Peerless Genius System

Chapter 6 - A Good Person

Chapter 6: A Good Person

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“Let her go!”

A cold, hard voice rang through the empty alley.

The ugly and ferocious-looking man turned his head, only to meet with regular features set in a face that exuded a noble spirit. Then he raged fearlessly as if he was on the right course. “I’m disciplining my daughter; it’s none of your business. Don’t meddle in other people’s affairs. Scram!”

“I’m telling you to let go of her!”

Xiao Luo shouted coldly, the imposing manner of his body suddenly intensified.

Without warning, the brute felt a bone-piercing chill, a chill that made his hair stand on end. He was like a frog under the watchful gaze of a poisonous snake; he was walking a perilous edge. Unable to help himself, he took a step back.

While he was in a daze, Xiao Luo lost his patience.

Xiao Luo’s body turned into a streak of black lightning that rushed toward him. In the blink of an eye, he was knocked seven or eight meters.

The man with the hideous and brutish appearance only felt something flicker in front of his eyes. He had no time to fight back. A clenched fist greeted his face and was closely followed by an intense pain that flooded his head. His body was thrown back helplessly, a bloody tooth jutting from his mouth.

The little girl fell but was caught firmly by Xiao Luo.

When she found out that it was the same man who’d given her a lot of money, she stared blankly at first before bursting into tears, feeling aggrieved.

“Is he your dad?” asked Xiao Luo, pointing at the hideous hulk on the ground.

Shaking her head, she said, “No. He’s a bad man. He broke my legs and forced me to beg for money. Please, call the police. Tell them to take me away. I want to go home, I want my daddy and mommy, boohoohoo….. ”

She cried her heart out, her young and soft body heaving with each sob.

Xiao Luo immediately understood. The little girl was abducted by human traffickers. These people brutally broke both her legs, forcibly turning a healthy person into a miserable, disabled beggar. She was nothing more than a cash cow for them, thrown to the streets to beg like a lump of dirt.

At this point, the guy got up from the ground, spat out the blood in his mouth, and pulled out the switchblade from his pocket. He glared at Xiao Luo savagely. “Boy, hand her over to me now, and we can still talk things over. Otherwise, I’ll kill you with this knife!”

“I really want to know how you intend to kill me.”

When Xiao Luo stamped his foot, a loud bang was heard as the ground ruptured, spreading cracks from under his foot to the surrounding area, like spider webs.


The man swallowed his saliva with difficulty, wondering where this monster came from. He cracked the surface of the cement with one stomp of his foot.

“You… You just wait!”

After speaking these harsh words, he fled in defeat and disbelief. He didn’t think his body was stronger than the concrete path.

Xiao Luo immediately swept toward him and blasted this guy back with his fist. As the man flew back, two bloody teeth jutted hideously out of his mouth.

“DING! Congratulations. You’ve earned ten points!” The system notification rang out.

Xiao Luo was too busy to pay attention. He collected his gaze and looked at the little girl, comforting her as she shivered. “Don’t be scared. Everything’s all right!”

“Hmm!” The little girl wiped away her tears unceasingly.

Half an hour later, Xiao Luo appeared with the little girl at the Public Security Bureau.

“Stay here. The police will send you home to your parents.” Xiao Luo did what he could do; now it was time to leave.

“Mister, thank you!” The little girl was very sensible. She knew that she had met the right person; otherwise, she would still be suffering in the hands of the traffickers.

Xiao Luo smiled at her, and then walked out of the police station, accompanied by a police officer slightly older than he was.

“Mr. Xiao Luo, please rest assured that we will send her back to her birth parents.”

“Thanks for your trouble!”

“This is our duty and responsibility as the police. It’s no trouble at all.”

The policeman ushering him out was full of smiles. He solemnly shook Xiao Luo’s hand. “Nowadays, we need more people like Mr. Xiao Luo in this society. There would be fewer crimes!”

Xiao Luo did not say more. He just nodded and stood up to leave.

A policewoman was walking toward them near the entrance of the police station.

She must have been in a hurry, for she was walking quickly. If it wasn’t for Xiao Luo’s quick response, the two of them would have collided. However, his ability was just so, and their shoulders still touched.

The policewoman turned back, and Xiao Luo did the same.

Their gazes met in mid-air, the former shivering; the later cool and collected. After smiling apologetically, he left without looking back.

“Team Leader Gu!” The policeman ushering Xiao Luo walked up and greeted the policewoman.

She pointed at Xiao Luo’s back and asked, “Who is that guy?”

The policeman grinned and said, “He’s one good man.”

“A good man?”

The policewoman was stumped for words. The moment their gazes intertwined, she clearly felt a suffocating chill that made her break out in goosebumps all over. The expression in his eyes was sharper and scarier than the drug pushers she’d dealt with before.

The policeman nodded and smiled, “He rescued a little girl from an underground criminal gang that specializes in enslaving children for begging, he’s clearly a good guy.”

“I see!”

The policewoman’s wariness against Xiao Luo disappeared immediately, and she dropped her gaze from Xiao Luo’s back. “By the way, where is that little girl?”

“She’s in our office.”

“Very well, this should be an opening. As long as we carefully tear it open, we can wipe out the entire underground criminal gang in Jiangcheng, who enslaves children for begging.” The policewoman’s eyes showed a flash of extreme hatred as she quickly walked into the building of the police station.


Back in his rental house, Xiao Luo browsed the mall in the system. He now had a total of two hundred points. After redeeming a foreign language ability, he was down to zero points.

Fortunately, this foreign language ability did not refer to only English; it also included Russian, French, German, etc. There were as many as a dozen languages.

Xiao Luo personally found more than a dozen movies in the corresponding languages and discovered that not only could he understand all of them, he could also fluently repeat the characters’ lines in the movies.

“This ability should be beneficial in finding a job!” Xiao Luo was quite satisfied.

Ring, ring, ring.

It was his mobile phone.

Xiao Luo looked at his phone. It was his sister, Xiao Ruyi, who worked as a nurse.

As soon as he pressed the answer key, Xiao Ruyi’s voice could be heard from the phone. “Bro, I heard from Zhang Dashan that you and Zhao Mengqu broke up.”

Xiao Luo scowled and called out to Zhang Dashan in his mind, You big mouth! Can’t you keep a secret?!

“Hmm!” he answered indistinctly.

“Well done. I’ve never felt she was a good woman or right for you from the first time I laid eyes on her. Her bag was a branded and one article of clothing cost more than a hundred dollars. There was also an unpleasant perfume smell about her, and her features were sharp and unkind. You would have definitely been asking for trouble if you married her; even the family could expect to have a hard time, “Xiao Ruyi said.

Xiao Luo didn’t know what to say. Raising his voice, he said, “Xiao Ruyi, I had a breakup, but you’re offering no words of comfort. You seem to be gloating. I’m starting to wonder if you’re my real sister.”

“Bro, I’m two hundred percent your sister. I care about your happiness because I’m your sister, hehe…..”

Xiao Ruyi chuckled. “By the way. We recently recruited a few beautiful young nurses. When you’re ready, I can introduce you to some. They’re definitely better than that Zhao Mengqi woman.”

Xiao Luo almost spat out the tea he just sipped. “Have a good life as a couple with Tang Ren. Don’t worry about your brother’s affairs.”

“No. You’re my elder brother. Your happiness is important to me. When we have a holiday someday, I will bring a girl I’ve selected to see you. So that’s settled. I’m working now, bye!”

Xiao Ruyi didn’t wait for Xiao Luo’s refusal before hanging up.

“This girl!”

Xiao Luo tossed the phone aside with a helpless expression.

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