Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 1739 - The Fake Tian Dao Escapes!

Chapter 1739: The Fake Tian Dao Escapes!

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Lin Feng looked at his clone, who had no Qi left. His eyes were filled with sadness and pain. His clone had fought so much for him on Earth. However, this time, he had died when Chi You had self-detonated. . .

The clone had his own soul already and even so, he had devoted his life and sacrificed himself for his creator. He was definitely Lin Feng’s best clone. Now he was dead, and he would never come back to life.

“Your protector is dead!” Lin Feng said, slowly raising his head and looking at all those people. Everybody could see the sadness in Lin Feng’s eyes.

They looked shocked and confused, especially when they saw Lin Feng lying on the ground lifelessly. But they were also talking to Lin Feng… They looked exactly the same? Why had he said their Protector was dead?

“Are you joking, Master?” asked a young genius, sounding out Lin Feng. Their Protector definitely seemed to be alive…

“I’m not joking. He’s the one who’s been protecting you since the beginning. Not me. He had his own soul and own thoughts. I’m not your Protector,” Lin Feng replied, lowering his head and looking at his clone’s corpse in silence.

When the crowd heard that, they remained silent and looked at Lin Feng’s dead clone. Some people knelt down and burst into tears.

“He used space and time strength right before his death to put you all in an isolated space; otherwise, you’d all be dead, like those beasts. Your corpses would have been obliterated!” Lin Feng said. Everybody was extremely shaken by the gesture.

“Master, could you please tell us our Protector’s name?” asked an old man, crying freely.

Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t want to tell them his real name, but when he saw their tearing red eyes, he couldn’t help but tell them the truth… “Lin Feng!”

“Understood. Thank you. We want to bury our Protector now!”

“He’s a hero of the Human Clan. We want to achieve great things for him, so he can be proud of us even in death,” said the old man. He and a few other old men soon carried the corpse away.

They walked towards a mountain with a beautiful waterfall and a luxurious emerald green forest. It was a place where people felt good.


Lin Feng watched all this silently. His clone had died in the Ancestral World. He would never return to life. What had happened on Earth was probably the clone’s best moments in his life.

But Lin Feng was also convinced that if he managed to become stronger someday, he’d be able to bring his clone back!

After a while, Lin Feng turned around and looked at the sky. He looked neither sad nor happy. He said indifferently, “Fake Tian Dao, Chi You is dead. Stop hiding. Come and fight. Let’s solve the last problem we have in our lives!

“If you’re a real man, stop hiding. I came from the World of Battles to solve this issue!

“You call yourself Tian Dao, so you shouldn’t be afraid of me, who’s only got the strength of the beginning of the Tian Dao layer!” Lin Feng called out, staring at the sky.

After a long time, the fake Tian Dao still remained silent. Lin Feng had a bad feeling. Was the fake Tian Dao even in the Ancestral World?

If the fake Tian Dao wasn’t in the Ancestral World, where was he, then…? Lin Feng’s heart suddenly twitched, and his expression suddenly changed. What if the fake Tian Dao had the same idea as him? What if he had gone to the World of Battles?

To the World of Battles?

Lin Feng’s heart started pounding violently. He didn’t even dare imagine what would happen if the fake Tian Dao was there. Lin Zu only had the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, and Lin Feng had brought the Demon Ki-Rin with him…

At that moment, dazzling golden lights suddenly emerged from the Godly Temple in the distance. A great golden giant appeared. His golden lights pushed away everything around him.

The golden giant was an old man. His hair was snowy white. He looked like a celestial being. Behind him was a slim and beautiful young woman; Princess She Xiang!

When Lin Feng saw that, he understood. Princess She Xiang had freed her father, the former ultimate ruler of the Ancestral World!

The golden lights disappeared, but the old man remained. He and Princess She Xiang flew closer to Lin Feng. Princess She Xiang looked at this strange man. Even though his face was different, his Qi was the same, so she knew that it was the man who had saved them, Lin Feng!

He actually looked quite handsome…

“Thank you for killing Chi You, Brother. I can’t thank you enough!” said the old man, clenching his fists and bowing earnestly.

“Don’t be so polite, Master. I just came here to kill Chi You and the fake Tian Dao. Saving humans was part of my duty, since I’m strong enough,” Lin Feng replied, waving it off. He couldn’t let an old man treat him so respectfully.

The old man smiled wryly. If Chi You weren’t dead, the isolated world where he was imprisoned wouldn’t have broken apart, so he was extremely grateful. Lin Feng had saved him!

“Thank you for saving my daughter as well. You’re a genius and a wonderful person. Even Chi You…” the old man looked excited. Chi You was dead, so the old man had an idea…

Lin Feng knew what the old man was thinking. He smiled calmly and said, “Don’t look at me as if I were young, Master, I am an old man! I’m a grandfather! I have many children! Hahahaha!”

“Eh…” The old man’s expression fell. He felt awkward, because he initially wanted to ask Lin Feng to marry his daughter. If his daughter married Lin Feng, the Ancestral World would be safe forever!

But Lin Feng had been clear and firm. He didn’t intend to marry Princess She Xiang.

Princess She Xiang looked sad, but she quickly returned to normal. She wasn’t that kind of girl. She had ambition. Someday, she would meet Lin Feng again, and she would have the strength of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer when she did!

“I saw the fake Tian Dao after Chi You committed suicide. He has escaped from the Ancestral World!” Princess She Xiang told him directly.

Lin Feng’s expression stiffened, and he clenched his fists. Unsurprisingly, the bastard didn’t dare fight against him, so he had fled!

How could Lin Feng find him now? What if the fake Tian Dao really broke through to the Tian Dao layer? It would be extremely troublesome!

But Lin Feng wasn’t worried. He had a weird sensation inside his Ancestral Body, as if he were about to break through to the top of the Tian Dao layer.

Lin Feng felt confident. He was now convinced that only one more step separated him from the top of the Tian Dao layer!

“Alright, I see. Master, Princess She Xiang, I’m leaving now.

“But before leaving, I’d like to tell you one thing. The ten thousand things of creation are equal. Humans have been tortured for a long time, probably because when you were the ultimate ruler, beasts suffered, so they had no choice but to start a rebellion.

“Sometimes, the ten thousand things of creation should help each other; it’s the only way for the universe to progress.

“My wives Qing Feng, Ni Huang ,and Huang Nü also have beast blood, so I hope that humans and beasts can finally coexist peacefully,” Lin Feng said to the man and his daughter.

Princess She Xiang looked embarrassed. The old man knew why the beasts had rebelled against them… He was young and stupid back then. He enjoyed crushing animals for fun. Because of that, the beasts had made him pay as soon as they could.

Chi You had broken through to the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer and brought someone mysterious to the Ancestral World, the fake Tian Dao!

Then the beasts had started devouring humans. Chi You had crushed them, then imprisoned the old man.

Now, hundreds of years had passed, and Lin Feng had finally solved the issue. Otherwise, humans might have been wiped off the maps of the Ancestral World.

“I understand, Brother. I will never do that again,” promised the old man.

Lin Feng nodded and turned around silently. He thought, This time, beasts humiliated humans… He must have been so cruel to the beasts before…

The universe was supposed to accommodate all living beings.


Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s Ancestral Body suddenly exploded. Rainbow colors appeared all around him. He had grown stronger again. One more step, and he’d reach the very top!

Lin Feng looked for a suitable place, then released space and time Dao strength and left the Ancestral World to return to the World of Battles.

No matter where the fake Tian Dao was, they’d meet again someday!

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