Peerless Genius System

Chapter 831 - You Flattered Me

Chapter 831: You Flattered Me

The two rays of light, black and green, reached the Time-Space Bracelet at the same time and a loud explosion followed. The Time-Space Bracelet was suddenly propelled even higher into the sky. The impact resulted in a massive burst of energy that rippled outward across the sky, distorting space wherever it passed.

The energy from the colossal Force of Deterrence swept across the plaza. Xiao Luo and Lu De backed away in opposite directions, opening up a distance of more than a dozen feet between them.


Lu De pulled out a sharp blade from his sleeves and advanced toward Xiao Luo like a flash of lightning.

“Have a taste of my blade, child!”

Lu De became one with his blade, assuming a form that resembled a rainbow. The lustrous light of the sword became the only visible thing between heaven and earth.

Faced with such an intimidating sword attack, Xiao Luo did not move and appeared too daunted to even take evasive action. The spectators on the ground had anxious expressions on their faces, while Ghost had her heart in her throat.

“Is he spacing out from fear?”

“No, I bet he is thinking about a counterattack!”

“Will it not be too reckless? Mr. Lu De’s sword is at least an Immortal-grade god weapon. He cannot just ward off an attack from a blade that is considered at the pinnacle of Dwarven craftsmanship.”

Everyone felt Xiao Luo was being too reckless. In the face of such a formidable attack, dodging the razor-sharp sword would be the wisest move.

Lu De, like a deity from the realm above, reached Xiao Luo in a split second. He aimed at the dazzling Sword of Divinity at Xiao Luo’s chest, and it pierced through the air like lightning.

Only when the sword was less than half a meter from Xiao Luo’s chest did he finally moved. He only raised only his right arm in response as he hovered in the void. His True Inner Force surged out from the front of his right palm and formed a brilliant crimson bloom. The dazzling light of Lu De’s sword suddenly dimmed and the Sword of Divinity froze three centimeters in front of his palm, unable to move even another millimeter forward.

There was a look of disbelief in Lu De’s raging age-worn eyes. He could not believe what he saw. How could it be possible? The Sword of Divinity driven at full force could even pierce through lofty mountains and blast through a void. But Xiao Luo stopped the long sword with just his bare hand. The Sword of Divinity was powerless! The truth then hit him hard—Xiao Luo’s cultivation level was far beyond his.

Lu De was at the intermediate Martial Guru stage. He thought to himself, could this young man be at the peak of the Martial Guru stage? Perhaps he had reached a Martial Venerable or even a Martial Saint level?

He dared not to think any further. His body was naturally reacting to the shock he felt, and he was in a cold sweat.


Xiao Luo gently flicked his finger at the tip of the blade, and the sound of trembling metal reverberated like the sound of a large bell. Lu De’s body quivered, and he was knocked back forcefully. It was only after much effort that he stabilized himself in midair. Still holding the sword in his hand, his entire arm ached from the vibration of Xiao Luo’s strike.

“A blade you give, and a blade I shall return!”

Xiao Luo shouted at Lu De in a haughty tone while he opened one hand to grasp the air.

The Dragon Saber reacted to the silent command of its master. The blade shot out from its sheath and flew into the sky in a ray of crimson light. It settled straight into Xiao Luo’s hand.

With his blade in hand, Xiao Luo emanated an ominous aura that permeated with spite and murderous rage.

Unsure if it was an illusion, Lu De thought he saw a massive demonic phantom behind Xiao Luo. The apparition looked like a Demon Lord, and it had a sinister pair of flaming scarlet eyes that glared at him with ill intent. Lu De could not stop shaking. The spiritual energy between the sky and the earth went wild and even affected nature itself. Immediately, rumbling dark clouds formed in the once cloudless, serene blue sky.

Lu De saw Xiao Luo raising the Dragon Saber in an unhurried manner. Sensing the ensuing danger, he trembled and tried to call off the fight. “Wait… wait… we do not have to do this… we can…”

He had never felt so terrified in his life.


Xiao Luo gave him no chance to negotiate. He unleashed his battle cry and swung the Dragon Saber downward.


As he smote his blade at Lu De, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled loudly amid the sky. A crimson streak of sword energy, over ten feet long, sliced through the void and sliced downward like a dazzling rainbow. Violent winds howled, and the dust swirled, covering the sky. The people at Tarawa City were terrified, and it felt similar to being alone in a boat in the middle of a raging storm. The winds were so strong that they found it difficult to find their balance and were swaying and falling all over.

There was no turning back. The realm had to suffer the aftermath of the consequences!

An endless amount of energy rippled in all directions. The surging pressure swept outward like a raging wave.

Lu De’s pupils suddenly dilated, and his face blanched in horror. The moment the blade flew into Luo’s hand, he knew Xiao Luo intended to make a deadly move. Initially, he thought he could handle the situation and had no fear of the young man. Now, he realized too late how wrong he was.

It was pointless to regret at that point. The devastating streak of light from Xiao Luo’s blade reached Lu De, and it was too late to evade. He channeled all his strength through his palm to counter the attack. It would be nice if he could parry it, if not, then it would spell the end of him.

The energy from Lu de’s palm morphed into green light and collided with the incoming strike. But the Dragon Saber smashed through his defense, and the sword energy engulfed even Lu De.

The crimson-black sword energy cracked to the ground like a rod of lightning. Mountains crumbled, and the ground shook as if an earthquake of a high magnitude had erupted. After the billowing cloud of dirt and gravel settled, it left a massive fissure, nearly four meters wide, in the ground where the crimson-black sword energy had struck. It looked like a bottomless abyss.

After the attack, the entire place plunged into dead silence. And except for the soft sound of the wind blowing, the gushing sound of water, and the rustling of leaves, everything else was quiet. The people of Tarawa City were so shocked that they stood frozen in a stupor. The people at the square who witnessed the attack could still feel their legs trembling involuntarily.

The grumpy Lu Yang, who still had traces of blood at the corner of his mouth, stared at Xiao Luo in horror with his eyes wide open. Likewise, the other Dwarven Elders were so petrified and struck out of their wits that they couldn’t even mutter a word.

The Time-Space Bracelet was now in free fall, but Xiao Luo merely extended his hand and safely caught it.

Having the Time-Space Bracelet in his hand, the corners of his mouth slowly lifted into a smile. Xiao Luo casually flicked his hand and the Dragon Saber flew diagonally downward from the air like a bolt of crimson light, straight into its sheath. The phenomenal Dragon Saber was back on the ground, calmly standing upright.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

The sound of a dry hacking cough came from within the abyss-like chasm. An aged-old hand grabbed at the edge–it was Lu De! His head peeked appeared from the crevice as he arduously climbed out of it. He was in a very pathetic state with his clothes torn to shreds. Dirt covered him from head to toe. His right arm was dripping with blood, and there was even blood flowing out from his nose.

Mr. Lu De is still alive?

The crowd was shocked but quickly came to his aid. Initially, everyone had thought that the attack from Xiao Luo had blasted Lu De to smithereens. It turned out he got knocked into the crevice.


In a flash, Xiao Luo appeared before Lu De. The disparity of the height between the two was noticeable. Xiao Luo bent his head low and calmly looked at Lu De, and said, “You are pretty tough, I have to say.”

Hearing that, Lu De felt like bursting into tears. He would have never survived the attack if a defense-type god weapon had not protected him. To maintain his demeanor, he laughed instead. Bowing respectfully with clasped hands, he said, “You flatter me. Haha… haha… cough…”

Lu De had awkwardly laughed to cover up his embarrassment. But he accidentally choked on his laughter and started coughing.

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