Peerless Genius System

Chapter 688 - Investment

Chapter 688: Investment

When she heard what Xiao Ruyi said, Su Li immediately blushed and her heart started racing. Indeed, she had lost the aloofness and haughtiness of a female CEO; she was thoroughly embarrassed, just like an ordinary, young lady.

It was natural to visit one’s father and mother. Xiao Luo was prepared to bring Su Li and Su Xiaobei to visit Luo Village in a few days. Su Xiaobei could meet her grandparents. They could enter the Xiaos’ ancestral hall and pay their respects there and finally complete the traditional marriage customs of the Xiao family. At the end of it all, he and Su Li could travel the globe again for another honeymoon. They could enjoy the views of every spot in the world and it would leave them with the memory of their hands locked with each other’s.

His phone rang suddenly—it was his mother, Hua Heying, calling.

Xiao Luo picked up. He heard his mother ask, “When did you break up with Siying?”

This was a sensitive question, and Xiao Luo had no choice but to find an excuse to leave the room. He walked out and said with a frown, “It’s complicated, Mom. I’ll explain everything to you when I have the time.”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me. I’m just calling you to tell you not to let that lady Siying down, because I can tell she likes you a lot. If you let her down, she’ll be very sad,” Hua Heying said.

“What kind of mother are you? How can you say something like this? You’re just outright telling little Luo to cheat.” Through the phone, he could hear his father Xiao Zhiyuan reprimanding Hua Heying in a raspy voice.

Hua Heying did not back down. She replied, “What’s wrong with cheating? Siying is the daughter-in-law I acknowledge, and I even gave her the jade bangle that’s been handed down in our family. She’s part of the Xiao family, so both you and your son will have to recognize this.”

“This country advocates and recognizes monogamy. What are you trying to do? You trying to ask our son to marry two women?” Xiao Zhiyuan hit back.

“And what about it? The other day on the news there was this factory owner who had three wives. Each of them runs a factory, and they get along pretty well. We have a brilliant son whose net worth is billions. So what’s wrong with marrying two wives? Is that too much?” Hua Heying remarked rather unashamedly.

Xiao Zhiyuan was at a loss for words.

Xiao Luo was embarrassed beyond compare, and he laughed wryly. “I can handle this, Mom. I think you should stay out of this matter.”

“I trust that you can handle this matter well. I just want to tell you that Siying is a pretty nice lady, and my heart would break for you if another man snatched her,” Hua Heying responded in a tone several degrees warmer.

Xiao Luo nodded. “I know.”

Thereafter, they talked about their day-to-day lives before finally ending the call.

Xiao Luo’s emotions were in a mess when he thought about Ji Siying. He did not know whether this counted as cheating, but he had fallen in love with two women at the same time.

He heaved a sigh and slid his phone back into his pocket, getting ready to go back to the room. Just as he turned, he saw a woman standing about two meters away from him. Black hair fell down her back like water and her skin was pale as snow. She had clear eyes and her brows were elegantly arched; her lips were dainty like rose petals.

Who was it if not Ji Siying?

“What are you doing here, Siying?” Xiao Luo asked, confused.

“I am where you are, Mr. Xiao Luo.”

Ji Siying walked over with a sweet smile on her face, stopping in front of Xiao Luo. Her beautiful eyes stared wistfully at him and on her wrist was the jade bangle that Hua Heying had given her.

“Come to the room with me,” Xiao Luo said.

Ji Siying shook her head. “I should know my place as your mistress. I’m satisfied as long as I have a place in your heart, Mr. Xiao Luo.”

“Siying…” Xiao Luo suddenly felt guilty. He felt like he had wronged this girl.

Ji Siying walked up and wrapped him up in a loose hug. “Just let me stay in your arms like this for a little while, Mr. Xiao Luo.”

Xiao Luo could not find the words for his guilt. No matter what, he would have to find a way to properly resolve this situation between the three of them.

“The NSA warriors are actually having dinner here. I knew you booked a room here, so we chose this place as well. King Kong and Fu Yiren are here, too,” Ji Siying said.

“Has Drug Lady recovered?” Xiao Luo inquired.

Ji Siying nodded, still in his hold. “Hmm… She’s recovered. She’s able to use the toxin to treat herself. The more potent the toxin, the more useful they are to her.”

“What a miracle of a constitution!” Xiao Luo remarked in amazement.

Ji Siying was silent for a few beats, and then she praised him, “She’s got a miracle of a constitution, but you, Mr. Xiao Luo, you’re a miracle of a man.”

Xiao Luo could only smile at this, and he said nothing. Only he knew that he owed all of this to the Genius System.

Half an hour had passed by the time he returned to the room. Su Canye was there, Zhang Dashan was there, so the atmosphere in the room was plenty lively. There would be the occasional raucous laughter that rang out from the room. Zhang Dashan and Su Canye had really contagious laughs, and one could not help but feel joy when they heard it.

Just as the room was at the height of its joy, the door opened.

A young man and a young woman stood at the entrance. They were two tender faces glowing with vigor and energy.

“Who are you?” Zhang Dashan asked.

The young pair looked at the room before their gaze finally landed on Xiao Luo. They entered without asking for permission, then the man bowed to Xiao Luo and said, “Hello, Mr. Xiao. I’m Tan Zisheng, and this is my classmate Bai Xia. Both of us have just graduated from university.”

Xiao Luo was confused. What kind of a situation was this? How did a pair of fresh graduates find him?

He asked indifferently, “Why are you here?”

With both hands, Tan Zisheng hurriedly handed over to Xiao Luo a document he had brought with him. “This is my business report and project plan, and I ask that you review them. If this gets your approval, I hope that you’ll invest in us, Mr. Xiao.”

So they were here to seek out an investor.

How courageous they were!

The people in the room admired the courage and initiative these fresh graduates had.

Xiao Luo skimmed through the business report and project proposal that was handed to him, and then he raised his head to say, “If you’ve come to look for an investment, don’t you think you’ve knocked on the wrong door?”

“No, we haven’t. You own Luo’s Workshop and Jin Yitang, right, Mr. Xiao? You’re the one I’m looking for,” Tan Zisheng rushed to say.

“How did you know that? And how did you know I reserved a room here?” Xiao Luo frowned.

“Zisheng’s dad is the mayor of Xiahai City, Mayor Tan. All he had to do was pull a few strings,” Bai Xia said, a little haughtily.

Tan Zisheng blanched. “Bai Xia!”

He shook his head, signaling for her to not run her mouth. Bai Xia pursed her lips, not taking it to heart.

“So you’re the mayor’s son. Where are my manners?”

Xiao Luo was smiling, but he did not feel all that great about this. He had never really interacted much with the Xiahai City mayor, but the man had taken it upon himself to dig into Xiao Luo, and he had even found out exactly where he would be. It was not a good sign that the man had sent his son to present himself right in front of Xiao Luo.

Zhang Dashan was shocked as well. No wonder they were not surprised upon seeing the nation’s goddess—it turned out that he was an influential and important person.

“No, Mr. Xiao Luo. My father is my father, and I am who I am. In front of you, I am nothing more than a fresh graduate earnestly asking for you to invest in my project,” Tan Zisheng said in a very modest and amiable tone.

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