Peerless Genius System

Chapter 500 - : The Surprising Informant

Chapter 500: The Surprising Informant

Gu Qianxue finally left, and that gave Xiao Luo some relief. However, he also felt an emptiness within and found it hard to describe how he was feeling at the moment. He seemed to enjoy Gu Qianxue’s hug, and he had to admit that, sometimes, he did come across as quite a Cassanova.

When he was back to the Crescent Bay Condominium, Xiao Luo received two calls. The first call was from Qiu Yuanjie, and he said that his informant had reported to him that there will be an unprecedented large-scale operation by the MLM company in Xiahai City. The funds they expected to generate were three hundred million, and the venue of the event would be at the Trade Building’s main hall. This was the perfect chance to destroy the MLM company in Xiahai City once and for all.

The second phone call was from Zhang Dashan. Luo Workshop would be opening in Xiahai City in some twenty days’ time, and he had called to catch up with Xiao Luo and seek advice.

“The business in Jiangcheng has been improving steadily and is stable. After your side kicks off operations, I’ll fly over to manage the company with you at Xiahai,” Zhang Dashan said.

Xiao Luo poured himself a cup of hot tea and sat on the sofa. “You should have come a long time ago, I want to introduce you to a woman,” he said.

“Save it, I don’t plan to marry anyone else besides Ruoran. If I really cannot date her, I would rather spend the rest of my life with my right hand,” Zhang Dashan replied.


Xiao Luo took a sip of the hot tea and asked, “By the way, how are Feng Wuheng and the rest?”

“As you suggested, they have signed themselves up for the factory management classes and have been upgrading their skills and are progressing well. Now, their public speaking skills have been polished and refined, and they even sound quite intellectual,” Zhang Dashan said, “When they are in high spirits, they even come up with a few English phrases. They would always show off to me and damn it, it really drives me crazy! But thinking that I couldn’t face them all at once, I decided to swallow my unhappiness and continue to put up with them.”

“Let them come to Xiahai after they are done with the learning, I am going to let them take over the factory here.” Xiao Luo saw Feng Wuheng and the rest as his own brothers. Since they decided to follow him and he was really close to them, he would not mistreat them for sure.


Zhang Dashan then expressed his most profound views and said, “Damn it, I have come to realize that studying is still quite useful after all, just like the five of them, or the prostitutes offering their bodies for service. Those who only had middle school and high school education, they could at most earn a hundred bucks per customer. If they have at least a university degree, then their prices would skyrocket, it would cost five hundred bucks to pick them and minimally two thousand bucks to buy their nights. Studying is such a useful skill.”

“You went to them again?” Xiao Luo asked, rolling his eyes.

“F*ck, can you be more civilized in your choice of words? They are my escort, do you even know what is an escort? It means that she can accompany me for my emotional and physical needs. On top of that, this is a normal matter of bodily needs, what is so surprising,” Zhang Dashan retorted.

Xiao Luo shook his head and said, “You better cut down on the number of times you patronize the escorts, if you ever contract any disease, then you are doomed for life.”

“Fine, fine, fine, as you wish. Look at you, aren’t you quite fluent with the term ‘escort’ now, instead of prostitutes, hahaha…”

“F*ck off!”

Xiao Luo ended the call.



Xiao Luo went to the Trade Building in the afternoon the following day.

Qiu Yuanjie and his teammates had been waiting for him for some time, and he briefed Xiao Luo on the plan. “This operation is a joint-initiative with different departments such as the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Trade and Commerce Bureau. All the MLM guys are present in the hall and there are already more than three thousand members from all around the country in there with them. These are the middle-tier members and are mostly retired or laid off middle-age or elderly victims. They have some savings but are unwilling to fall back and be a burden to society—anyway, that’s what the MLM company told them as part of their brainwashing process. Each of them planned to invest one hundred thousand and the MLM speaker will be brainwashing them for the last time.”

“These people here are the officers who will arrest the people inside, right?”

Xiao Luo glanced at the countless undercover police officers who had surrounded the Trade Building. These people looked very sharp and alert, and it wouldn’t have been too difficult to guess their identities even when they were in plain clothes.

“Yep, this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of the entire MLM network in Xiahai City. Nobody here is going to let this slip by easily.” Qiu Yuanjie said.

“Have you found out who the Fog is?” Xiao Luo asked.

Qiu Yuanjie shook his head and said, “About this… nope. But I am sure that the people inside will know, so we just have to interrogate them one by one.”

“That’s probably the only way.”

Xiao Luo had quite some respect for the Fog as he could execute such a large-scale MLM event without even showing himself at all. He was indeed a genius.



The MLM company was not aware that it was being surrounded by the government departments. Both Xiao Luo and Qiu Yuanjie had attended the gathering as ordinary civilians, so the MLM staff did not detect anything suspicious. Instead, they had very passionate smiles on their faces when greeting them.

“They promoted and built the image of the speaker as a successful world-class public figure and even photoshopped him with the leaders of various countries for authenticity. There are twenty-six MLM people who are involved in this scam here and they are all at managerial levels. If we can arrest them, we will be able to trace their downlines and arrest every one of them. After today, there will not be any more MLM personnel in Xiahai City.” Qiu Yuanjie said to Xiao Luo with high confidence.


Xiao Luo found a spot to sit down.

At this time, a group of men in suits emerged from backstage to the podium.

“Allow me to introduce everyone to this very special man—here he is, Mr. Guan, the managing director in charge of the Southeast Asia branch of the Atlantic Business Investment Group. Now, we are honored to have Mr. Guan to give us a few words and you can ask him any questions that you have. He is the expert of this industry when it comes to investments,” the master of ceremony made the introduction to the three thousand people in the hall.

Some applauses were heard, but they were not too enthusiastic. It could be due to Mr. Guan, who looked relatively young, making the audience feeling unconvinced. After all, there were many stories about self-made millionaires these days, so it was difficult to tell if these people were telling the truth or not. Some people had already started to question if they have been scammed.

As for Xiao Luo, he was utterly shocked because Mr. Guan was none other than his old classmate, Guan Tong.

He donned in a suit and wore a tie, looking very sharp like a genuinely successful member of society!

“What’s he doing here?” Xiao Luo questioned.

“Mr. Xiao, do you know him?” Qiu Yuanjie was caught off-guard.

Xiao Luo nodded. “I do,” he said.

Qiu Yuanjie looked around briefly, and after ensuring that nobody was looking at them, he whispered into Xiao Luo’s ears, “Actually, he is our informant. He started the anti-MLM operations eight years ago. He told us that his parents had divorced because of MLM activities, so he hated them very much. He even gave up the opportunity to attend a university and became our informant directly. He had infiltrated into the core of the MLM company successfully and have become their star speaker, which enabled him to provide information for our every operation.”

Xiao Luo was thoroughly stunned. Was this the same Guan Tong, who once claimed that he was only interested in talents instead of education, who started this anti-MLM operation eight years ago? He actually managed to rise up his ranks to become the company’s star speaker and provide insiders’ information and evidence to the police.

This was totally out of his expectation!

No wonder Guan Tong could acquire the news of Guo Qinghe getting jailed so quickly. And it was also how he knew that Zhao Mengqi was manipulated by Guo Qinghe.

This was the actual reason how he knew. Guan Tong was the police’s informant, the star speaker of the MLM company!

“This dude is really good at disguising.”

Xiao Luo muttered as he stared at Guan Tong in bewilderment. He was on stage and looking successful and energetic at the podium. Xiao Luo could only smile to himself.

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