Peerless Martial God 2

Chapter 20 - Xuan Yuan Mu Is Acting Weird

Chapter 20: Xuan Yuan Mu Is Acting Weird

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“Haha, hello everybody! I am the town leader, my name is Xuan Yuan Mu. I am also an elder of the Gods Sect,” said Xuan Yuan Mu. He had the demeanor of a transcendent being. He looked simple and neighborly. Lin Feng was convinced that Xuan Yuan Mu was stronger than a Half-Holy Emperor.

But Lin Feng was more interested in the old man’s identity. He was the leader of Zhongzhuan City and an elder in the Gods Sect. The Gods Sect had excellent relations with the Holy Shrine in the central part of the Supranatural Region. If Lin Feng managed to join the Gods Sect, he would then have the opportunity to join the Holy Shrine.

Lin Feng had a perfect plan.

“The Great Deployment Spell Competition is a yearly event. I am in charge of organizing it. But this time, the great competition won’t be ordinary, because the Gods Sect will attach a particular importance to it. The Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, and the Wind Region’s Holy Shrine will have a competition in one year. Therefore, the Gods Sect will select the most outstanding disciples and will send them to the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. Everybody will have to give their best!”

“Everybody knows that the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine is one of the most powerful groups in the region. Apart from the Hell Beasts World and the Nihility World, the Holy Shrine is one of the biggest groups. Being able to become a member of the Holy Shrine is a real honor!”

“Alright, the great competition can start. Everybody, get ready. Yu Qing, you’re the referee,” finished Xuan Yuan Mu, smiling easily.

Yu Qing was the man next to him. He nodded indifferently. He was seated at the top of the platform as well. Xuan Yuan Mu sat down on a throne made of red sandalwood, holding a glass of wine.

Yu Qing was a Half-Holy Emperor. Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh. Another Half-Holy Emperor! There seemed to be so many of them in the Supranatural Region. His Ruler or god level seemed more and more ordinary here.

But it also proved one thing: he was far from being at the very top of the cultivation world. Every cultivator wanted to become stronger. He had wives, children and grandchildren, he didn’t need to worry about anything anymore.

He could focus on cultivation. What would it be like to continue rising on the path of cultivation? Would he ever be able to go back to Planet Earth in his lifetime? Lin Feng started wondering whether the Earth was like the Continent of the Gods? An independent world. Maybe he was just too weak when he was on Earth and hadn’t realized it?

All things go back to their source eventually, and Lin Feng was no exception. Even though the Continent of the Nine Clouds was a nice place, maybe Lin Feng would want to go back to the Earth someday. He would bring his family members there and show them what it looked like. There was no cultivation there, but there was science and education.

Lin Feng was still thinking as at that moment, Yu Qing started the Great Deployment Spell Competition!!!

Boom, boom, boom! Firecrackers exploded all around. Heaven and earth shook violently. Many people shook along with the firecrackers. A great event was starting!

“Thirty-one people will participate in the competition: sixteen from the Tian Clan, ten from the Ma Clan, and five from the Cheng Clan,”

said Yu Qing, waving his hand. The deployment spell at the foot of the stage was activated. It became wider and wider, and quickly covered the whole city. Even a bluebottle couldn’t come inside anymore.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the deployment spell. It looked like millions of stars were rotating all around Zhongzhuan City… it was a deadly star deployment spell. The referee was probably extremely strong, too!

As expected, Lin Feng wasn’t even through thinking when he heard Yu Qing shout, “Everybody, get into the star clouds. If you survive, that is, if you come out safe and sound, in an hour, then you’ll be qualified and move on to the next round!”

The thirty-one contestants jumped into the cloud, including Lin Feng. Luo Ze glanced at Lin Feng mockingly and said, “When you enter the cloud, I will kill you. Hmph!!!”

Lin Feng was surprised and looked at Luo Ze.

He sighed. Luo Ze was really annoying. Didn’t he realize that he was too weak and couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, anyway?

Ridiculous. He was truly miserable and ridiculous.

Lin Feng temporarily ignored him and jumped into the cloud. The deployment spell was hundreds of meters wide. Lin Feng looked at the ground, he saw some amulets twinkling there. He remembered them.

That deployment spell was extremely powerful, and the one who had cast it was extremely strong as it was too complex. Xuan Yuan Mu was probably the only one who could cast such an incredible deployment spell.

Lin Feng looked at Xuan Yuan Mu and realized that the latter was looking at him. He was even smiling, and nodded at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t understand. Was Xuan Yuan Mu a weirdo?

Lin Feng didn’t understand Xuan Yuan Mu’s strange smile. It looked deep and meaningful, but Lin Feng didn’t feel comfortable.

At that moment, Prince Tian Qiong appeared next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Prince Tian Qiong glanced at one another. Prince Tian Qiong even smiled.

“Mu Feng, I know you helped Luo Ze last time. Otherwise, how could he have competed with me? I hope that we’ll face each other this time,” Tian Qiong smiled

He looked at Luo Ze mockingly.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, and didn’t reply. He also made ready to leave.

Tian Qiong wasn’t even away yet, Luo Ze came over to them and glanced at them icily. He looked at Lin Feng disdainfully and at Tian Qiong aggressively, “Tian Qiong, will you dare fight against me?”

Tian Qiong, will you dare fight against me?

Everybody stared at Luo Ze when they heard him. They didn’t understand why he was so confident.

Prince Nan also arrived next to Tian Qiong, still holding a fan. He smiled at Tian Qiong and said, “Hehe, even people of small importance dare provoke you, Tian Qiong. You’re backsliding.”

“Hmph! Prince Nan, you know perfectly well how strong I am. Why are you talking to me with freezing irony and burning satire? What’s that supposed to mean?” said Tian Qiong, coldly glancing at Prince Nan. But then he smiled and looked at Luo Ze.

Since Luo Ze had drawn against Tian Qiong, he was convinced he was extremely strong. Now Tian Qiong wanted to kill him. Luo Ze wouldn’t even know how he had died.

Tian Qiong looked at Luo Ze and saw that Luo Ze was looking at him in a cold and mocking way. Tian Qiong smiled mockingly and asked, “Luo Ze, do you really think our battle was a draw?”

“Haha, of course. Everybody saw that!” said Luo Ze proudly. Tian Qiong smiled even more, he even glanced at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, but didn’t say anything.

“Hehe, good. Since you are so confident and think you’re so strong, I will fight against you, we can even bet, what do you think?” Tian Qiong suddenly looked excited. He wanted to play with Luo Ze.

Luo Ze thought he was extremely strong, so he said, “What do you want to bet? As you wish.”

“If you lose, the five people of the Cheng Clan don’t participate in the competition, what do you think?”

Tian Qiong looked extremely excited. He looked at Lin Feng mockingly. He wanted to see if Lin Feng would do anything.

Lin Feng looked at Tian Qiong’s mocking air, he had a bad premonition.

As expected.

“Alright, I accept. If I lose, the five fighters of the Cheng Clan will withdraw from the competition,” said Luo Ze, smiling confidently.

Tian Qiong smiled happily. What a moron!

“Alright, it’s a deal. So should we start?”

“Alright, you come first,” said Luo Ze indifferently pointing at Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong was surprised, Luo Ze was a real moron!

“Deadly Dragon Deployment Spell, go!” said Tian Qiong indifferently. Ge threw out his hands, a dragon appeared and moved towards Luo Ze.

Luo Ze smiled mockingly and raised his hands, “Octagon Deployment Spell!”

“You dare use a futile octagon deployment spell to fight against me, piss off!” said Tian Qiong mockingly. He released Qi, which surrounded Luo Ze.

Luo Ze’s face turned deathly pale. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead and back. He could sense that his own deployment spell was getting destroyed.

“Impossible! What’s going on? How could I lose so easily?!” Luo Ze’s expression was hideous.

Prince Nan smiled coldly. Everybody looked at Luo Ze mockingly.

Tian Qiong laughed happily and wholeheartedly. He looked to Lin Feng and shouted, “Mu Feng, aren’t you going to get involved? If you don’t, you won’t be able to participate in the competition, either!”

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