Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 10 - Humiliating Lin Feng!

Chapter 10: Humiliating Lin Feng!

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“Prince Nan, long time no see. How powerful are your deployment spells these days?” asked Prince Tian Qiong, smiling at Prince Nan. Everybody could see that his smile was totally fake, however.

“I’ll show you during the deployment spell competition,” said Prince Nan indifferently.

Prince Tian Qiong’s expression didn’t change. He just smiled and looked at the members of the Cheng Clan.

“The Cheng Clan and the Tian Clan were exchanging views on cultivation. So far, it’s a draw. Let’s do the next round. I, Tian Qiong, will do it. I would love to affront a valiant hero of the Cheng Clan,” said Prince Tian Qiong in a tone which made it sound as if they had been talking and laughing merrily.

The members of the Cheng Clan were all furious. On top of everything, Prince Tian Qiong wanted to fight personally, which would end up in a humiliation. He wanted to oppress the Cheng Clan and make them feel dispirited.

“Tian Qiong, my boy, the competition will start soon. No need for you to intervene now. Please go back,” said a voice in the sky. It sounded like thunder, and everybody shook when they heard it.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw a middle-aged man at the top of the lofty building. He was standing next to Cheng Ya Nuo and smiling hard at Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong looked at the middle-aged man and bowed. He said, “Uncle Cheng, of course, I understand.”

“Tian Qiong, my boy, please tell the members of the Tian Clan to move away. Let’s not waste time here before the competition,” continued Cheng Zhe, smiling thinly while looking at Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong smiled back and shook his head. “Uncle Cheng, today, We agreed to exchange views on cultivation today, and we have already started. Two rounds have already occurred. Are you afraid of losing, Uncle Cheng? Is that the reason why you want us to leave? If that’s the case, I can go back to the Tian Clan,” Tian Qiong replied mockingly.

Cheng Zhe’s expression changed, but he controlled himself and said cheerfully, “Tian Qiong, my boy, that’s not what I meant at all. Since it’s that way, so who is the Tian Clan sending?”

Cheng Zhe didn’t want the Cheng Clan to lose face. Otherwise, people in Zhongzhuan City would make fun of them.

“As I said, me,” said Tian Qiong, bowing and smiling. Then he jumped forwards, facing the Cheng Clan.

Cheng Zhe pulled a long face. He was nervous and worried. Tian Qiong was extremely strong. The Cheng Clan was definitely going to lose now, even if Cheng Ya Nuo intervened.

Besides, Cheng Ya Nuo was going to participate in the competition, and if she lost, she’d feel dispirited and it would influence her performance during the actual competition. She would feel less confident.

“Luo Ze, you go,” Cheng Zhe said to Luo Ze, the one in black clothes who was standing behind Cheng Ya Nuo.

Luo Ze was really scared when he heard the leader of the Clan, his face paled.

Even though he had just become an Eminent Scholar, he couldn’t compete with Tian Qiong. Luo Ze was terrified, but what could he do?

Cheng Shan noticed that Luo Ze was pulling a long face and wasn’t confident. He went to Cheng Zhe and whispered, “Uncle, Luo Ze is…?”

“Oh well, we can only rely on Luo Ze today,” Cheng Zhe sighed. He sounded hopeless.

He was the Cheng Clan’s leader, he could only do that. He couldn’t let his own daughter take risks, and could only rely on Luo Ze. He could also consider this as a test to see if Luo Ze was a worthy husband for his daughter, Cheng Ya Nuo!

“Luo Ze, if you display satisfying skills today, I will give you my final consent regarding you and my daughter!” declared Cheng Zhe.

Luo Ze looked extremely happy. He looked at Cheng Ya Nuo behind him in her short dress and clenched his fists. He nodded at Cheng Zhe and got ready to attack.

“Uncle, during the exam, I found an incredible Eminent Scholar, we should send him,” said Cheng Shan. He was too worried, he didn’t trust Luo Ze.

Cheng Zhe looked surprised. An Eminent Scholar? Such a person wanted to join the Cheng Clan’s group? Why?

Luo Ze heard that. He pulled a long face, hiding his fury. It meant that Cheng Shan didn’t want Cheng Ya Nuo and him to get married…

Luo Ze’s expression looked hideous. He was curious to see who would dare come to the front, who would dare confront him?

“Brother Mu Feng, please come out,” said Cheng Shan when he saw Cheng Zhe looked perplexed. He hastily called on Lin Feng and smiled respectfully to him.

Lin Feng was surprised, but came out of the crowd. Cheng Shan was convinced that he could win, thanks to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was a very strong deployment spell caster!

When Cheng Shan called Lin Feng, the whole crowd looked at him, including Prince Tian Qiong and Jun.

“Prince, that’s that little boy?” Jun clenched his fists, looking infuriated.

Prince Tian Qiong nodded. He seemed puzzled. He had the impression Lin Feng wasn’t as weak as people thought.

When Luo Ze heard Jun, he looked at Prince Tian Qiong in a strange way. Prince Tian Qiong knew Lin Feng?

Luo Ze looked at Lin Feng doubtfully. Who was this Mu Feng? Prince Tian Qiong even knew him?

Lin Feng stood at Cheng Shan’s side. Cheng Zhe looked at Lin Feng. He sensed some space and time, as well as empty space strengths. As expected, Mu Feng was an Eminent Scholar!

“Where do you come from, Little Brother?” asked Cheng Zhe to Lin Feng. He was excited.

Lin Feng tried to think of something quickly and smiled calmly. “I come from Gods Village.”

“Eh… Gods Village?” Cheng Zhe’s expression changed slightly. His face was strange, but he said nothing. He just nodded, “As expected, you’re an Eminent Scholar, I feel grateful that you chose to fight on our side.”

Since Lin Feng was going to fight, the Cheng Clan couldn’t lose face anymore anyway, because even if he lost, nobody would be able to say the disciples of the Cheng Clan weren’t good enough, since Lin Feng wasn’t one of them.

Lin Feng understood that perfectly, but since he wanted to rely on the Cheng Clan to go to the central part of the Supranatural Region, he didn’t mind.


Lin Feng wanted to say something but Luo Ze interrupted him. He pushed Lin Feng aside and shouted, “Leader, please let me fight. I will not let the Cheng Clan lose face!!!”

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Luo Ze.

Luo Ze also glanced at Lin Feng. He didn’t look happy. He said mockingly, “You don’t care because if you lose, it doesn’t matter. You’re not from the Cheng Clan, so you don’t care if we lose face!!!”

“Luo Ze, you…” When Cheng Shan heard Luo Ze humiliate Lin Feng, he was furious and pointed at him.

“Hmph, not just anyone can fight on the Cheng Clan’s side! Even though you’re an Eminent Scholar, you’re just an ordinary one. I already control atoms. I can kill you instantly! You should just watch me, otherwise, people will make fun of you!!!” declared Luo Ze, ignoring Cheng Shan. He continued making fun of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng found Luo Ze pathetic, but he knew how he had to react in these circumstances.

He ignored Luo Ze, which infuriated Luo Ze even more. He clenched his fists and shouted at Cheng Shan, “The Cheng Clan doesn’t let just anyone join the Cheng Clan, especially pieces of trash!!! Not to mention an ordinary Eminent Scholar!!!” shouted Luo Ze mockingly.

Cheng Shan clenched his fists, trying to control himself and not burst out in anger.

“Brother Mu Feng, he…” Cheng Shan began apologetically to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng waved and smiled, “It doesn’t matter. Keep calm.”


Luo Ze and Prince Tian Qiong were about to start fighting.

If Luo Ze lost, the Cheng Clan would have to kneel before the members of the Tian Clan. The opposite was true, too.

But could Tian Qiong lose? Nobody thought Tian Qiong could lose!!!

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