Peerless Genius System

Chapter 781 - The Fighting God Fist

Chapter 781: The Fighting God Fist


Xiao Luo came up to Louis in an instant. The shadows he had left where he had passed shocked the elders of the Sucking Blood Clan so much that they gasped spontaneously, exclaiming to themselves how fast he was.

“Do you remember what I said yesterday?” Lowering his head, Xiao Luo squinted at Louis.

The sharp pain was unbearable for Louis. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. However, clenching his teeth, he answered, “Sorry. I forgot!”

Then he whirled up into the air to distance himself from Xiao Luo instantly. He flew up 30-odd feet and then locked onto Xiao Luo on the ground precisely. He threw his palm over at the latter fiercely.

His black True Inner Force was vast and ferocious. The dreadful palm force turned into a giant bat, giving off one after another wave of pressure. He charged down at Xiao Luo from the air with a destructive power that could destroy dry weeds and rotten wood easily.

It was his utmost movement. He had used up his energy.

However, Xiao Luo did not even bother to move. His True Inner Force surged out of his body to form a protecting shell that was invisible but substantive around his body.


The black bat and Xiao Luo’s protection collided. A deafening blare was heard. What came along with the blare was a wild energy fluctuation, which was sweeping madly like a hurricane. The stones and dirt on the ground were all scattered into the air.

Ghost was not hurt, thanks to Lester’s protection, but her bangs swayed when that wind blew by.

“Little Luoluo seems to be a different person now. Only one night passed. Why is he suddenly so strong?” Ghost wondered aloud. She could hardly believe this was the same Xiao Luo she had met a few days ago. He was weak when she ran into him.

Lester did not speak. His brows knitted tightly together. No one knew what was on his mind.

Set off by that energy fluctuation, Xiao Luo looked like a paramount overlord: intimidating, aggressive, upright, and steady.

“Come down!” Xiao Luo shouted as he grasped in the air with his right hand.

A giant palm of hand transformed by the True Inner Force materialized, producing fierce wind after fierce wind. It caught Louis in the air immediately and then pressed him against the ground fiercely.


The earth quaked. The sky was covered with dust. Numerous cracks appeared on the ground, spreading like a spiderweb.

Louis collided with the ground so hard that he felt his bones were all broken and his organs were severely impacted. Covered with dust, he was lying in that giant palmprint on the ground.

Xiao Luo did not stop here. The giant hand transformed by his True Inner Force was lifted and then slapped down. He gave Louis several slaps in a row.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The earth would quake after each slap. Even the Dark Castle was shaking as if it would collapse. At the same time, the palmprint on the ground was enlarging and deepening nonstop. Inside it, Louis was suffering badly. When the giant hand had been slapped down the second time, blood spurted from his nose and his mouth, and his clothes were entirely ruined. Several times later, he was covered with blood and dust, lying there dying.

When seeing that giant hand of Xiao Luo had been lifted high again, Louis knew another fierce slap was coming. He burst into tears. That pain was unbearable. He would rather die. That was too shameful. Xiao Luo was going to slap him into meat paste in the face of all clansmen of the Sucking Blood Clan.

“Stop!” Lester shouted. He ran over to stop Xiao Luo. His strong energy was released. Like a hurricane, it flowed towards Xiao Luo with vast intimidating power. Ghostly claws were thrown over. Fierce wind after fierce wind was blowing.

Xiao Luo slapped down without thinking, as if he was slapping at a mosquito. The giant hand transformed by the True Inner Force moved as he moved. It slapped at Lester with its back.


It seemed to be a gentle slap, but actually, it contained an explosive power.

The moment he was touched by the back of the giant hand, Lester turned pale. He felt his face had been disfigured by the force. Then he was sent flying out of control sideways.

Bang! Bang!

He smashed through the thick wall outside the castle. However, it was not until he had smashed through a few more walls that he finally fell to the ground, buried in tons of bricks.

“Things are so odd with this jerk!”

“Exactly. He is a human Martial Master, but even Lester is not a rival for him.”

“He is not only odd, but spooky!”

The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan all turned pale. They could hardly believe a human Martial Master could exert such a dreadful force.

Ghost stared at Xiao Luo in shock. His mightiness was beyond her expectations. In her eyes, except the elders, Lester and Louis were the strongest clansmen. However, they were almost vulnerable compared to Xiao Luo.

How was that possible?

What happened to Little Luoluo?

She could not figure out how Xiao Luo had improved his strength to such an extent in a night.

While she was pondering, Duck Emperor flew onto her shoulder. “You won’t figure it out. That goddamn jerk has always been so cool. There was an accident during the transmission, and he was hurt by the power of space, so his strength declined greatly. That’s why he got bullied and humiliated in the past few days. With his strength, I’m afraid only the Four Kings of the sacred land of the Light Clan are strong enough to fight against him.”

It was very proud when it was talking about Xiao Luo, so proud that it was nearly showing off.


Only the Four Kings of the sacred land of the Light Clan were strong enough to fight against him? Was he a Martial Saint?

Ghost was kind of ignorant of world affairs, but she knew the cultivation system of the Arcana Land. Martial Saints were the legendary strong people at the peak of the system. As boundless as the Arcana Land was, there were no more than 10 Martial Saints. However, at this moment, there was one here before her. It was like a dream for her. She did not find it real at all.

“Mother ducker, I wish I could be so cool, too!” Duck Emperor said enviously while gazing at Xiao Luo, whose hair was blown although it was windless.

Xiao Luo did not pay any attention to Lester. Instead, he came up to Louis, who was in the crater, like a phantom.

He stepped on Louis’s face so that half of the latter’s head was pressed onto the earth.

“Have you recalled what I said yesterday?” The cold voice, without any tinge of human emotions in it, seemed to be from the hell.

Xiao Luo was never a wuss, but a person who would bear grudges. He would have killed Louis if the latter were not related to Ghost.

“I… I…” Louis felt humiliated and ashamed. His pain and grievance were unspeakable.

Xiao Luo snorted. Then he kicked Louis out of the crater. Louis had lost too much blood and was very badly injured. He went into a coma.


A hideous scream came. Lester, covered with dust, dashed out of the castle like a wild ox. After approaching Xiao Luo, he threw his tightly-clenched fist at the latter fiercely, like an angry wave slapping on the beach.

“Fighting God Fist!”

The spiritual energy in the world was surging wildly. Lester looked like he had been seized by some evil god. Black evil energy was flowing in his body and all of that energy was injected into this one fist, this one point. A wild wind ensued. The sky became dark. Without any sign, thunders also roared.

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