater picture?” The anger that Zhao Mengqi experienced was not only because of this incident. She said this in front of the two men to show that she stood firmly on Hua Haifeng’s side.

Xiao Luo turned a deaf ear to her. There was nothing he felt towards Zhao Mengqi apart from disappointment. Their four year relationship had become a sacrificial object as she courted Hua Haifeng’s favor. He suddenly felt that he had been blind for the past four years; he had wasted four years on this relationship.

At this moment, Hua Haifeng laughed, “Xiao Luo, you’re quite a character. I really admire you. By the way, are you interested in being my assistant? I guarantee that you’ll get an annual salary of twenty-eight thousand dollars.”

Of course, he was not sincere about inviting Xiao Luo to be his assistant. Instead, he wanted to use this as a pretext to deliberately mock Xiao Luo and strike him down. Hua Haifeng would feel special a sense of accomplishment and thrill to seize someone else’s “cake” and eat it in front of him.

“I’m not interested!”

Xiao Luo dropped those three words and turned away.

Hua Haifeng’s eyes narrowed and emitted a chilling light, “Wait.” He went up to Xiao Luo and put his mouth close to his ears. He revealed his true nature by saying, “I f*cked your woman for you last night. Her body is great, it was so good I could die. I tried all thirty-six moves on her. I didn’t expect that a pretentious d*ck like you had never f*cked her once in those four years. I got a bargain in the end. Hehe….. ”

“Congratulations on turning another girl into a woman for this society!” Xiao Luo smiled and said without any grief or joy.

Hua Haifeng’s expression instantly froze. He never expected Xiao Luo’s response to be so dull. This suddenly caused him to feel a great sense of failure and frustration.

He reached out and grabbed Xiao Luo’s shoulder. He gritted his teeth and said, “Aren’t you angry?”

To Xiao Luo’s ears, the challenging words sounded like it came from an ignorant fool. He mocked, “She’s your woman now, but you’re telling another man about your private lives, have you become addled? If there’s a next time, you might as well invite me to observe the scene, I’ll surely applaud and cheer for you from the sidelines. ”

It was only then that Hua Haifeng realized, yeah, he was Zhao Mengqi’s man now.

To be counteracted and crushed by Xiao Luo, Hua Haifeng suddenly felt so humiliated that he became enraged. He grabbed Xiao Luo’s collar in one move and sneered, “Piece of garbage, what are you talking about?”

Xiao Luo’s expression turned cold, “Release me!”

With just two simple words, Hua Haifeng felt as if he had fallen into an ice hole. He shuddered involuntarily from head to toe. Especially when he met Xiao Luo’s eyes, he could not control the hair on his body from standing straight up.

How could this kid’s eyes be so scary?

Hua Haifeng was terrified, he could not believe that Xiao Luo could scare him with just a look from his eyes.

Subconsciously, he was about to let go, but how could he admit defeat when Zhao Mengqi was standing behind him? Moreover, he did not believe that Xiao Luo would dare to do anything to him when they were in Huahai Corporation.

“So what if I don’t let go, you want to hit me? Come on, I can lend you ten times the courage. Let’s see if you really dare…..”

His voice suddenly broke off. This was because Xiao Luo had jolted him away with his inner force. Xiao Luo then struck a foot on his chest without mercy.

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