Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 1 - Lonely On the Path of Cultivation

Chapter 1: Lonely On the Path of Cultivation

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The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight?

Lin Feng was walking all alone at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The sky was so vast. He looked at the ground from up there, seeing millions of buildings. Time had passed.

He remembered back in the days when he had left the Lin Clan alone. He had amazed Yangzhou City, he had become the leader of Xue Yue. He had become a god, a religion. Then, he had become Tian Chi’s disciple, he had amazed the whole region: the Xue Yu Region. He had amazed Gan Yu. He had become Tiantai’s disciple, thanks to Hou Qing Lin. He had been lucky to become Emperor Yu and Mu Chen’s disciple.

He had rushed, trying to become as strong as possible in the shortest time. He had become a student at Champion University, he had defeated Ji Chang, he had become good friends with Ancestor Shi Tian.

More time had passed. He had become a member of the Fortune Shrine. He had discovered that he had a Forbidden Body. All the Shrines had tried to kill him, they didn’t want to let him live. Then, the Shrines had started fighting because of him, and he eventually had realized that the Diviner had tricked him. Now, he had one question left: why had he done all this?

The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight? Was it just a poetic sentence?

Lin Feng landed at the top of a mountain in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. That mountain was prosperous and bustling. Sometimes, dragons roared nearby. Lin Feng stood there, his hair and robe fluttered in the wind.

He was trying to understand what that sentence meant. Even though he had become a god in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he hadn’t understood what it meant. What about Xue Baguio? When would she recover? And whose reincarnation was she?

All this was a mystery!

Lin Feng remained motionless and silent. A year passed, ten years passed. He stood at the top of that mountain for a hundred years.

Lin Feng had become a god in the world. He had reached the god level, but now he hadn’t broken through for a hundred years. Even though he was the best in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, along with Feng Mo, the Three Lives Great Emperor, and Mister Time could also compete with them. The two of them had disappeared already, though, where were they?

“After the god level, are there higher cultivation levels?” he wondered. He was convinced that he hadn’t reached the highest cultivation level in the world. If there was an ultimate level, he couldn’t be the only one who had reached the god level… but where were the others?

As Lin Feng was thinking, a red light streaked across the sky. Lin Feng stretched out his hand, and a light beam appeared. There was an explosion, and the mountain shook violently.

“Feng Mo, we haven’t seen each other for a hundred years?” Lin Feng frowned, then smiled when he saw the black dot in the horizon.

Feng Mo, the Three Lives Great Emperor, Empress Xi’s father!

“Haha, Lin Feng, long time no see. How strong are you now?” he laughed happily.

Everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds could hear and see the two of them. People raised their heads and looked at them with respect and admiration.

“The Ruler, Lin Feng the Ruler.”

“It’s Lin Feng the Ruler. He disappeared for a hundred years, and now he’s here in the southern part of Ba Huang.”

“And Feng Mo, the Three Lives Great Emperor, is there, too!”

Strong cultivators from everywhere saw Lin Feng and Feng Mo in the sky, and were stupefied.

Feng Mo smiled and walked towards Lin Feng. Suddenly, they both disappeared. Everybody wanted to watch them, but they were disappointed.

At the foot of an ordinary ancient tree, two people appeared on both sides of a table.

Those two people were Lin Feng and Feng Mo, of course!

“Lin Feng, you understand that sentence now?” asked Feng Mo staring at Lin Feng.

“No, I’ve been thinking about it for a hundred years but I don’t know what it means,” replied Lin Feng, smiling wryly and shaking his head. A hundred years had passed and Lin Feng still didn’t understand it.

Feng Mo nodded and said slowly, “Same here. I’m not the only one. Mister Time is the same. The three of us have all broken through to the God Level, and we haven’t understood that sentence yet. Shame on us,” said Feng Mo, pulling a long face.

Lin Feng remained silent and drank tea.

He took a sip and looked at the evening sun. Another day had passed.

“Do you think there can be a maximum level on the path of cultivation? I don’t think we’ve reached the maximum level. I’m sure there are cultivators who are stronger than us. We just don’t know about them,” said Lin Feng.

Feng Mo was surprised. He wanted to say something, but he hesitated. Lin Feng noticed that and said, “Feng Mo, just tell me if you know anything.”

“Lin Feng, I have the impression that the place where we are, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Feng Mo. Lin Feng nodded and smiled.

“I think so, too. Back then, I already used to think that the Xue Yu Region was big, then I went to Ba Huang Province, it was even bigger, and then the Holy City, and then the Qi Tian Dynasty, and then the imperial court, and now the Continent of the Nine Clouds, The Continent of the Nine Clouds could be just a small part of a bigger world.”

“Absolutely. Therefore, Mister Time and the Godly Weapon Master are doing research about it. I’m sure they’ll come up with answers at some point. The Continent of the Nine Clouds can’t be the ultimate world. There must be more,” said Feng Mo, nodding and smiling.

He looked impatient. Strong cultivators were lonely, too. They all hoped there were higher cultivation levels because they wanted to continue practicing cultivation. They didn’t want to be stuck at one cultivation level, it would be pointless.

Tshh, tshh…

At that moment, two light beams streaked across the sky. Two figures appeared in front of them.

“Mister Time. Godly Weapon Master?”

Lin Feng was surprised when he saw the two. An old man and a middle-aged man were standing together. They looked completely ordinary.

Those two were Mister Time and the Godly Weapon Master!

“Lin Feng, Feng Mo, my disciple and I have been doing research for a hundred years and we found something,” said Mister Time. He walked up to Lin Feng and Feng Mo and sat down on the third stone chair. The Godly Weapon Master sat down on the fourth.

Lin Feng and Feng Mo were surprised, and looked excited.

“Master, please tell us more,” said Lin Feng.

Feng Mo was excited, too. They both felt lonely. They couldn’t practice cultivation anymore here. It was a calamity for a peerless cultivator.

“Hehe, in the corridors of time, I realized that the Continent of the Nine Clouds was just a tiny little continent. I did my best to research it, and in the end I realized that not far from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there is a bigger continent, it’s about ten times bigger.

“Pfewww…” Lin Feng took a deep breath and frowned. He was extremely excited.

“So, can we go there?” Feng Mo asked Mister Time.

“In the ordinary course of events, we should be able to go there, but we can’t find a passage. Maybe there is no passage at all.” Mister Time sighed. He wasn’t happy either.

“So, what can we do?” asked Feng Mo. He suddenly looked sad. He had been waiting for so many years. He wasn’t even interesting in fighting anymore. Apart from Lin Feng and Mister Time, nobody could fight against him anymore.

Feng Mo and the others felt lonely and bored.

“If you want to leave the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I can help you,” said a voice in a cold and clear way at that moment. It was a woman’s voice. Lin Feng and the others’ faces suddenly changed.

They turned around and saw someone, and were astonished.

It was her?

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